A can of chickpeas can be such a lifesaver ingredient for quick and easy meals. Tucked away in the kitchen cupboard, chickpeas are wonderfully versatile, delicious and nutritious. High in fibre, calcium and magnesium, chickpeas make an important addition to a balanced meal. We’ve collated some of our best chickpea recipes, from curries, stews, salads and tagine to meat alternatives such as chickpea burgers, for you to explore. These dishes showcase the fabulous tastes and textures of the humble legume, all healthily balanced and budget-friendly. You can try out more healthy chickpea recipes in our collection and read some ideas on how to cook and prepare chickpeas in our useful guide.


20 flavourful chickpea recipes

1. Moroccan-style chickpea soup

Moroccan-style chickpea soup

A super easy dinner with loads of nutritious ingredients, Moroccan-style chickpea soup puts a can of chickpeas to delicious use, creating a warming and wholesome meal for the family. There are more vegetarian soups in our collection for you to explore, as well as more Moroccan recipes.

2. Indian chickpeas with poached eggs

indian chickpeas with poached eggs

This is health in a bowl! High in fibre, protein and manganese, it’s great for healthy bones and is very filling. Try it as a lunchtime treat or on a day when you need a real pick-me-up meal. Don’t miss out on these lovely spiced Indian chickpeas with poached eggs. There are loads more tasty chickpea options in our chickpea collection.

3. Chickpea salad

chickpea salad

Quickly whip up this chickpea salad, full of flavour as the ideal side for a meat barbecue, especially in the summer. Keep it simple with an olive oil and lemon dressing, with dollops of spicy harissa to pack a punch. There are more chickpea salads for you to enjoy, as well as vegan chickpea meals.

4. Chickpea & coriander burgers

chickpea & coriander burgers

Take a pause on the meat and try out these chickpea and coriander burgers, which are high in fibre and low in fat. Bind the mixture with fresh breadcrumbs and fry in shallow oil to achieve a crispy exterior with gorgeously soft centre. We’ve got more chickpea burgers here with flavours of falafel, mushroom and lamb.

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5. Smoky chickpeas on toast

smoky chickpeas on toast

A comfort lunch or lazy weekday dinner, smoky chickpeas on toast is very easy to make and simply involves bubbling all the ingredients together. The chipotle paste is the scene-stealer, giving the chickpeas a rich and smoky flavour. Serve on delicious crusty bread and fry an egg for the top. Find more smoky and flavourful pairings in our chipotle collection.

6. Herby rice with roasted veg, chickpeas & halloumi

herby rice with roasted veg chickpeas and halloumi

A hearty salad full of roasted veg and chunks of halloumi makes for a filling dinner that requires little effort. With parsley pesto swirled round the rice plate, enjoy mouthfuls of fresh, wholesome goodness. For more ideas on how to use up vegetables, check out our roasted vegetables collection and dish up more delicious rice salads.

7. Chickpea & coconut dhal

chickpea and coconut dhal

This finely spiced chickpea and coconut dhal has a nice simplicity to it. It includes ‘tarka’, a spiced butter that’s poured over the dhal when serving. The dish is wonderfully fragranced and would make a great contribution to Indian fakeaway night. Look no further for more dhals in our collection, or treat the family to a midweek vegetarian curry, also in our collection.

8. Easy chicken & chickpea tagine

chicken and chickpea tagine

No-hassle chicken and chickpea tagine brings all the lovely flavours of Morocco to your plate. Served on a bed of fluffy couscous is a spiced tomato sauce loaded with marinated chicken and nutty chickpeas. You can find simple and healthy dishes to tantalise the tastebuds in our tagine collection, full of North African cuisine inspiration. Chickpeas also feature in these chicken tagine recipes.

9. Roast fish with chickpeas & ginger

roast fish with chickpeas and ginger

This is autumn in a dish! A twist on a simple curry sauce, the chickpeas add substance to balance out the seasoned white fish. Ginger adds a punch of flavour and provides a warming element. Roast fish with chickpeas and ginger is truly delicious and a staple autumn/winter warmer. There are more white fish recipes for you to try, including pies, curries, traybakes and chowders.

10. Curried spinach, eggs & chickpeas

curried spinach, eggs and chickpeas

You’ll find this vegetarian dinner is well-balanced and provides four of your five-a-day. Chickpeas are yet again the perfect accompaniment to a spiced tomato sauce. Hard boil an egg to your liking to top it off. A hearty dish of curried spinach, eggs and chickpeas will not disappoint! Try more of our egg curries, as well as our healthy winter curry recipes.

11. Harira


Tomato-based, Moroccan harira is a warming soup packed with pulses, like lentils, succulent beef and blended spices. A very satisfying dinner and perfect for a cold winter’s evening. Enjoy more Moroccan cuisine in our collection and delve into traditional North African flavours.

12. Roasted teriyaki veg bowl

roasted teriyaki veg bowl

A low-fat, nourishing roasted teriyaki veg bowl recipe makes a balanced lunch or dinner for four. The teriyaki sauce gives a sweet and tangy taste full of umami flavours, and the coated chickpeas are nice and crunchy providing a lovely array of textures. You can find more roasted vegetable dishes in our collection, plus a list of the best vegan bowl recipes.

13. Chana daal chaat with tamarind and herbs

Chana daal chaat with tamarind & herbs

A packet of split baby chickpeas costs about 60p from the supermarket and will make you this delicious salad of chana daal chaat with tamarind and herbs to feed four to six people. Low in fat and high in fibre, this dish is light and fresh, making it a great summer barbecue side. We have more salad BBQ recipes and healthy salads for you to discover.

14. Honeyed harissa cod with crispy chickpeas

honey harissa cod with green beans and chickpeas

Our honeyed harissa cod with crispy chickpeas is a delicious dinner for two and can be easily doubled for a family meal. The dish takes no time at all and is bursting with flavour, thanks to the sweet honey and spicy harissa. More white fish recipes with great flavours can be found in our collection. And, put your harissa jar to use with our inspiring selection of harissa meals.

15. Chorizo & chickpea summer stew

chorizo and chickpea summer stew

Nutrient-rich, chorizo and chickpea summer stew puts chickpeas at the forefront for flavour and texture. There’s also a lovely smokiness from the paprika and spicy chorizo. Rich in vitamin C and fibre, this hearty stew is definitely one for your must-cook meal list. Visit our summer collection for similar food ideas.

16. Chipotle chickpeas with aubergine & pitta

Chipotle chickpeas with aubergine and pitta

Life is always better with a spicy kick! These chipotle chickpeas with aubergine and pitta are a light lunch option when you want something simple but incredibly tasty. Sample more chipotle tastiness from our recipe collection and delve into the world of pitta bread with ideas for lunch and dinner.

17. Squid, prawn & chickpea nduja stew

Squid, prawn and chickpea nduja stew

If you love fish, you’ll love this! The squid, prawn and chickpea stew is easily adapted to your favourite fish, but we recommend squid as it’s cheap and great for bulking out dishes. Spreadable Italian nduja sausage is spicy hot and seasons the tomato sauce beautifully, while the chickpeas add a lovely fibrous base. Enjoy on its own or dunk in hunks of fresh bread. Try out the budget fish recipes in our collection; plus, more nduja recipes to tantalise the tastebuds.

18. Spinach with chickpeas, pine nuts & raisins

Spinach with chickpeas, pine nuts and raisins

Spinach with chickpeas, pine nuts and raisins is a side dish that screams tasty, balanced and fresh! High in iron and fibre, it’s the perfect accompaniment to Spanish chicken traybake with chorizo and peppers or Spanish chicken pie. Find out more about Spanish cuisine in our recipe collection.

19. Extra-special hummus

extra-special hummus

Treat your guests to this platter of extra-special hummus with crudités. Silky smooth and creamy, the hummus is topped with an impressive array of ingredients: chopped pistachios, pomegranate, black or white sesame seeds, chilli flakes and green herbs. There’s no need to pre-soak dry chickpeas overnight – just grab a can of chickpeas instead. For more of this Middle Eastern classic, check out our other hummus recipes, including ingredient twists and more party food inspiration.

20. Lamb & chickpea soup

lamb and chickpea soup

Another hearty soup to warm the cockles. Low in calories and high in fibre, this lamb and chickpea soup is packed with veg, pulses and tasty goodness. A great meal for two that’s easily doubled for a family, or a freezable batch cook for later. You’ll find more hearty soup recipes in our collection, quick soup recipes for weekday dinners and freezable soups for cook-ahead meal prep.

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