The humble brussels sprout is a controversial veg at a Christmas dinner table but is also considered a staple on a roast dinner plate. A green, smaller type of cabbage, brussels sprouts are high in fibre, minerals and antioxidants, and also known to improve immune system health. Implementing sprouts can be beneficial to your day-to-day health as they contribute to your fruit and vegetable intake. Find out more in our top 5 health benefits of brussels sprouts guide. There's also more useful information on other healthy Christmas sides you can make to increase nutritional value, as well our budget Christmas recipes for low-cost inspiration.


Whether drenched in gravy, tossed with some bacon or covered with cheese, we've listed below our best festive and year-round sprout recipes that you can enjoy either at a dinner party or as part of a lovely main meal on a quiet night in. We've got gratins, salads, pasta dishes, nutty sides and leftover ideas for the days after Christmas. For more recipes using this veg, check out the brussel sprouts collection, alongside leftover ideas in our bubble and squeak recipes, using up cooked sprouts from the big day.

1. Brussels sprout slaw

brussels sprout slaw

This brussels sprout slaw is crunchy, nutritious and very flavourful, with festive veggies that get you in the mood for Christmas. The yogurt-mustard dressing is creamy but packs a punch, bringing the slaw together. Serve this at the Christmas table or make with leftover veg on Boxing Day. There are more slaw recipes to find in our coleslaw collection, with traditional and new twist recipes to enjoy.

2. Creamy sprout, hazelnut & leek pasta

creamy sprout hazelnut and leek pasta

Have a bag of brussels sprouts laying around or some leftover from Christmas? Make this wholesome creamy sprout, hazelnut and leek pasta. It's healthy and wonderfully balanced, using low-fat crème fraîche, for a meal to enjoy after Christmas. It has an impressive mixture of flavours and can be made in 40 minutes. Use more seasonal produce in our winter pasta recipes.

3. Spicy stir-fried sprouts

spicy stir-fried sprouts

This side of spicy stir-fried sprouts is instantly elevated by a chilli kick. Slice rings of chilli and fry with punchy ginger and garlic, drizzling the coated sprouts in soy sauce and serving alongside roast pork, turkey or chicken. You can mix up your Sunday roast with this side, adding creamy mashed potato and gravy. We have more vegetarian side recipes for your cooking pleasure.

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4. Roasted garlic & parmesan sprouts

roasted garlic and parmesan sprouts

Take this classic Christmas side to the next level with these roasted garlic and parmesan sprouts. Add some powerful flavour to the sprouts with spicy and earthy flavours such as garlic with the tang and nuttiness of the parmesan, tossed in crispy breadcrumbs. These will go down a storm at the dinner table. More Christmas sprouts are waiting in our collection.

5. Brussels sprouts grain bowl

brussels sprout grain bowl

Bulk up your lunch and make this nutritious brussels sprouts grain bowl, full of protein-rich quinoa grain, fibrous vegetables and healthy fats. Use up your seasonal glut or your cooked Christmas sprouts for a meal that won't disappoint. For more like this, check out our healthy bowl recipes.

6. Chicken tagine with spiced brussels sprouts & feta

Chicken tagine with spiced Brussels sprouts & feta

This chicken tagine with spiced brussels sprouts and feta is hearty, has delicious sweet and spicy flavours, with cheap and accessible ingredients such as chicken thighs, chickpeas and other cupboard stock items. This stew makes good use of everyday ingredients while still providing a filling and nutritious meal for a family to enjoy. More chicken tagines are available in our collection. Try out our vegetarian tagines for more balanced meals.

7. Brussels sprouts pad thai

Brussels sprouts pad Thai

Swap the shrimp or prawns for brussels sprouts in this vegan pad Thai. Use fresh or leftover sprouts to achieve this low-calorie savoury dish that everyone knows and loves. Give it a spicy kick with chilli along with the usual umami flavours from the soy sauce and sweetness from the tamarind. There are loads more pad Thai recipes for you to explore here.

8. Chilli-charred brussels sprouts

Chilli-charred Brussels sprouts

Add garlic, lemon and chilli to halved sprouts, charred to perfection – you get a healthy alternative side to the traditional plain sprouts. Serve on a big platter and wait for everyone to dig in and enjoy. These chilli-charred brussels sprouts are not to be missed. Find more crowd-pleasing recipes in our most luxurious brussels sprouts recipes, from salads and slaws to stir-fries and sides.

9. Roasted brussels sprouts with bacon & chestnuts

Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon & chestnuts

Combine well-loved winter ingredients to put into these roasted brussels sprouts with bacon & chestnuts. The fat from the bacon crisps up the sprouts while giving them a smoky flavour. The chestnuts give the side an extra crunch with an earthiness to complement the veg. This is another side that will win over even the most serious sprout haters. If you enjoy this flavour combination, try out more in our brussels sprouts with bacon recipes.

10. Sprout remoulade

sprout remoulade

Shred your sprouts to make this impressively creamy sprout remoulade. Made with mayonnaise, lemon, crème fraîche, mustard and parsley, this French remoulade adds a silky touch to the firmer and crispy sprouts, and enhances their flavour. Use up more vegetables in our Christmas leftover salads.

11. Smashed sprouts mash with chestnuts

Smashed sprouts mash with chestnuts

Mix up textures with these smashed sprouts mash with chestnuts. They are subtly spiced with nutmeg and have a creamy mash texture, perfect for those who prefer a softer sprout. Sprinkle on the chestnuts and enjoy. Explore more chestnut recipes for this Christmas.

12. Brussels sprouts, bacon & stilton pizzettas

brussels sprout bacon and stilton pizzettas

Top your cheat's ciabatta with sprouts, blue cheese and bacon – a savoury dream. The saltiness of the bacon and cheese will season the sprouts perfectly and create a combination of meaty and creamy flavours. You could also top with other leftover cooked veg or keep it simple. Try these sprout pizzettas then there's also these fig & prosciutto pizzettas to try, along with these Ibérico pizzetta bianca with ricotta, ham and artichokes.

13. Cheesy sprout gratin

cheesy sprout gratin

This feel-good 'not-so-macaroni-cheese' sprout gratin is the ultimate comfort food. Spoon a small portion of this onto your plate to accompany your roast meat, veg and gravy. It will go down a treat. Mix up your dinners and side with these other gratin recipes.

14. Veggie Christmas dinner for one

Veggie Christmas dinner for one

This is such a great way of dipping your toe into cooking or if you want to make a smaller portion of Christmas dinner with our useful measurements. There's loads of healthy veg, including the humble sprout and a cheesy filo parcel filled with lovely Christmas flavours. This veggie Christmas dinner for one is a true classic in our eyes. More inspiration for the day is in our Christmas dinner collection, with some dessert options, too. If you're looking to feed another this winter, check out these 20 Christmas dinners for two.

15. Pomegranate & chestnut sprouts

Pomegranate & chestnut sprouts

It's festive ingredients all round in this pomegranate and chestnut sprouts side dish. There are sweet, roasted and nutty flavour notes. This dish is healthy and well balanced, a great way of including more nutritious ingredients in your dinner. Find more recipes using the jewelled fruit in our pomegranate recipes.

16. Mustardy sausage & sprout gnocchi

Mustardy sausage & sprout gnocchi

Shred leftover or freshly boiled sprouts and mix with a creamy sauce to make this mustardy sausage and sprout gnocchi. It is hearty and a healthy portion will provide feel-good flavours. More gnocchi recipes are found in our collection.

17. Leftover Christmas lunch patties with gochujang mayo

Leftover Christmas lunch patties with gochujang mayo

This is one of the best ways to use up your leftover sprouts from Christmas or a Sunday roast. Fill the bowl with all the vegetables, mix in the sauce with loads of seasoning to bind them together and shallow fry. Serve these leftover Christmas lunch patties with the prepared spicy gochujang mayo and enjoy. You can find all of our recipes for Christmas leftovers in this collection.

18. Shredded sprout 'sort-of-Caesar' salad

Shredded sprout 'sort-of-Caesar' salad

Bring together all our favourite winter/festive ingredients such as bacon, cranberries, sprouts, rosemary and cloves for this showstopping 'sort-of-Caesar' salad. It's well balanced in nutritional value and flavour. More healthy Christmas salads are waiting in our collection.

19. Chicken, kale & sprout stir-fry

Chicken, kale & sprout stir-fry

This chicken, kale & sprout stir-fry is a recipe which embraces sprouts all year round. Low in fat, high in protein and very delicious, this dish is simple to make after work on a quiet night in. Add or mix up your choice of veg in our vegetarian stir-fry recipes.

20. Leftover turkey grain bowls with za'atar, rainbow slaw and harissa yogurt

Leftover turkey grain bowls with za'atar, rainbow slaw and harissa yogurt

Use up your Christmas leftovers in this mega turkey grain bowl. There's cabbage, carrots, sprouts, parsnips, apples, onions and chilli in the slaw, making it a winner for your five-a-day. Slice avocado on the side for vitamin C and potassium, protein from your plain shredded turkey and a light harissa yogurt binds the flavours together with a sweet kick. Look through our leftover turkey and ham recipes for more inspiration.


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