Looking for Friday night dinner ideas? We've got sharing food for every mood, taste and cuisine craving. The Friday night takeaway signals the start of the weekend. Good Food has the perfect family favourite recipes for when you're ready for some serious comfort food with minimal fuss.


For a burst of flavour, with both spicy and mild dishes, follow our Indian fakeaway recipes collection. Another typical tasty takeaway is Chinese and we have the perfect Chinese fakeaway recipes at your fingerprints, with classic sweet and sour flavours, salt and pepper chicken and a cracking chow mein. Other homemade possibilities include crispy and succulent fried chicken, a delicious range of chicken curry recipes and vegan takeaway recipes, which includes meat-and dairy-free versions of our favourites from international cuisine.

Looking for more fabulous fakeaways? We've got a wide selection of homemade takeaway recipes to try, as well as healthy takeaways recipes for a lighter bite. Or, tempt your sweet tooth our our decadent fakeaway desserts, from gooey cookie dough to fully-loaded waffles and frothy freakshakes.

Our best takeaway recipes

1. Easy butter chicken

Butter chicken with rice, naan and lime

This healthy version of a creamy chicken curry can be marinated the night before to get ahead of the prep work. Serve up this wonder-curry with fluffy naan breads, basmati rice, mango chutney or pickles and wedges of lime. Why not serve up our chunky aubergine pickle on the side and even top up your meal with our simple mango chutney naan breads.

For more takeaway classics, try our Chinese chicken curry, chicken tikka masala and chicken jalfrezi. We've also got plenty more fragrant curry recipes to choose from.

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2. Mozzarella-stuffed crust pizza

Mozzarella stuffed crust pizza with a cut out slice

No Friday would be complete without a seriously cheesy pizza. Go the extra mile and create this mozzarella masterpiece at home, complete with oozy, chunky filled crust. For more oozy cheese action, check out these calzone recipes, or check out our wide range of popular pizza recipes.

In search for something lighter? Try our spinach-stuffed crust pizzas, which pack in plenty of veg into the dough whilst still tasting like a proper treat.

3. Classic fish and chips

classic fish and chips with tartare sauce

You can't beat a classic. Try making your own fried fish at home with this crispy golden batter and moreish chips. Pair with chunky, golden brown oven-baked chips for a healthier alternative. Looking for something different? Try our onion bhaji fish and chips for an Indian-inspired twist on this classic takeaway. For the ultimate dipping sides, whip up a quick tartare sauce or try our rich and creamy chip shop curry sauce.

4. Crispy shredded chicken

Crispy shredded chicken in two bowls

Coating thin strips of chicken in cornflour creates a wonderfully crisp exterior when fried. Soy, sweet chilli, garlic paste and sesame oil provide the perfect balance of sweet, umami and gentle spice. Serve with some steamed white rice.

Now try our air-fryer crispy chilli beef.

5. Chicken gyros

Greek gyros with pitta bread, salad, tzatziki and chips

Take your tastebuds on a trip to the Med with this gently charred chicken gyros, best cooked on the barbecue and stuffed into homemade warm fluffy pittas. Complete this crowd-pleasing sharing spread with crispy thyme & oregano chips, tomatoes, onions and a dollop of cooling tzatziki.

Discover more sizzling skewer ideas with our collection of kebab recipes.

6. Singapore noodles with prawns

Singapore noodles with prawns in a pan and a takeaway box

Why not go for a low-fat, low-calorie stir-fry takeaway? It'll be on the table in 20 minutes and is packed with spices and flavour. Sprinkle over coriander and watch it fly off the plates. Try our healthier version of Singapore noodles with prawns. Expand your spread by adding pineapple, beef & ginger stir-fry or tofu, greens & cashew stir-fry.

Check out more speedy stir-fry recipes.

7. Chicken katsu curry

Two plates of sliced chicken katsu with curry sauce and rice

Got a craving for rich, warmly spiced curry sauce and golden brown crispy chicken? One sniff of our Japanese-inspired next level chicken katsu curry is sure to whet your appetite. Serve with crunchy veg ribbons, fluffy rice and lashings of our aromatic, creamy coconut sauce. Get more colourful curry inspiration with our favourite katsu curry recipes and take a look at more Japanese recipes.

8. Simple sushi

A variety of sushi on a black board

Sushi is fast becoming a takeaway favourite, and we've got the perfect recipe for recreating this light and satisfying Japanese-style dish in the comfort of your own kitchen. Our simple version is fun to make together with the kids - first make the sticky rice base, then pair with an assortment of your favourite fillings and toppings. We've gone for cucumber strips, smoked salmon, white crabmeat, canned tuna, red pepper, avocado, spring onion and a wrapping of nori seaweed. If you're using salmon, it will need to be sushi-grade.

Get more inspiration with our selection of sushi recipes, from maki rolls and sushi bowls to sushi burritos.

9. Iraqi lamb kofta kebabs

Iraqi lamb kofta kebabs on a platter

Celebrity MasterChef winner Riyadh Khalaf shares the dish that transports him back to home – lamb mince meatballs with soft, roasted aubergine slices. Serve with hummus, fattoush salad, flatbreads and tzatziki.

10. Sweet & sour chicken

Sweet and sour chicken with rice in bowl

This classic takeaway dish can easily be achieved at home with tamarind paste, star anise, red pepper, pineapple and rice wine vinegar. Our recipe incorporates red chillies for some added heat. Try more easy chicken recipes.

11. Double cheeseburger & secret sauce

Double layered cheeseburger with chips on a plate

Try finding a better homemade double cheeseburger! With the accompaniment of our special secret sauce, this impressive stacked burger is simply irresistible and so adaptable to your tastes. For more inspiration, browse our collection of juicy cheeseburger recipes and burger recipes, including chicken, beef, veggie and vegan options.

12. Air-fryer cauliflower popcorn with soured cream & herb dressing

A selection of air-fryer cauliflower popcorn with soured cream & herb dressing

Ready in 40 minutes, these air-fryer popcorn cauliflower bites could be faster than waiting for your takeaway to arrive. Using the air-fryer also helps to cut down on oil and gives the perfect crispiness. The easy homemade soured cream and chive dip is just waiting to be dunked into.

Now try our air-fryer buffalo cauliflower wings.

13. Seitan and black bean stir-fry

Seitan and black bean stir-fry with rice noodles

Sure to be a winner for the entire family, this sweet and spicy plant-based noodle dish is light, fresh and a quick tasty fakeaway! Serve with rice noodles or rice to calm the spicy kick. We have a number of vegan stir-fry recipes and vegan fakeaway recipes on offer to tantalise taste buds.

14. Salt and pepper chicken

Salt and pepper chicken with stir-fried vegetables on a plate

Who needs a takeaway when you can whip up this classic in less than 30 minutes at home? Chicken thigh pieces are coated in a punchy seasoning mix of salt, pepper, Chinese five-spice and cornflour, then shaken in a sandwich bag for even distribution. Stir-fry this until crispy then combine with Asian greens in a honey soy sauce for a flavour-packed meal. Enjoy served with a side of steamed rice or noodles.

For more ideas, we have a great selection of rice noodle recipes to try, as well as a wide range of cuisines in our chicken noodles recipes collection.

15. Easy egg fried rice

egg fried rice in a bowl with sliced spring onions on top

The trick to getting this takeaway classic just right is using day-old leftover rice, or if you don't have any to hand, allow it to dry on a plate beforehand – this prevents it from sticking to the wok. Feeling inspired? Try more egg fried rice recipes.

16. Creamy tofu curry with homemade roti

Pot of tofu curry topped with coriander

Homemade roti may sound like a lot of trouble, but it takes just 10 minutes to make and can be done while your tofu curry gently simmers away. You won't regret it when you're mopping up the rich tomato and coconut sauce.

Discover our top 10 veggie curry recipes.

17. Piri-piri chicken with spicy rice

piri piri chicken thighs on a bed of spicy rice in a bowl

Everyone's favourite takeaway chicken can easily be recreated, plus it's budget-friendly and healthy too. Choose your spice level of mild, medium or hot for the marinade, there's no judgement when you're at home! Next try our whole spatchcock piri piri chicken.

18. Birria tacos

Beef birria on a taco with wedges of lime and coriander

This recipe may take a little more time - most of which is hands-off - but it's more than worth the effort. You'll be rewarded with beautifully tender beef ready for loading into soft corn tortillas and topping with spicy salsa and a squeeze of lime juice.

Taco fan? Try more of our taco recipes, including beef tacos and vegetarian tacos.

19. Air-fryer sesame prawn toast

Air-fryer sesame prawn toast served on a platter

There's something so moreish about sesame prawn toasts that makes them irresistible, and our air fryer version makes them incredible easy. You can even make the uncooked toasts up to three months ahead and freeze them, so you're ready for when that craving hits.

Discover our easiest ever Chinese New Year menu.

20. Pad thai

Pad thai in a white bowl garnished with coriander and a slice of lime

You can't beat a Pad Thai when it comes to a takeaway. This speedy stir-fry comes together in just 15 minutes so you don't even have to wait until Friday or Saturday night to enjoy it! Now try our chicken pad thai.


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