Happy Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year with a banquet of Far Eastern delights.

Sea bass with ginger, chilli and spring onions

Find out your own Chinese sign and then see which recipes suit your personality.

The Rat

Tilly's triffleIf you were born in the year of the Rat you are thought to be a leader. Organised and charismatic, you're highly ambitious and can usually find your way around obstacles. A tricky recipe with a high wow factor is one for you, as you're also thought to be a perfectionist. Try Gordon's recipes to impress your guests.

Stir fry of duck & winter vegetables
Tilly's trifle
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The Ox

Fish cakesThe Ox is a sign of hard work and power. You have the ability to achieve great things and are dependable, calm, modest and patient. The perfect recipe for you takes skill and technique without being showy and obvious. Try Angela Nilsen's ultimate recipes for subtle perfection.

The ultimate fish cakes
The ultimate vanilla ice cream
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The Tiger

Oriental chicken and peach saladAs a Tiger you have a magnetic character. You are passionate, warm-hearted, courageous, and enjoy meeting new people and exploring new paths. You are a generous friend and a good entertainer. Perfect recipes for you are large sharing plates that get everyone together, be inspired by Merillees Parker.

Oriental chicken & peach salad
Seared chicken & asparagus with mango salsa
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The Rabbit

Graceful, cultured, well-mannered. You get along well with people, but may also be quite reserved. You tend to create peaceful environments and are hospitable and attentive. Small details are important to you: try something dextrous yet subtle such as these Gary Rhodes recipes.

Slow roast honey & sesame duck
Orange soured cream cakes with syruped papaya
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The Dragon

Seven hour lambYou are all powerful if you are the Dragon. Flamboyant and full of strength you have natural charisma, are gifted with luck and it is unlikely you go unnoticed at a party. You show a real interest in others and know how to make an impression. You do things on a large scale so Orlando's recipes are perfect for you.

Seven hour lamb
Decadent chocolate truffle torte
Tonka bean crème brûlée


The Snake

Peppers with black beansThe most wise and mysterious of all the signs in the Chinese zodiac. You are a thinker and a lover of fine food. You have a sense of elegance and dislike foolishness. You like conversation, have a short attention span and often refuse to listen to advice, but are always willing to help others.

Peppers with black beans
Roast crispy pork
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The Horse

Pomegranate iceIndependent, confident, quick-witted and determined. You love being the centre of attention but like to be recognised for your skill. You're genuine and honest and people confide in you, however, you find it hard to keep things secret! Barney's skilfull recipes are perfect for your guests.

Soy glazed beef
Pomegranate ice
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The Sheep

Sea bass with sizzled ginger, chilli & spring onionsConsidered to be the most artistic sign of the zodiac. You are creative, artistically talented, and enjoy creating beautiful things. You don't like to hurt people's feelings which means you are a popular person and like to feel loved. Jane's Chinese recipes are perfect for you.

Sea bass with sizzled ginger, chilli & spring onion
Steamed dumplings
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The Monkey

Chicken noodle soupThe most versatile sign of the Chinese zodiac. You are an entertainer and can be mischievous. Quick-witted and a good decisions maker, you are always aware of what is going on around you. Your stamina and determination means you always achieve your goals. Try Mary Cadogan's recipes.

Chicken noodle soup
Sweet and sour aubergines
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The Rooster

Pork meatballsPopular, brave and resilient, you can be self-absorbed and overly romantic. You have an independent streak and love entertaining. Precise and observant you usually look very presentable and are critical of appearance. Try Antony Worrall Thompson's recipes.

Asian pork meatballs
Courgette griddle cakes



The Dog

Chilli coconut pork with vegetable noodle saladYou are extremely loyal and people turn to you for help. Honest, intelligent and straightforward, you are sensitive to others and your friends know they can rely on you. You can be sure to do a job well. Lesley Waters' trustworthy recipes are for you.

Chilli coconut pork with vegetable noodle salad
Really sticky ribs
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The Pig

Marsala-soused peaches

This is your year. Honest and patient but often shy you like to work behind the scenes. You are reserved with people you don't know and can come across as aloof but with friends you are lively and warm-hearted. Trustworthy and reliable Silvana's recipes are just what you need.

Chinese pork ribs
Marsala-soused peaches
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