Discover essential tips for easy entertaining and throwing the perfect party, including cocktails, cheesecakes and the ultimate seafood platter.
4 easy prosecco cocktails

4 easy prosecco cocktails

Throwing a New Year's Eve party? You need to try these creative prosecco cocktails.
Party food ideas

Party food ideas

Our ultimate party collection has all the recipes you need for the festive season.

Easiest ever dips

Whip up a selection of dips in a matter of minutes – ideal for casual entertaining.
Top 10 party canapés

Top 10 party canapés

These bites and nibbles are full of flavour and perfect for sharing.
5 ways with coffee cocktails

5 ways with coffee cocktails

Get a caffeine kick from our coffee-laced drinks recipes.

Top 5 easy desserts

Chocolate orange tart Recipe

Chocolate orange tart


(10 ratings)

Hot mocha puddings Recipe

Hot mocha puddings


(2 ratings)

It only takes a few minutes to mix, microwave and top these hot chocolate puds...
Squidgy chocolate pear pudding Recipe

Squidgy chocolate pear pudding


(40 ratings)

This hot, gooey chocolate pud, with dark chocolate and canned pears, can be...
Salted caramel choc pots Recipe

Salted caramel choc pots


(27 ratings)

Combining sweet and salty flavours really works when chocolate and toffee is...
Lemon cheesecake tartlets Recipe

Lemon cheesecake tartlets


(12 ratings)

This luscious fruit dessert looks like it takes two hours, but it only takes 15...

Top 5 healthy dinner party recipes

Lighter chicken cacciatore Recipe

Lighter chicken cacciatore


(38 ratings)

Fish stew with roast garlic & saffron Recipe

Fish stew with roast garlic & saffron


(3 ratings)

Try this simpler, lighter version of bouillabaisse, a classic fish soup - serve...
Butternut soup with crispy sage & apple croutons Recipe

Butternut soup with crispy sage & apple croutons


(6 ratings)

The apple and sage contrast beautifully with naturally sweet butternut squash...
Spiced black bean & chicken soup with kale Recipe

Spiced black bean & chicken soup with kale


(22 ratings)

Use up leftover roast or ready-cooked chicken in this healthy and warming South...
The ultimate makeover: Chicken pie Recipe

The ultimate makeover: Chicken pie


(81 ratings)

Angela Nilsen reinvents a classic recipe to make chicken pie a healthy choice...
A heavy-duty, thick-based frying pan, ideally with a non-stick coating, will achieve good results, as will a heavy griddle pan or skillet. These types of pans get really hot – ideal for getting that slightly sweet, charred finish to the outside of your meat.