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Family Chinese New Year recipes

Tuck into a family feast with our easy, Chinese-inspired recipes. See our Chinese New Year food including fried rice, beef, prawns and tofu.

Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with these delicous recipes for the whole family. It’s the perfect opportunity for friends and family to gather and enjoy a home-cooked meal.


Salt & pepper chicken gets a vegan makeover with our salt & pepper tofu. Feast on hearty Singapore noodles loaded with colourful vegetables, or sample this takeaway inspired pineapple fried rice.

These recipes are designed to be eaten as single meals, rather than together. However, if you want to make a feast, you can serve as many of them as you like. Stick to the original quantities and serve everyone a small amount of each.

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Salt & pepper tofu

Veggies will love this plant-based salt & pepper tofu with a tongue-tingling kick. The spicy warmth comes from Sichuan peppercorns, ground to a powder. Press a block of tofu to give it a firmer texture and fry it in a piping hot wok with peppers, broccoli, bean sprouts and soy sauce. Finish with a drizzle of sesame oil and a sprinkle of freshly chopped coriander.

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Honey, sesame & orange king prawns

Add these sweet and sticky honey, sesame & orange king prawns to your Chinese New Year spread. Butterfly raw king prawns to help more sauce stick to them. Cook in a large wok then top with spring onions and serve with rice. We use low-salt soy sauce to reduce the salt content, but if you have regular soy sauce, use smaller amounts than suggested to stay within the recommended daily intake.

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Pineapple fried rice

Combine sweet and savoury flavours with this family-friendly pineapple fried rice. This vegetarian dish is loaded with chunks of fresh pineapple and omelette ribbons. Frozen peas and spring onion add colour and freshness. This recipe is great opportunity to use up that leftover white rice in the fridge.

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Chinese-style braised beef one-pot

Save on washing up with this easy Chinese-style braised beef one-pot. It’s a great recipe for a big family as it serves six. This fragrant beef stew is spiced with warming red chilli, fresh root ginger, Chinese five-spice and star anise. Serve this hearty dish with steamed bok choi and fluffy basmati rice.

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Easy Singapore noodles

Add some colour to your celebration feast with these healthy easy Singapore noodles. This vegan side is loaded with chilli, peppers and fresh beansprouts. We suggest only eating raw beansprouts that are labelled “ready to eat”, otherwise cook them thoroughly and follow the pack storage instructions.

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Sweet & sour chicken

This top-rated sweet & sour chicken is sure to be a family favourite. Make this classic takeaway dish with warming red chillis, peppers and star anise. Balance the sour flavours of tangy tamarind and rice wine vinegar with sweet pineapple and caster sugar. For any vegetarians, thinly slice sweet potatoes, then batter and fry instead of chicken.

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