Egg-fried rice in wok with a bowl alongside

How to make egg-fried rice

Learn how to make egg-fried rice and some creative variations. Perfect for using up leftover rice, this crowd-pleasing budget dinner is easy and adaptable.

Egg-fried rice is the ultimate last-minute dinner. You can throw it together with leftover or cooked rice and a handful of basic ingredients. It can be as indulgent or healthy as you like, depending on what ingredients you add, and it’s a recipe both kids and adults enjoy. Any budget-savvy cook should add this recipe to their repertoire. You can bulk up your rice with a whole range of tasty titbits – feel free to raid the fridge and experiment.


But first, check out our guide on how to reheat leftovers safely for information on how to cook with leftover rice.

What you need for the basic recipe

To make standard egg-fried rice, all you need is;

  • Cooked rice, or microwaveable rice pouch
  • Eggs
  • A wok
  • Sunflower oil

Fry your chosen additions such as veg or prawn in a wok, or pan, until cooked. Then, add your rice and warm through. Push the rice to one side of the wok and pour in the egg. Once the egg hits the bottom, it will begin to cook. When it’s set, you can chop and scramble with a spatula then mix with your rice. Alternatively, you can make your eggs into an omelette in a separate pan, then chop and fold through your rice.

This oriental egg-fried rice recipe uses cooked American long-grain rice, Chinese five-spice, veggies and chopped bacon for a satisfying midweek meal. If you’re using leftover rice, try this prawn and ginger version for a speedy family supper.

Tasty additions

Veggie egg-fried rice

This simple veggie supper is healthy and can be plated up in just 15 minutes using leftover rice. This thrifty dinner uses frozen veg such as peppers and broccoli and a light drizzling of soy sauce as the final flourish. Perfect for a quick meal for two.

Special fried rice with prawns and chorizo

Another healthy fried rice, this prawn and chorizo dish fuses Spanish paella with the classic Asian recipe. So simple to make, even the kids can get involved in the kitchen. You can easily increase the quantities to feed more hungry mouths as needed.

Chicken and sweetcorn egg-fried rice

This chicken and sweetcorn one-pot is classic comfort food. It has mild curry spices and plenty of veg, so sure to be a family favourite. Using roasted chicken breast and pre-mixed veg speeds up the stir-frying process and the sweet chilli and soy sauce dressing has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavours.

Salmon egg-fried rice

Once you’ve tried this omega-3 rich salmon egg-fried rice, you’ll want to make it again. The ginger, garlic and soy sauce marinade is seriously addictive and coats the rice in the pan for plenty of flavour with every bite. Serve with a daring drizzle of hot sauce.

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