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Fry perfectly golden, crispy chicken with our fried chicken recipes. Find southern-style buttermilk recipes and Korean-inspired dishes.

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Choose boneless thighs to make the ultimate fried chicken. For the coating, we've come up with a method that results in the crispiest finish ever

54 mins
More effort
17 ratings 4.2 out of 5 star rating

Follow this step-by-step recipe for foolproof fried chicken - dip in buttermilk batter for a golden, seasoned crust and sweet, tender chicken

1 hr and 10 mins
A challenge
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Copy the latest Korean street food trend with ultra-crisp, double-fried chicken, a quick kimchi slaw and lashings of sticky chilli sauce

50 mins
More effort
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Make our southern-fried chicken tacos for a budget family dinner that you can prep in just 10 minutes with a handful of ingredients

25 mins
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Cook an exotic yet easy dinner like these spicy and sticky Korean chicken wings. They make ideal finger food for a buffet, but don't forget the napkins

30 mins
More effort
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Our twist on a Sri Lankan staple. Lightly-spiced, succulent chicken makes the perfect partner to hoppers - rice pancakes - served with a silky smooth coconut onion gravy

1 hr and 30 mins
A challenge
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Try a more refined type of fried chicken using quail with an indulgent blue cheese dipping sauce. These golden-brown bites are perfect party food

16 mins
More effort
9 ratings 3.9 out of 5 star rating

If you love Southern fried chicken you'll be amazed with this healthy makeover- some clever swaps mean taste isn't compromised

35 mins
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Soak chicken thighs and drumsticks in buttermilk, then coat in paprika and cayenne batter and fry. Serve with homemade southern-style bread

1 hr and 40 mins
More effort
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Marinade strips of chicken thighs in soy sauce, garlic and ginger, then coat in cornflour and fry for these quick and easy burgers

40 mins
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Crispy Southern fried chicken is often served with blue cheese dressing and celery - the coleslaw turns this party favourite into a proper supper

50 mins