February might seem like one big chilly Tuesday, but look closer and it’s a lot more action-packed than you'd think. There’s Pancake Day and, like it or not, it’s Valentine’s Day, too. This can be the perfect opportunity to cook and impress someone special or simply avoid those crowded restaurants.


The seasonal recipes below would all work very nicely as a cosy dinner for two but could easily be bumped up for a crowd if you’re throwing an alternative bash with friends. Check out more top tips for a successful Valentine's Day.

Once your produce is ready to go, check out our February recipes for delicious dinner inspiration.


Two plates of two crumpets topped with salsify and poached eggs

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Salsify, a member of the dandelion family, earns its alias as the oyster plant due to its reminiscent taste when prepared. Resembling a lengthy, slender parsnip, its root boasts a creamy white interior enveloped by a substantial skin. Like various root vegetables, salsify lends itself to diverse culinary applications, being suitable for boiling, mashing or incorporating into soups and stews.

Grow your own salsify between October and February, and use it to make a topping for crumpets. Our salsify crumpets make a delicious breakfast for two, perfect for enjoying with your loved one for a Valentine’s breakfast showcasing fresh produce.

Consider preparing a stir-fry of duck & winter vegetables for a crowd-pleasing February feast. This wholesome dinner choice highlights succulent duck breast paired with seasonal essentials like celeriac, parsnips and salsify. Treat your guests to a healthy and flavourful culinary experience that embraces the richness of winter produce.

Check out these spicy roots if you’re looking for a more adventurous side dish to a Sunday roast this February. Flavoured with lemon, curry powder and Chinese spice powder, no one will be complaining of a bland dinner.

Winter cabbage

Plate of linguine with cabbage and anchovies

Leafy winter cabbage is at its best from October to April.

Try this garlicky linguine with cabbage & anchovy from food writer Silvana Franco. This thrifty dish of pasta, cabbage and herby ‘pangrattato’ breadcrumbs is delicious in its simplicity.

Try our potato & savoy cabbage soup with bacon for an equally quick and hearty dinner. It’s a great midweek dinner option as you can whip it up in only 20 minutes and it’s freezable.

For a gathering that caters to diverse preferences, including those who prefer plant-based options, consider serving this vibrant vegan main dish: Italian-style roast cabbage wedges with tomato lentils. It's a colourful and flavourful choice that ensures everyone, meat-eaters and non-meat eaters alike, can savour and enjoy the meal together.

See more of our cabbage recipes.

Forced rhubarb

Multiple plates of rhubarb and blood orange jelly next to heart shaped biscuits

Rhubarb is a vegetable with long, red or green stalks. By keeping the rhubarb crowns in a dark place for a few weeks, the shoots will grow faster and earlier than normal, looking for light. These shoots are long, thin and pale, and they have a sweet and juicy flavour. Rhubarb can be eaten raw, but it is usually too sour for most people. Cooking it with sugar makes it more palatable and delicious. Rhubarb pairs well with ginger and strawberries, creating a wonderful combination of flavours.

Make this tipsy rhubarb & blood orange jelly for the perfect Valentine's Day dessert. Or try infusing your own rhubarb gin.

Find more inspiration with our rhubarb recipes.

Purple sprouting broccoli

Plate of purple stemmed broccoli on top of yogurt

Purple sprouting broccoli has a short season, so grab it while you can. Look for ones with fresh, crisp leaves and deep purple florets – although, be aware, the colour will fade during cooking. Purple sprouting broccoli is a great alternative to asparagus, so try it griddled and served with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and toasted English muffins or sourdough.

This warm broccoli, feta & preserved lemon salad by contributing editor Diana Henry is a real treat; roasting the broccoli brings out a little sweetness which pairs brilliantly with the sour yogurt and bitter lemon.

Check out more of our purple sprouting broccoli recipes.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts pad Thai

Not just for Christmas, Brussels sprouts are around until early spring. If you buy them on the stalks, don’t forget the top leaves are edible too (just cook them like cabbage).

This cheesy sprout fondue recipe will convert any sprout hater, and for great flavourful family meal options, try our chicken tagine with spiced Brussels sprouts & feta or our Brussels sprouts pad Thai. Both can be ready in under an hour.

Discover more Brussels sprouts recipes.


Pot of turnip tartiflette

Winter turnips have a stronger, peppery flavour compared to summer’s baby turnips. Try swapping some of the potatoes in a hotpot, gratin or dauphinoise for turnips, like in our turnip tartiflette or lamb, turnip & celeriac hotpot. They’ll make the dish a bit lighter and really crank up the flavour.

We’re coming to the end of the season, so make the most of them, served raw in this crispy salmon with turnip, mandarin & noodle salad.

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Sausages and swede with apple in a tray

Belonging to the cabbage family, the swede is frequently mistaken for the turnip despite their distinct appearances. Swedes exhibit a rounded shape with purple-green skin, while their yellowy-orange flesh boasts a sweet, earthy flavour. Caution is advised against overcooking, as swede tends to disintegrate easily; hence, it's crucial to adhere to recommended cooking times for optimal results.

By replacing half of your pasta with swede ribbons in this duck ragu with pappardelle & swede and opting for duck breast over the leg, you create a leaner yet equally delectable dish. This offers a healthy, hearty winter option that can be conveniently frozen for those nights when cooking feels like a daunting task. Or, for a flavoursome alternative to your typical bangers and mash, try this seasonal sausage & maple swede traybake with roasted red onions and apples for a much more colourful option.

Find more inspiration from our swede recipes.

Primrose flowers

Plate of smoked salmon tartines

Edible flowers are a fantastic and easy way of decorating sweet dishes like cakes and desserts. They can add a much-needed pop of colour and often a fresh peppery taste, depending on the flowers used. Try them in savoury dishes, too, like salads and open sandwiches such as these smoked salmon tartines – it would make a really special light lunch. Or cut the toast into bite-sized pieces and serve as canapés at your next celebration.

Smoked salmon tartines

Toast 4 slices of rye or sourdough bread, then spread with 100g crème fraîche. Flake 150g hot smoked salmon over the top and garnish with a few capers, 1 finely chopped pickled gherkin and a squeeze of lemon juice. Season, then scatter over ½ tsp chopped chives and 8-10 primrose flowers. Serves 4

Browse recipes for, and information on, other ingredients in season in February:

Garden tasks for February

  • Sow seeds for many of the year’s crops. This is the time to start tomatoes you’re going to grow in a greenhouse, while Brussels sprouts, summer cabbages, onions, peas and spinach can be sown under cover now.
  • Cage your crops to keep them safe from hungry wood pigeons. They will devastate cabbage and kale beds in cold weather.
  • Plant fruit trees and bushes.
  • Mulch beds with well-rotted compost or manure to prepare them for spring sowing and planting.

For more seasonal gardening tips, see Gardeners’ World. See our seasonal calendar for more inspiration.

Seasonal food dates in February:

Roast beef and trimmings wrapped in a yorkshire pudding next to a ramekin of mustard

5 Feb: British Yorkshire Pudding Day

Celebrate the perfect accompaniment to a roast by checking out our Yorkshire pudding recipes.

9 Feb: National Pizza Day

The Italians got it right with this masterpiece. Don’t reach for the takeaway menu this National Pizza Day. Choose from our range of classics from our pizza recipes.

22 Feb: National Margarita Day

Whether you prefer your margaritas frozen or spicy, check out our range of party drinks for inspiration.

Other food dates for your diary:

21 Feb: Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day

We have enough recipes for you to find inspiration for each meal of the day come Pancake Day. Check out our sweet pancake recipes, savoury pancake recipes and our 20 most popular pancake recipes for inspiration.

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