Small silvery fish with tender, white, firm flesh, delicately flavoured and low in fat. Whiting is related to cod but is slightly cheaper and less flavoursome. They are a good buy in their own right, however, for certain recipes, especially fish pates and mousse.

Read more about responsible fishing on the Marine Stewardship Council website.


June to February.

Choose the best

Buy the freshest possible fish you can find, as the flesh becomes flaky very quickly and this makes it impossible to fillet. Look for bright white fillets that are soft but not flabby.

Prepare it

Because whiting fillets are small, allow two per serving.

Store it

Wrapped in foil in the fridge and use within one or two days of purchase.

Cook it

Coated in breadcrumbs or batter and fried or flaked in fish cakes. Whiting is also good grilled, fried in butter or poached in wine.


Try hake or seabass.