Perfect for barbecues, movie nights, parties and Friday night dinners with the family, hot dogs are always high on our list of treat foods. But how do you top your frankfurter? Just with ketchup and mustard? Caramelised onions, maybe? Or something far more sophisticated, such as chimichurri or even pulled pork?


Check out our best hot dog toppings and hot dog sides below, then try our best burger recipes, veggie burgers and barbecue inspiration.

Hot dog toppings

1. Honey-mustard hot dogs

Topped hot dogs on a plate

Bury your ’dog underneath a blanket of melted emmental, cheddar, mustard and honey for a quick and delicious dinner, perfect for family nights in.

You can find more cheddar recipes here or check out our best family film recipes (including sweet potato curly fries, and s’mores dip).

2. Cheesesteak hot dogs

Hot dog buns filled with meat, peppers and cheese

Give fried green peppers the limelight in this simple recipe, which adds smoked cheddar slices and crispy onions to the mix.

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Have you tried our smoked cheddar & chilli jam croquettes? Or our smoked cheese in blankets?

3. Hoisin hot dogs

A selection of hot dogs

Brush your hot dogs with hoisin for a salty, tangy kick, then top with cucumber, sliced spring onions and a sriracha-mayonnaise combo.

Next, try our honey & sriracha hot wings, sriracha-glazed chicken burger or sriracha & lime potato salad.

4. NYC-style hot dogs with street cart onions

A tray of hot dogs with siracha and bowls of dip

Ketchup, bright yellow mustard, carefully cooked caramelised onions and a little sauerkraut – perfect in its simplicity. It’s an American classic for a reason, and we love it on top of frankfurters in a hot dog bun.

Check out our best American-style recipes, or learn how to make your own sauerkraut.

5. Sticky cider onion hot dogs

Topped hot dogs on a plate

Hot dogs and onions are meant to be together. Here finely sliced onions are cooked in melted butter, cider and vinegar for just over 30 minutes, then piled on top of frankfurters alongside mustard-mayo.

Try 11 more ways to cook with cider or make even stickier caramelised onions.

6. Korean hot dogs

Hot dogs on a tray

Swap onions and ketchup for kimchi and spicy mayonnaise (honey, mayo, gochujang and rice wine vinegar) in this Korean-style hot dog. Finish with carrot ribbons and sesame seeds for a final flourish.

Check out our best Korean-style recipes and learn more about gochujang.

7. Chorizo hot dogs with chimichurri

Four chorizo hot dogs with chimichurri

Add a splash of colour to your hot dog with homemade chimichurri, a punchy sauce made from shallots, red chilli, garlic, parsley, coriander and a big glug of extra-virgin olive oil. We like ours with crumbled feta on top, too.

Check out our steak with chimichurri sauce recipe or black bean chimichurri salad

8. Maple-glazed hot dogs with mustardy onions

Maple-glazed hot dogs with mustardy onions on a wooden board

Mustard seeds add a punchy kick to slow-cooked caramelised onions in this sticky recipe. Perfect on top of good-quality pork sausages brushed with maple syrup.

Check out more ways with maple syrup and our best sausage recipes.

9. Tropical vegan hot dogs

Two tropical vegan hot dogs

Top vegan frankfurters with a fruity salsa made from pineapple, red onion, green chilli, lime and fresh coriander. Don’t forget the sriracha!

Check out our best salsa recipes and more vegan inspiration.

10. Sweet chilli dogs

Hot dogs on a board with sauce on the side

Slow-cooked onions are pepped up with sweet chilli sauce in this five-ingredient recipe, ready in less than 30 minutes.

Check out more quick and easy dinner recipes, or learn how to make your own sweet chilli sauce.

11. Pulled pork sloppy joe dogs

Pulled pork sloppy joe dogs served on a tray

Pile homemade pulled pork on top of hot dogs for this epic recipe, then finish with soured cream, shallot rings and toasted yellow mustard seeds.

Try more pulled pork recipes and our best sloppy joe recipes.

12. Philly-style cheese dogs

Hot dogs on a board

Chipolatas, caramelised onions, roasted peppers and a creamy cheese sauce… what else could you want on top of your frankfurters? We’ve suggested shop-bought cheese sauce in this recipe but you could easily make your own.

More hot dog topping ideas

Need even more inspiration? Here are some more quick and delicious hot dog toppers to try.

BBQ sauce

Learn how to make superb homemade BBQ sauce and improve your hot dog with our easy recipe – it's incredibly moreish.

Chunky guacamole

This is the best version of this classic guacamole dip. The ingredients are kept to a minimum, so it's as fresh-tasting as possible.

Blue cheese sauce

Pack a flavour punch with our cheese dip made with stilton. Enjoy with your hot dog, try on salads for a real kick or serve with breadsticks.

Ultimate tomato salsa

Make this tasty healthy salsa in just 5 minutes with tomatoes, onion, garlic, lime, coriander and white wine vinegar. Serve on top of hot dogs or with nachos, and let everyone dig in.

Crispy onions

Scatter these crispy onions over hot dogs or burgers for extra crunch – they can be made ahead and stored in an airtight container for quick dinners.

Quick celeriac remoulade

The all-time classic way of serving celeriac, this hot dog topper (or dinner party starter) is healthy and requires no cooking.

Hot dog sides

What do you like on the side on your hot dog? Check out our best sides, from loaded fries to luxury coleslaw and homemade baked beans.

Greek loaded fries

Bake some budget-friendly frozen fries and pile them high with a moreish Greek-inspired topping of feta, olives, tomatoes and cucumber. Great for sharing.

Loaded potato skins

Enjoy these potato skins as a relaxed starter or snack. Use chives instead of spring onion for a milder flavour, or omit the bacon for a veggie version.

Classic homemade coleslaw

Forget shop-bought versions and make a homemade slaw. It's an ideal side dish for barbecues or to serve with burgers, salads, sandwiches and more.

Chopped green salad with herby chilli dressing

This fresh, crunchy side dish makes a great addition to any buffet, with avocados, cucumber, green peppers and a zingy dressing.

Dill pickled cucumbers

Forget shop-bought gherkins and pickles – making your own preserved cucumbers is much tastier, and easy to do, too.

Three bean salad with mozzarella

This substantial salad features a delicious mixture of cannellini, kidney and green beans, and is ideal for a summer picnic.

Healthy baked beans

Try our speedy, healthy recipe for homemade baked beans. It wins hands down when it comes to taste and texture, and delivers three of your five-a-day.

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