This lovely legume is one of our favourite storecupboard saviours. It's cheap, high in protein and can be transformed into a myriad of marvellous dishes. From brilliant burgers for a casual DIY dinner to a quick, silky hummus for a meze feast, there's a chickpea recipe for every ocassion.


Whether you're making a substantial spicy curry for the family to enjoy, or a summery sweet potato topped with chickpeas and tahini yogurt, chickpeas are ideal for simple, satisfying suppers.

Check out our ultimate chickpea collection for more delicious ways to serve this extra-special tinned staple.

1. Chickpea curry


Give a humble tin of chickpeas an injection of Indian spice and make our easy chana masala. This simple bowl of veggie goodness makes a filling main or super-satisfying side dish. Try a vegan version with our southern Indian kadala curry or take a boring baked potato to the next level with a chickpea curry topping.

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2. Chickpea salad


Whether they're simple side dishes or taking centre stage on the dinner table, chickpea salads can be as quick or complex as you like. Try our no-cook chickpea salad, which you can plate up in just 10 minutes. Use a touch of harissa, fresh tomatoes and crunchy red onion to liven up this easy dish. Add some Mediterranean veggies and a crumbling of feta to create our warm chickpea salad or go the whole hog with a slab of salty halloumi.

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Moroccan aubergine & chickpea salad
Bean, chickpea & feta salad

3. Hummus


A bowlful of creamy hummus is a thing of beauty, and we just can't resist a dip. Our quick version can be blitzed and ready for snacking on in just 12 minutes. It makes a fab filling for a pitta stuffed with falafel or an essential part of a party meze mix. Try our easy variations like our lemon & coriander version and you'll never go back to shop-bought – try these five healthy hummus recipes.

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4. Chickpea hash


Give yourself a break from the washing up and try our wondrous sweet potato, chickpea & chorizo one-pan. The great thing about a hash is that it's a delicious mishmash of whatever ingredients you have to hand. Feel free to substitute and swap as you like. Need an even speedier midweek option? Try our Indian chickpeas with poached eggs for an easy meal for two. Bring this dish to life with the sprinkling of a few choice spices and that all-important runny yolk.

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Moroccan meatballs with eggs

5. Chickpea wraps


Give your meal a Mexican twist with our spiced chickpea fajijtas. This Tex-Mex treat has it all – crispy chickpeas, creamy guacamole and a quick pickled salsa for a tangy topping. Wrap up four of your 5-a-day in our healthy roasted chickpea wraps stuffed with avocado, roasted red pepper and crunchy salad. Watch the family wolf down this filling veggie DIY dinner.

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6. Chickpea burgers


Treat yourself to a vibrant veggie burger made with a coriander-spiced chickpea patty. This healthy dinner option is great for a summery barbecue or a fun DIY supper with all the trimmings. Dollop on some chilli sauce for an extra kick and serve with fluffy seeded buns. Add in some extra veggies to create our sesame-scented carrot & chickpea burgers. Dress them up or down for a casual meal with friends. Spread on the lemony yogurt and creamy avocado for an indulgent dish for entertaining.

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7. Chickpea bakes


Need a no-fuss crowd-pleasing meal you can throw together with standard kitchen staples? Our budget-friendly tomato & chickpea bake gives you four of your 5-a-day in one dish. Try our vegan-friendly make-ahead roast summer vegetable stew for a simple, healthy dinner. Eat it with hunks of bread to mop up the tomato sauce.

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Summery stuffed squash

8. Falafel


Pair these easy falafels with soft flatbreads, creamy hummus and crunchy pink pickles for a magnificent meze lunch or sharing starter. These crisp healthy bites are spiced with sumac, coriander and cayenne pepper. Jazz up this famed veggie classic with vibrant beetroot and a tahini yogurt dip. Our beetroot falafels are simple to make and add an irresistible pop of colour to your plate.

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9. Chickpea soups


Bulk up a meagre lunchtime offering with our Moroccan chickpea soup. Take a tin of tomatoes, a tin of chickpeas and some well-chosen spices to create this warming veggie soup. It takes just five minutes to prep and is best served with warm coriander flatbreads for dipping. For another flavour-packed pocket-friendly soup, you can't beat our Indian chickpea & vegetable recipe.

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10. Chickpea stews and casseroles


No one could resist this bowlful of aromatic North African flavours. This Moroccan chickpea, squash & cavolo nero stew has real depth of flavour and is perfect for feeding the family. It's healthy, low-calorie and comforting all at the same time. Keep it casual with our Spanish-inspired storecupboard chorizo & chickpea stew. Serve it up as part of a tapas spread, or simply with some toasted sourdough bread. Plate it up in just 15 minutes for a speedy supper that's bound to satisfy.

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