Do your teenagers need to let off some steam? Are you in need of fun party ideas for a summer fiesta they won't forget? Read on for seasonal spreads, chilled desserts and uber cool watermelon drinks.


Check out these summery party ideas below, then browse more of our party ideas for teens and wide selection of kid's party recipes.

Refreshing drinks


Watermelon lemonade

For a super-cool slushie, this watermelon lemonade served in the hollowed-out fruit looks good enough for social media, and is really easy to make.

Or, try our raspberry lemonade slushies. Who would have thought that teenage party drinks could count towards your five-a-day?

Remember to have a couple of bowls of crushed ice, sprigs of mint and some fun straws at the ready to dress these fruity beauties.

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Fruity mocktail

Three glasses of fruity juice mocktails with straws

Want a touch of sophistication? Serve fruity non-alcoholic cocktails, complete with grape and blueberry stirrers – they'll bring everyone to the drinks table. Similar to a tequila sunrise, the deep red grenadine syrup creates an attractive colour gradation within the orange juice. Top up with sparkling water for some finishing fizz.

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Vanilla milkshake bar

Vanilla milkshake bar with a wide range of toppings

As pop-up food bars are becoming quite the party essential, we feel it only right to have one for milkshakes. There's nothing quite like offering party guests a decadent display of colourful toppings for them to mix and match. The vanilla milkshakes are easy to make – blitz ice cream with milk and vanilla. Serve alongside a range of mini cookies, sprinkles, marshmallows, pretzels and more, arranged in small bowls. Don't forget the all-important squirty cream for finishing flourishes.

Sharing platters

Crispy bacon nachos

Nachos on a platter covered in cheese, bacon and chilli pepper toppings

Good for grazing, our crispy bacon nachos with cheese sauce are a great alternative to crisps and chips. This classic party snack is easy to rustle up and takes just 20 minutes to assemble.

Try these smoky veggie nachos for a meat-free alternative, or try some more of our easy grazing platter recipes.

Beetroot hummus party platter

Beetroot hummus served with a range of toppings and crudités

So much more vibrant than ordinary hummus, this deep pink beetroot hummus party platter is sure to capture everyone's attention. It's an easy, no-cook, plant-based option and can be prepped in just 15 minutes. Blitz in a blender, then scatter with toppings and serve alongside crunchy veg, mozzarella, griddled bread and more.

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Pizza fondue dip

Pizza fondue with pepperoni toppings

Want to take pizza to the next level? Inspired by the retro party staple, cheese fondue, we've combined the best of both worlds – pizza fondue dip. A bubbling oasis of melted cheese comes topped with pepperoni slices and served alongside crispy garlic bread, so guests can swoop in and dunk (once only, of course!).

We've got plenty more perfect pizza recipes to please a crowd.

Easy mains

Summer hot dogs

Five hot dogs with different fillings

These Californian-style hot dogs allow you to experiment with a range of interesting flavours and fillings. Whether you fancy combining steak, crispy onions and melty cheese or going for a Korean twist with kimchi and spicy mayo, there's something to suit everybody with our five finger-licking variations:

Cheesesteak hot dogs
Korean hot dogs
Crab roll hot dogs
Tempura veg hot dogs
Blackened shrimp hot dogs

Halloumi burgers

Halloumi burgers with toasted brioche buns

If you're having a barbecue bash, these halloumi burgers are a quick and easy veggie option. Golden, charred halloumi slices are full of flavour and ideal for packing into a brioche bun with juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce and hummus. Perfect for hungry teens.

Discover more of our mouthwatering burger recipes.

Chicken fajitas

Chicken fajitas on a colourful background

You could go Mexican with Good Food's chicken fajitas with fresh guacamole. Save time and let the kids build their own. Serve the chicken, peppers, onions, and tomatoes individually alongside the tortillas, soured cream and guacamole, ready for them to wrap and roll.

For a meat-free option, try our veggie fajitas, sweet potato fajitas or mushroom fajitas. Also check out these jackfruit tacos for something a little different.

Satisfying sides

Vegan bean chilli fries

Bowl of vegan fried topped with chilli con carne and cheese

For a plant-based dish with pizzaz, rustle up this Mexican-style side of fully-loaded vegan bean chilli fries. The smoky chilli sauce is packed with flavour and makes a super-comforting dish served on a bed of French fries with fresh guacamole, coriander and crispy onions.

Looking for more ideas? Check out these veggie Greek loaded fries with feta, olives and tomatoes. Meat-eaters will enjoy our Alpine fries topped with melted cheese, ham and pickles. These crispy halloumi fries with spicy yogurt are also hard to resist.

Sticky lime & coconut chicken drumsticks

A plate of sticky chicken drumsticks with lime wedges

Super-sticky and finger lickin' good, chicken drumsticks are a summer party staple. Try this Thai-inspired version, coated in a zingy lime, honey and coconut cream marinade with a touch of green curry paste.

Serve our sticky lime & coconut chicken drumsticks, or check out more delicious chicken drumstick and chicken wing recipes. Want a meat-free option? Rustle up a batch of these tasty vegan nuggets, packed with cannellini beans, cauliflower and carrots.

Sweet treats

Watermelon pops

Watermelon pops with halved strawberries

Finish off the party with a round of these refreshing watermelon pops. They're super quick to make but look really attractive, especially served alongside fruity summer berries.

DIY dessert bar

Ice cream sundae

All partygoers will love getting stuck into this DIY dessert bar that matches ice cream with a colourful selection of sprinkles, sauces and fruity toppings. With just a few clever serving tricks, you can create a pop-up ice cream bar in the garden.

Arrange the ice cream tubs in buckets of ice to keep everything chilled, and serve your sauces in squeezy bottles with the spinkles alongside so teens can customise their cones.

Iced buns with cream and jam

Choux buns filled with cream and covered in coloured icing

Bring some colour to the party with these vibrant iced buns. A stylish take on a childhood classic, we've given these choux treats a new look with vibrant icing and toppings, as well as boosting the flavour with fruity jam fillings. They take a bit of effort to make, so get everyone involved in the fun of baking and decorating.

Peanut butter cookie cups in a box

These bitesize treats are a must-try. A satisfyingly crunchy cookie case is filled with silky peanut butter and topped with decadent dark chocolate, though you could substitute with milk chocolate if you prefer. Our peanut butter cookie cups are the perfect party nibble.

Ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwich selection

Feel like going the extra mile? Why not try baking a range of delicious biscuits and cookies so that guests can create their own ice cream sandwiches? Get some ice-cold inspiration for revamping these classic frozen desserts with our 5 ways with ice cream sandwiches.


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