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Whether you're dining al-desko or taking a leisurely long lunch at home, our vegan recipes are full of nourishing ingredients and vibrant flavours. Don't settle for a tin of soup from the back of the cupboard or sad, squished sarnies – treat yourself to a colourful lunch that'll have everyone in the office seething with jealousy.

If these recipes aren't enough, take a look at our vegan lunch collection for even more inspiration.

Vegan snack ideas



When Good Food does sandwiches, we don't skimp on the fillings. Load up with homemade hummus, slices of beetroot and crispy chickpeas for a chunky ciabatta sub. When hunger strikes, sub in this hero of a sandwich.

Our vegan banh mi is a riot of colour and Asian-inspired flavours. Hunks of cooked tempeh, plenty of raw veggies, a smattering of hot sauce, and a punchy white wine vinegar dressing make this a keeper.

More like this

Keep it green and brighten up your lunchbox with our avocado and curly kale sandwich. It takes just 10 minutes and you can even sprinkle on some paprika for a hint of spice and subtle heat. Branch out and eat the rainbow with our veggie olive wraps with mustard vinaigrette. If you're looking for a low-fat, low-calorie vegan option, this is it.

Veg bowls


Throw in your favourite veggies, grains and sauces to create fresh bowls of goodness like our guacamole & mango salad with black beans. It's a nutritional powerhouse that's low-calorie and packs in a whopping four of your five-a-day. Chuck some tofu into a black bean rice bowl for a substantial Mexican-style lunch or try a quinoa base with our ten minute cauli-broc bowl with tahini hummus.



Simple, easy to transport and cheap, soups are a great option for lunch on the go. Prep our budget-friendly satay noodle soup for something a little different when lunchtime rolls around. Peanut butter and soy sauce make an irresistible mix, combined with creamed coconut and fiery red chilli. Want a portable pot of homemade noodle soup? Layer up our simple lunchbox version and just add hot water.

Welcome in summer with our carrot, tarragon & white bean soup. This healthy, super-satisfying recipe provides three of your five-a-day and can be frozen for future batches. Jazz up storecupboard ingredients with our lentil & cardamom soup, with plenty of warming spices. It takes just five minutes to prep so perfect for busy weeknights. Craving something classic? Try our five-star tomato soup with a slab of crusty bread.

Dips & small bites


Get to grips with our very best bite-sized recipes and you'll never look back. Feeling adventurous? Roll your own beetroot & avocado nori with spicy wasabi dipping sauce. Or take a trip to the Middle East and make our easy falafels. Pair them with flatbread, hummus and chunky pickles for a fantastic meze-style lunch.

Pack up a pot of dip, crunchy veggies, and fresh flatbreads for a simple lunchbox staple. Our red lentil & sweet potato pâté makes a great alternative to hummus. Give traditional chickpeas a colourful twist with our avocado version. This healthy recipe gives you five of your five-a-day and is deliciously creamy.

Pasta pots


When you're craving something carby and light at the same time, a veg-filled pasta salad is the answer. Make our speedy green bean & penne salad with a classic tomato & olive dressing. This low-calorie, low-fat lunch is a no-brainer.

For another healthy pasta plate, take five minutes to prep our orzo with spinach & cherry tomatoes. This tasty, rice-like pasta makes this dish almost like a no-fuss risotto. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy this low-fat squash & spinach fusilli dish with crunchy pecans. Grab a bag of baby spinach, a fresh courgette and a squash for a healthy hunger-killer.

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It's time to shun limp salad leaves and pre-made lunches drenched in dressing – our salads are anything but boring. Go for a classic Middle Eastern fattoush, sprinkled with sumac and parsley. Simple to throw together in the morning before work, make this part of your regular repertoire.

Add some crunch to your lunch with our colourful bulghar salad. Combine radishes, edamame beans, peppers and a drizzle of our spectacular citrus dressing for a summery serve.

Get ahead of the game and prep our green rice with beetroot & apple salsa the night before. This healthy, simple salad is rich in omega-3 fats and balances sweet apples and tangy balsamic vinegar for an addictive flavour combination. Or, take just four ingredients to make our bean, tomato & watercress salad.

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