Find everything you need to know about veganism with recipes, ingredient guides and dietary advice for living a meat-free, dairy-free lifestyle.
The best vegan protein sources

The best vegan protein sources

Learn how to boost your protein intake from plant-based sources whilst on a vegan diet.
Meet modern vegans

Meet modern vegans

Get everyday advice from vegan parents, personal trainers and chefs.
How to become vegan

How to become vegan

Thinking of turning to the dark green and leafy side? Get the lowdown on switching to veganism.
Vegan canapé recipes

Vegan canapé recipes

Indulge your guests with these delectable plant-based bites, perfect for party season.
5 vegan ingredients you've never heard of

5 vegan ingredients you've never heard of

Get to grips with essential vegan ingredients to make cooking a breeze.

Top vegan desserts

Chocolate cake on cake stand with slice taken, topped with cherries Recipe

Vegan chocolate cake


(5 ratings)

Vegan Victoria sponge cake on a platter dusted with icing sugar Recipe

Vegan sponge cake


(7 ratings)

Treat friends and family to a Victoria sponge cake made with vegan ingredients...
Vegan carrot cake Recipe

Vegan carrot cake


(11 ratings)

Give free-from baking a go with this easy vegan sandwich cake – an...
Three vegan meringues garnished with strawberries Recipe

Vegan meringues


(9 ratings)

Whip up some crunchy meringues for a showstopping summer dessert. This recipe...
Made-over millionaire's bars Recipe

Vegan millionaire's bars


(12 ratings)

These vegan, gluten-free chocolatey treats with dates, cashews and maple syrup...

Top vegan mains

Sri Lankan braised roots stew & coconut dhal dumplings in a casserole dish Recipe

Sri Lankan braised roots stew & coconut dhal dumplings


(6 ratings)

White pizza cut into slices Recipe

Vegan white pizza


(1 rating)

Make our vegan pizza using tofu, almond milk and other clever, dairy-free...
A dish serving creamy squash linguine Recipe

Creamy squash linguine


(8 ratings)

Rustle up this healthy pasta dish using just four ingredients: butternut squash...
Vegan ‘cheesy’ leek crumble in a serving dish Recipe

Vegan 'cheesy’ leek crumble


(6 ratings)

Cook a vegan bake with bags of cheese and onion flavour. Nutritional yeast...
Vegan pie with a slice taken out revealing layers of veg Recipe

Vegan pie


(6 ratings)

Make this fantastic beetroot, sweet potato, chard and celeriac rainbow-layered...
Vegan diets may lack vitamin B12, which is essential for healthy red blood cells and nerve function. This can be found in fortified breakfast cereals and soya products. Vegans may consider taking B12 supplements (look for one that supplies 10 micrograms daily).