Find everything you need to know about veganism with recipes, ingredient guides and key dietary advice for living a meat-free, dairy-free lifestyle.
What would happen if everyone went vegan?

What would happen if everyone went vegan?

Ever wondered what the world would look like if everyone followed a plant-based diet?
5 vegan ingredients you've never heard of

5 vegan ingredients you've never heard of

Mastering the use of these key ingredients will make your meals easier and tastier.
How to become vegan

How to become vegan

Want to cut animal products out of your diet? Try these simple steps to becoming vegan.
Vegan breakfast collection

Vegan breakfast collection

Check out our favourite vegan breakfast dishes and most extravagant brunches.
How to make vegan meringues

How to make vegan meringues

Ever tried using aquafaba to make meringues? Discover our simple recipe to liven up your desserts.

Top vegan desserts

Vegan rhubarb & custard bake Recipe

Vegan rhubarb & custard bake


(3 ratings)

Vegan banana & walnut bread Recipe

Vegan banana & walnut bread


(1 rating)

We love a slice of banana bread with crunchy walnuts and sweet dates, warm from...
Vegan carrot cake Recipe

Vegan carrot cake


(2 ratings)

Give free-from baking a go with this easy vegan sandwich cake – an...
A dessert glass serving vegan Eton mess Recipe

Vegan Eton mess


(1 rating)

Nothing says summer like a sweet, berry-filled Eton mess and this vegan version...
Vegan cupcakes with banana & peanut butter Recipe

Vegan cupcakes with banana & peanut butter


(8 ratings)

Employ some clever tricks to achieve a dairy-free bake - egg-free mayonnaise,...

Top vegan mains

Falafel burgers Recipe

Falafel burgers


(417 ratings)

A baking dish serving vegan mac 'n' cheese Recipe

Vegan mac 'n' cheese


(0 ratings)

Make the ultimate comfort dish, macaroni cheese, but with vegan credentials...
John's vegan shepherd's pie 2016 Recipe

Vegan shepherd's pie


(13 ratings)

A warming vegan supper with porcini mushrooms, leeks, carrots, butternut squash...
Pumpkin curry with chickpeas Recipe

Pumpkin curry with chickpeas


(98 ratings)

A veggie dinner party dish which stands alone as a vegan main course or as a...
Vegan Thai curry Recipe

Vegan Thai curry


(1 rating)

An easy vegan version of a Thai noodle curry, packed with vegetables, coconut...
"You can choose any number of herb and nut combos to create your cheeses. Almonds, pine nuts and macadamias all lend themselves well to blending."