Nectarine salad

12 ways to get your five-a-day

Running out of ideas for how to get your five portions of fruit and veg a day? Here's some inspiration...

Lamb & pepper kebabs
1. A lamb and vegetable kebab 

Up to 2 portions
Kebabs are a super barbecue option – you can add mushrooms, peppers and onions. Don’t forget corn cobs can be finished on the barbecue too. Add a bowl of salad and you’ve chalked up an extra portion.


Better-than-baked beans
2. Baked beans on toast

1 portion
Pulses (lentils or beans) of any type count as one portion. Top with a sliced tomato for a tasty two-portion snack.

Avocado & chilli salad
 3. An avocado, prosciutto and tomato salad 

Up to 3 portions
Half an avocado counts as one portion. Add two large tomatoes and a handful of salad leaves and you’re three portions ahead!


Seven cup muesli
 4. Cereal topped with a banana

1 portion
A simple way to get an extra portion a day: slice a banana on top of that morning cereal.

5. A mini packet of raisins 

1 portion
Around ½ to 1 tablespoon of currants, raisins or two dried apricots or prunes is the equivalent of one portion.


Breakfats smoothie
6. A smoothie (with whole fruits is best)

Up to 2 portions
A smoothie counts as at least one portion – often two or more. But how can you tell? Go for those with lots of information on the label. Smoothies made from whole fruits are best, as they contain fibre.


Blueberry milkshakes
7. A home-made blueberry milkshake 

2 portions
Home-made shakes help pile up the portions. However, takeaway shakes made without real fruit don’t count. As 80g of blueberries equals one portion, it should be easy to make a two-portion shake. The vegetables have to add up to 80g to count as a portion, so you’ll need one large tomato and a generous helping of cucumber to make up the weight.


Chicken stir fry
8. Chicken and vegetable stir fry 

2-3 portions
It’s easy to get two or even three portions of vegetables into a stir fry, so go for a wide and colourful selection – red and green peppers, onion, broccoli, beansprouts, sweet potatoes and so on.


9. New Covent Garden Soup

2-3 portions
It varies between flavours, but their Fresh Gazpacho contains 256g of tomatoes, 74g of cucumber and 74g of red pepper – half a carton is a two to three-portion lunch or supper.


10. Two handfuls of cherries or grapes

1 portion
Make a change from an apple a day: always make the most of whatever fresh fruit is in season.

Strawberries in lime syrup
11. A small punnet of strawberries 

1 portion
Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon without strawberries. Try topping with crème fraiche or Greek yogurt.


Summer sandwiches
12. A cheese, tomato and cucumber sandwich 

1 portion
The vegetables have to add up to 80g to count as a portion so you’ll need one large tomato and a generous helping of cucumber to make up the weight.


What are your favourite ways to get your five-a-day?