Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion over video call or livening up your Saturday night in lockdown, we have cocktail cabinet solutions to make the most of your favourite bottles. If you have gin languishing in the cupboard, why not try your hand at making the perfect Bond-style martini? Or use up that whisky to showcase classic flavours in a highball?


We can show you how to take your beloved G&T to the next level or transport your tastebuds somewhere new with genius two-ingredient cocktails. If you’ve got sugar to hand and want to create some impressive cocktails, make a bottle of our easy sugar syrup and keep in the fridge until you need it. Dust off that bottle of bitters and get mixing!

Discover even more easy cocktail recipes and daring drinks inspiration with our ultimate collection.

Cocktails to make with rum

Cuba fibre with ice and lime wedges in glass

Bring a little taste of sunshine into your living room with a rum-laced cuba libre. If you have a bottle of white rum, this two-ingredient recipe is for you. White rum is generally a little sweeter and lighter-bodied, perfect for cocktails. Pair your cola cocktail with ice and lime for an instant pick-me-up. If you can grab a handful of mint from the garden, try a classic mojito. Muddle this refreshing masterpiece and top with soda water. Make a traditional daiquiri, or try one of our fruity twists with strawberry or grapefruit.Find even more rum cocktail recipes to transport yourselves to the tropics, or watch our video and learn how to make a mojito:

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Cocktails to make with gin

Martini with olives in glass

It doesn’t get classier than a dirty martini with a couple of olives for a garnish. They’re surprisingly easy to make – simply combine gin, vermouth and salty olive brine. Perfect for slow sipping. Continue with our favourite quintessential cocktails and perfect the classic G&T. The secret is plenty of ice, rather than a few cubes, which then melt slower and dilute your drink less. If you’re a juniper aficionado, try our 5 ways with gin and tonic for fun variations. Cool off on warm evenings with a simple gin fizz. For an extra forthy head, add one egg white to the cocktail shaker with your other ingredients. For the perfect balance of sweet and bitter, try our classic negroni. Fill your glass with more fabulous gin cocktails from our ultimate collection.

Cocktails to make with vodka

Moscow mules in mugs with ice and mint leaves

Vodka makes a great base for a variety of cocktails. For an elegant tipple to see you through the evening, try our vodka martini. Serve with the traditional olive or a twist of lemon peel for a touch of citrus. Bring the sun inside with a basic screwdriver cocktail. Stir everything to combine and sip at your leisure. Vodka and ginger beer make a cool moscow mule, serve with a sprig of mint and plenty of ice. Try our very best vodka cocktail recipes, from impressive looking passion fruit martinis to boozy long island iced tea.

Cocktails to make with whisky

Highball in glass with mint leaves

If you don’t fancy sipping your drams solo, try one of these simple but stunning cocktails. You can’t go far wrong with the humble whisky soda, or a satisfying whisky highball. Got some bourbon lurking on a neglected shelf? Whip up a mint julep with just three key ingredients, perfect for hot summer nights.

Get your fill of marvellously malty whisky cocktails from our collection. Try a warming hot toddy or a sweet manhattan.

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