You may think of G&T as a pre-dinner tipple. But a cold, refreshing postprandial drink also makes a lot of sense to help a rich, full-flavoured meal go down. And speaking of cold, it really is all about the ice – and lots of it. The more cubes in your glass, the longer they stay cold, which means they won’t melt and dilute your drink. Try these twists on gin & tonic – before or after a meal...


Classic G&T

Keep it simple with a classic G&T and a slice of lime. The trick to nailing this cocktail is to pack in the ice cubes which collectively lower the temperature of the drink, so they melt slower and prevent it diluting too quickly.

Spiced G&T

Try an exotic twist by using a cardamom-spiced gin and popping in a few whole cardamom pods for good measure. Mix your spiced G&T with a Schweppes tonic and garnish with fresh or dried rose petals for a stunning finish.

Bitter grapefruit G&T

For a sharp and refreshing beverage, add a grapefruit wedge to your cocktail. This bitter grapefruit G&T works well with citrus-infused gins like Hortus Summer Gin or Sipsmith, plus an aromatic tonic.

Seaside G&T

We can't always be sipping a cocktail by the sea. Instead, bring a taste of the seaside home by using samphire and a seaweed flavoured gin with a lemon slice. Use tonic syrup or a light tonic water and you'll be feeling the summery vibes in no time.

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Don't knock it till you've tried it! Elevate your cocktail to new levels by infusing Gin Mare and tonic water with the savoury notes of tomato, ginger and a good quality olive oil for this delicious Mediterranean twist.

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