Chopped salads are just that – great big colourful bowls of salad, where all the ingredients are chopped into small pieces. The smaller the pieces, the more variety you get with each forkful.


As timelessly fashionable in L.A (where they were invented) as they are over here, chopped salads are all about getting as many ingredients into your bowl as possible. Start simple with our easy chopped salad, raid the veg patch for our chopped allotment salad, or cool down on a hot day with a watermelon and feta medley.

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1. Easy chopped salad

A chopped salad served on a white platter

Red, green, orange, purple, yellow… do salads get any more colourful than this? Add a little zing to cucumber and beetroot with a quick lemon juice and poppy seed dressing, and make avocado super-fresh with lime juice.

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2. Crunchy chopped salad

Crunchy chopped salad served on an oval plate

Ready in 20 minutes with no cooking involved, this step-by-step recipe was written with kids in mind. They can help squeeze the lemon and shake the mustard-honey dressing together – maybe they’d like to add their own favourite veggies to the mix?

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3. Mexican corn salad

A sweetcorn, red pepper and red onion salad in a white bowl

More than 20 five-out-of-five ratings make this corn salad a must-try. It takes only 15 minutes to toss a load of sweetcorn, red onion, tomatoes and fresh coriander together with a honey and lime juice dressing.

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4. Chicken & freekeh chopped salad with salsa verde

A chicken and grain salad on a white oval platter

Got left-over roast chicken? Pair it with nutty freekeh, asparagus, radishes and a whole bunch of fresh herbs in this wholesome salad, finished with toasted pine nuts.

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5. Chopped herb & pomegranate salad

A green herb and pomegranate salad in a decorative blue bowl

Made gloriously green with fresh parsley, dill and mint, this chopped salad has got summer-eating written all over it. Finish with pomegranate seeds for dots of ruby-red colour and bursts of crunchy sweetness.

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6. Epic summer salad

Avocado, tomatoes, onion and feta in a bowl

More than 100 five-out-of-five reviews? Let’s get chopping! Cassie Best’s summer-in-a-bowl is a protein-packed jumble of black beans, spinach, tomatoes (heritage are best), mango, radishes, avocado, feta and more, tossed together with a quick chilli dressing.

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7. Barley & bulgur chopped herb salad

A barley and bulgur salad in a pink serving bowl

Now this is the kind of salad you want for dinner. Fibre-rich and filling, this grainy number delivers two of your five-a-day and comes flavoured with cloves, loads of garlic and three different herbs.

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8. Watermelon & feta salad

A watermelon and feta salad in a white serving bowl

Cool down with great big chunks of watermelon, layered with fresh mint leaves, crumbled feta and cucumber chunks. Perfect for lunchtime in the garden, this salad only takes five minutes to prepare.

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9. Chopped allotment salad

Three teacups of green salad with dressing on the side

Raid the veg patch for this celebration of all things green. Peas, cucumber, celery and Baby Gem make for a perfect side salad. Add a handful of edible flowers and an elderflower dressing to make it memorable.

Is your allotment bursting with goodies? Put them to good use in our allotment cake.

10. Chopped tarragon, bacon & chicken salad

A small white bowl of pea and chicken salad with cutlery on the side

Crispy bacon meets left-over roast chicken, fresh tarragon, peas, celery and a quick mustard dressing in this classic salad. Serve al fresco for lunch, or ramp up the portion size for a filling dinner. Also, discover our how to cook bacon guide.

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