5 surprising ways with watermelon

Go wild for watermelon this summer with five ideas on how to serve this sweet, thirst-quenching fruit as the star attraction in salads, snacks and drinks.

Watermelon lollies

Pretty in pink and so refreshing, these watermelon lollies are the perfect, low-calorie way to cool down. They’re sure to be a hit with kids, too, who will benefit from the high vitamin C content. With only five minutes prep time, you can make these popsicles for a quick and easy treat on an unexpectedly hot day.

For more frozen fruit inspiration, try these pink melon lollies.


Watermelon pizza

Shaped liked a pizza but more fun and definitely more fruity! This watermelon pizza recipe is enhanced with the summery flavours of pineapple and coconut, and is ideal served as a starter, salad or light dessert at picnics or barbecues.

Or, for another light dessert idea, you could try our quivering jellied watermelon cooler.

Watermelon salsa

For a zingy summer snack, serve this moreish watermelon salsa as a light dip or topping for nachos. A hint of lime juice gives this salsa a citrussy boost which makes for a refreshing palate cleanser.

If you like this, you could take it to the next level with our spiced feta & watermelon salsa.

Watermelon & feta salad

Get two of your five-a-day with this vibrant watermelon & feta salad. The flavour combination of juicy watermelon, salty feta and cooling mint is ideal for a summer side dish or starter. With such versatlity, it’s no wonder that watermelon is such a popular salad choice!

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Watermelon lemonade

Simple yet visually stunning, our watermelon lemonade can be made by hollowing out a watermelon and filling it with a citrus and melon juice purée. This refreshing drink works both as a fun idea for a kid’s party or a casual gathering of family and friends.

Try these other watermelon drinks:

Watermelon & orange blossom lemonade
Watermelon & strawberry slushie
Watermelon gin spritzer
Cucumber, watermelon & mint punch
Watermelon vodka jelly shots

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How else do you like to serve watermelon? Tell us in the comments below…