Where a decade ago low-alcohol drinks were often little more than a punchline, every year this category gets more exciting, as new entrants to the field bring out interesting innovations and the standard of the offering goes up across the board.


At the same time, we're thinking more about drinking less, and perhaps being more open to the idea that a drink can be special even if it isn't alcoholic. Newer low-alcohol beers and spirit substitutes are finding clever ways to communicate the intensity, complexity or satiety you'd associate with a cold lager or gin and tonic.

Alcohol-free spirits first came onto people's radar in 2014 with Seedlip, who proudly stood up for a non-alcoholic gin-style product that cost £35 and required a trek to Selfridges. In the wake of the attention this drew, it and similar offerings are nowadays available in supermarkets up and down the country at rather less luxurious prices. In addition to gin, producers have reimagined alcohol-free equivalents to vermouth, amaro, amaretto and coffee liqueur, and the list continues to grow.

Non-alcoholic beer has improved greatly in the last few years, with both higher visibility and greater quality, so we’ve highlighted a few more of our favourites in that category.

What is alcohol-free?

Some of the entries below are labelled ‘low-alcohol’ at 0.5%, rather than ‘alcohol free’. In the UK, anything under half a percent alcohol is no longer restricted under licensing laws. At no more than 0.5%, it is unable to render you drunk and some breads and ripe fruit contain as much or more alcohol.

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How we tested

We tried a wide range of no and low-alcohol beverages, including aperitifs, pre-mixed mocktails and alternatives to beer, gin, and rum. In terms of serving, we followed any suggestion from the drinks brands themselves, as well as sampling the drinks neat 'on the rocks' or mixed with tonics, sodas, juices and non-alcoholic sparkling wine, amongst others. Our testing criteria focused on the sweetness, acidity, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and lasting finish, as well as judging the degree to which each drink matched its non-alcoholic counterpart, if applicable.

Richard Davie is a brewer, writer and consultant with roots in home-brewing. When he's not making his own beer and cocktails, he works at award-winning micro pub The Beer Shop @richarddaviebrews

Miriam Nice is a published author and illustrator. She has written more than 350 recipes for BBC Good Food @miriamjsnice

Richard and Miriam’s book, The Art of Drinking Sober (£12.99, Orion), is out now.

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Best low and alcohol-free beer

Lucky Saint

A bottle of lager set against a white background

Best low alcohol lager

A UK company, but brewed in Bavaria, this is redolent of the Helles style, all soft malt and gentle bitterness for a crisp, easy satisfying lager. A limited draught presence in pubs, too.

Available from:
Sainsbury’s (£1.80)
Lucky Saint (from £22 for 12-pack)

Ghostship, Adnams

A bottle of alcohol-free beer

Best alcohol free pale ale

Adnam's flagship pale ale, but without the alcohol. Retains much of the mouthfeel, keeps that pleasing citrus hop note and goes down a treat.

Available from:
Tesco (£3.70/4 x 330ml)
Adnams (£24.99/12 x 500ml)

Harvey’s Old Ale (low alcohol)

A bottle of alcohol-free beer with a red label

Best low alcohol ale

The autumnal classic, but de-alcoholised. Rich fruit cake and a touch of chocolate, sweetness without becoming unbalanced and a lighter carbonation make for a solid option for cask ale fans.

Available from:
Harvey's (£31.80/12 x 500ml)

Lervig 'No Worries' IPA

A colourful can of beer against a white background

Best non-alcoholic IPA

Very much made in the image of the current vogue for hazy IPAs, this has a full body, opaque glow, negligible bitterness and oodles of fruity aromas.

Available from:
DryDrinker (£18.74/8 x 350ml)

Galactic milk stout alcohol-free, Big Drop Brewing Co.

A purplel can of beer against a white background

Best stout

Milk stouts are more visible than they have been in decades, and that lactose works perfectly here, adding body and sweetness to counter the rich roasty notes of a satisfying stout.

Available from:
DryDrinker (£18.55/8 x 350ml)

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Spirit alternatives

Tanqueray 0%

Green bottle of non-alcoholic spirit

Best classic alcohol-free gin

Blended with the four same signature botanicals as its classic London Dry Gin, we felt that Tanqueray's 0% was the most convincing non-alcoholic gin alternative of everything we tried. Initially, the palate is hit by an invigorating burst of citrus and juniper, which gives way to more mellow notes of liquorice and herbs. Mixing with a plain tonic brings out the full flavour profile but this versatile spirit would also be suited to a range of gin cocktails.

Available from:
Amazon (£14)
Tesco (£17.50)

Sea buckthorn, Bax Botanics

A bottle of botanicals on its side against a white background

Best luxury alcohol-free gin
This has a really complex flavour profile, rich in ginger, rosemary and chamomile notes, softened by the sea buckthorn. Pairs brilliantly with tonic.

Available from:
Bax Botanics (£18.99)

Smidgin gin, Adnams

Bottle of gin and copper measuring spoon

Best low-alcohol gin

Southwold distillery Adnams’ new concept is a high-strength gin intended to create a low-alcohol serve without compromising on flavour. Don’t be fooled by the 50% alcohol volume – despite being stronger than most gins, Smidgin is specially crafted to be served in small 2.5ml measures with tonic water, yielding a full-bodied G&T with just a fraction of the alcohol. The 200ml bottle even comes with a copper spoon to allow precise measurement of each serving. We found each sip delivered a complex balance of botanicals, from fresh juniper to warming cardamom and floral hibiscus, culminating in a crisp, dry finish.

Available from:
Adnams (£26.99)
Master of Malt (£26.99)
Amazon (£26.95)

Caleño Dark & Spicy

Red and blue bottle of Caleno non-alcoholic rum

Best rum alternative

Fans of spiced rum will love Columbian-inspired Caleño’s non-alcoholic tropical spirit. Rich and tangy aromas of pineapple and coconut are complemented by warming cardamom and ginger spice. This spirit could suit a variety of cocktails but we found it mixed especially well with fruit juices, ginger beer and cola.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£18.75)
Amazon (£18 per bottle)

Amaretti, Lyres

A bottle of amaretti against a white backdrop

Best liqueur

This innovative brand has done a great job of recreating amaretto without booze. Sweet, almondy, rich and special. Well chilled, this would be a lovely way to end a meal or to swap into cocktails.

Available from:
DryDrinker (£24.51)

Clean Co Clean T

Clean Co non-alcoholic tequila

Best tequila alternative

Clean Co has has produced a range of impressive alcohol-free alternatives, including this version of blanco tequila (or silver tequila). Although it doesn't have the signature burn of this clear spirit, it does recreate the fresh agave scent which pairs beautifully with lime juice and a pinch of salt in a margarita mocktail.

Available from:
Amazon (£28)
Ocado (£17)

Seedlip Garden 108

A bottle of clear non-alcoholic spirit with green label

Best herbal non-alcoholic spirit

A leading pioneer of zero-alcohol beverages, Seedlip's mastery of flavours is evident in all three of its current drinks offerings. Our favourite is Garden 108, a fragrant blend of soothing herbs with cucumber, fresh pea and, perhaps a little more unusually, dry notes of hay. As well as mixing with tonic, we recommend pairing this herbaceous spirit with fruity kombucha or using in a gimlet mocktail with lime cordial.

Available from:
Amazon (£21.94)
Waitrose Cellar (£22)

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Non-alcoholic cocktails and soft alternatives

Mocktails Mockscow Mule

Mocktails mule

The aptly named brand Mocktails makes a select variety of non-alcoholic cocktails. We appreciated the pun-based names from a 'Sansgria' to a 'Mockapolitan'. Our pick of the selection was the Mockscow Mule, a twist on the usually vodka-based Moscow mule. This sweet, lemony ginger beer was immensely refreshing and easily drinkable. The cans are nitro charged, which gives a big fizz when you open the can, but the drinks are not that fizzy themselves. If drinking at home, you could even add a splash of sparkling water for a boost that would also balance some of the sweetness.

Available from:
Amazon (£29.99/12-pack)

Betty Buzz sparkling lemon lime

Betty Buzz

Blake Lively's non-alcoholic drinks brand has finally launched in the UK, and it's worth hunting out. The compact range is designed to be either mixers or drunk as it is, with no artificial flavours or sweeteners. The sparkling lemon lime uses Meyer lemon juice and agave (great for a twist on a margarita) and there's also sparkling grapefruit or ginger beer to try.

Available from:
Amazon (£24/12 x 330ml)
Whole Foods Market (in-store, £8.99/4-pack)

Punchy blood orange, bitters and cardamom

A can of punch against a white background

If you’re a fan of campari or aperol, this is a great substitute and an excellent grown-up drink in its own right. Wonderful balance of blood orange, bitterness and natural-tasting sweetness.

Available from:
Ocado (£1.50)
Amazon (£18/12 x 250ml)

Highball alcohol-free cocktails

Six colourful cocktail bottles

Looking for a party drink without the booze? Highball's range of pre-mixed cocktails come in six classic flavours: Classic G&T, Pink G&T, Cosmopolitan, Italian Spritz, Mojito and Ginger Dram. We thought that all the drinks offered a sophisticated alternative and particularly enjoyed the tangy raspberry and juniper notes of the Pint G&T as well as the refreshing burst of citrus bitters in the Italian Spritz. An added bonus; Highball cocktails contain less than half the calories of standard cocktails and are free from artificial ingredients, sweeteners and preservatives. They are also gluten-free and suitable for vegan diets.

Available from:
Highball (£11.50/6 x 250ml)
Amazon (£29.99/12 x 250ml)

Wine alternatives

Jukes 6, Jukes Cordialities

A small bottle of Jukes 6 against its packaging

Not only is this a great substitute for red wine, it’s really neatly packaged too. In mini bottles that can be diluted to taste, it’s highly portable too.

Available from:
Jukes Cordialities (£38/9 x 30ml)

Thomson & Scott 'Noughty'

Two bottles of Noughty Chardonnay and Rosé

Having earned its place as one of the world leading alcohol-free alternatives to champagne and sparkling wine, Noughty sets the bar high. Two varieties are currently available, boasting a range of credentials: vegan, organic, low in sugar and halal-friendly. The lightly carbonated chardonnay offers clean, crisp notes of apple, while our favourite, the rosé is a delicate blend of fresh summer berries. At only 14 calories per glass, it is also the lightest wine we tried, yet this does not detract from the flavour. Produced using traditional winemaking methods along with vacuum distillation, both drinks achieve a sophisticated balance of sweetness and acidity which is invigorating on the palate.

Available from:
Waitrose Cellar (£9.50)
DryDrinker (£11.26)

Oddbird Sparkling Rosé

Bottle of Non-alcoholic Oddbird Rose

A finely crafted blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, we found Oddbird's rosé to be refreshingly crisp, with tangy undertones of apple and tart summer berries. Described by the brand as being 'liberated from alcohol', this wine is carefully produced using traditional methods, resulting in a drink which certainly dispels the notion that booze is an integral part of any celebratory occasion. Dry on the palate yet very drinkable, this is equally suitable for pairing with food or enjoying alone as an aperitif.

Available from:
Harvey Nichols (£13)
Amazon (£9.99)

Italian alcohol-free sparkling, La Gioiosa

A small bottle of white wine set against a white background

This light and sweet sparkling wine alternative has hints of apple, white grape and elderflower. Great substitute for prosecco and good-value too.

Available from:
Ocado (£6.50)

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