Put together an assortment of sensational sandwiches for your afternoon tea spread. From delicate finger sandwiches to open-faced rye breads and chunky rolls, we have something for everyone.


Select your favourites from our afternoon tea recipes to fill your plates. We have it all covered; from scones and sweets to savoury bites and drinks. Plus, check out our easy sandwich fillings and browse our collection of sandwich recipes for more inspiration.

Top afternoon tea sandwich tips

  • Getting ahead of the game with your sweet selection is a good idea, but don't assemble your sandwiches too early, as they will go soggy or dry out before you get the chance to sample.
  • You can prepare any mixed fillings in advance and leave in the fridge until you're ready.
  • Providing a meaty, vegetarian and a vegan option is the best way to cover all your bases.
  • Mix up your presentation by providing open-faced sandwiches, stacked club sandwiches and delicately sliced finger sandwiches.

Best ever afternoon tea sandwiches

1. Egg & cress club sandwich

Egg and cress sandwiches on a skewer

We're kicking off with a classic sarnie combination. These toasted egg and cress club sandwiches work well as part of a summer family picnic. Skewer each sandwich with a sandwich pick and serve with crisps.

Looking for a vegan version? Try our egg-less mayo sandwiches, which substitute egg for tofu.

2. Cucumber & herb triple-deckers

Cucumber sandwiches topped with cucumber on a plate

Give the classic soft cheese and cucumber a facelift with a sprinkling of chives and refreshing mint flavour. With a couple of simple ingredients and some smart presentation, you can turn this standard sarnie into something special. Prefer to stick to the traditional? Try our soft cheese & cucumber fingers.

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3. Green club sandwich

Brown bread triple decker sandwich with tomatoes and spinach

You just can't beat a club. This hearty sandwich is chock full of creamy hummus, slices of avocado and sweet cherry tomatoes. With a handful of peppery rocket, this versatile veggie sandwich is filling and packed with texture. Try using red pepper hummus for a flavourful mix-up.

For more inspiration on stacked sandwiches, check out our club sandwich recipes.

4. Caprese sandwich

Tomato, pesto, mozarella and red onion focaccia sandwiches

Load slices of pillowy focaccia with pesto, mozzarella, rocket, red onion and tomato. A super simple sandwich that involves no cooking, it’s a great crowd-pleaser – plus it’s vegetarian. Ideal for an afternoon tea or a lovely day out in the sun.

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For more great ideas on vegetarian suitable picnic foods, try our vegetarian picnic recipes.

5. Coronation egg mayo sandwiches

Row of coronation egg mayo sandwiches

Combine two confirmed classics to create a sandwich worthy of any extensive afternoon tea selection. Bring the classic curry flavours to a traditional egg mayo and use Greek yogurt to balance out the korma paste spices.

Make the most of this highly versatile and budget-friendly ingredient with our egg recipes.

6. Next level steak sandwich

Long steak sandwich with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese

Whip up this ultimate steak sandwich. Succulent sirloin steaks are loaded with tangy onions, stilton, tomatoes and lettuce, with a hint of horseradish. Check out our triple-decker steak sandwich too.

7. Egg & bacon brioche soldiers

Brioche sandwiches on plate

Bring some bold flavours to the plate with these chargrilled finger sandwiches. Inspired by brunch flavours, our crispy bacon and egg brioche sandwiches are charred to perfection and served with plenty of butter.

If you prefer something more traditional, try our other brunch recipes.

8. Loaded open sandwiches

Open sandwiches with different toppings

These dainty open sandwiches make for an impressive afternoon tea option, showcasing a range of colourful toppings. Top these Scandi-style sarnies with sliced cucumber and cream cheese, shredded ham and eggs.

Alternatively, try our egg & avocado open sandwich.

9. Ploughman's sandwich

Ploughmans sandwich with ham and cheese

Try our retro take on the classic ploughman's sandwich. The classic combination of ham, cheese and pickles is elevated with the addition of mustard-mayo, apple and smoked ham.

10. Italian-style rolls

Italian sub rolls with tomatoes, pesto and mozzrella

Load ciabatta rolls with fresh pesto, buffalo mozzarella, artichokes, roasted red peppers and basil leaves for a delicious Italian-inspired sandwich for lunch.

11. Beetroot, hummus & crispy chickpea sub sandwich

Sub sandwich filled with salad, chickpea, beetroot and hummus on a board

Need a tasty, easy vegan option? Load a sub with homemade hummus, beetroot, chickpeas and salad to make this filling vegan sandwich. Devour it all when hunger strikes or divide into more dainty bites perfect for an afternoon tea.

Check out more vegan sandwich recipes or try our vegan afternoon tea recipes for the perfect plant-based afternoon set up.

12. Carrot & raisin sandwiches

Carrot and raisin sandwiches on stand

Take some inspiration from a well-loved spring bake and turn it into a savoury sandwich with a dollop of hummus and some chopped mint. You can prep the filling the day before and leave in the fridge until you're ready to use. Both kids and adults will dive into these brilliant bites with gusto.

Check out more healthy recipes that kids will enjoy with our kids' healthy lunch recipes.

13. Mozzarella meatball subs

Kids hands holding saucy meatball subs topped with cheese

Are you a fan of an excellent saucy burger? Why not try this tasty sub – a winning alternative filled with meatballs and mozzarella that melts as it cooks, all basted in a rich tomato sauce. A little messier to eat, but a tasty afternoon tea addition.

For other recipes using the mighty baguette as a base, try our baguette recipes.

14. Fish finger hot dogs

3 hot dog buns filled with fish fingers and lettuce, surrounded by lemon wedges

This twist on a classic fish finger sandwich will be an easy family favourite. Try Paul Ainsworth's trick of lightly salting the cod to firm it up before cooking – it's a game-changer.

For more affordable and family-friendly fish dishes, try our budget fish recipes.

15. Katsu sandos

Stack of katsu sandwiches

Take some inspiration from Japan and try our cheat's version of the katsu sando. Pile crunchy, colourful slaw, crispy pork and a quick tonkatsu sauce onto white bread for the ultimate savoury treat. The textures and flavours are spot-on.

For more recipes inspired by Japan, try our Japanese recipes.

16. Panuozzo sandwich

Baguette filled with pesto, salad, tomato and ham

These pizza inspired baguettes are a fantastic option for afternoon tea as they’re quick and easy to make. The use of homemade pesto adds a lovely personal touch and is extra flavoursome, plus it will trick guests into thinking these sandwiches are super impressive.

17. Steak & spring onion sandwich with miso mayo

Ciabatta filled with steak, spinach and spring onion

This sandwich makes the most of miso, using white ‘sweet’ miso for the mayo and dark miso for the steak. It is rich in umami flavour. Place the filling on a lightly warmed, crispy ciabatta for a satisfyingly crunchy bite. For those heat heads, add a whole chilli to the miso mayo, and for those with a milder disposition, deseed and adjust as necessary.

Steak is a highly versatile ingredient, try our steak recipes for inspiration on different serving ideas.

18. Spiced prawn cocktail subs

Baguettes filled with spiced prawn cocktail, lettuce and cucumber

These spiced prawn cocktail sandwiches are perfect for any afternoon tea or picnic. The mix of sweet and spicy from the mango chutney and curry powder is perfectly balanced, and you can assemble it right before serving for maximum freshness.

For more inspiration on how to enjoy prawns, try our prawn recipes.

19. Stuffed rainbow baguette

Baguette halved and filled with a range of colourful vegetables

Pack up the perfect picnic sandwich for your afternoon tea. This veggie rainbow baguette is filled with hummus, pesto and an array of colourful veg such as beetroot, red pepper, carrot and green leaves.

20. Ploughman's scones

Scones filled with cheese, chutney and salad on a plate

Feel like pushing the boat out? Fill freshly baked cheddar scones with slices of apple, your favourite chutney or pickle and a snippet of cress. We used apple, tomato and chilli chutney to bring some sweetness and a little heat to these golden scones.

Check out more scrumptious scone recipes.

Even more fab sandwich fillers inspiration

Egg and cress club sandwiches on spikes

Want some simple filling options you can make with storecupboard ingredients? For a satisfying veggie option, try our cheesy apple slaw or a Marmite, cheddar and cucumber combo. Make a decidedly grown-up spread with our salmon smash or creamy smoked mackerel sandwiches.

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