Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to spend hours slaving away over a hot stove or use the oven. These wonderful salad recipes are fresh and flavourful while saving you time and energy, as they involve little to no cooking. These vibrant sharing dishes allow you to be creative with just a few simple ingredients. Combine fresh fruit and veg with nuts, seeds, cheese or meat for a mouthwatering medley of colour, flavour and texture.


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1. Chicken, mango & noodle salad

Bowl of noodles, chicken and mango with chilli and limes

Enjoy this no-cook chicken noodle salad with mango for a quick and nutritious supper. It uses leftover chicken, so it's perfect for the day after a Sunday roast. The gorgeous colours and different textures make it interesting to eat.

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2. Lentil & tuna salad

Lentils with tuna, tomatoes and peppers with parsley

Throw this easy, no-cook lentil and tuna salad together quickly for a healthy lunch or supper. It takes just 15 minutes to make – ideal for busy days.

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3. Chicken satay salad

Plate of chicken with satay sauce and lettuce, cucumber and pomegranate

Try this no-fuss midweek meal that's high in protein and big on flavour. Marinate chicken breasts, then drizzle with a punchy peanut satay sauce. It’s also low in calories and fat.

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4. Quinoa salad with shredded greens & raisins

Quinoa with shredded greens, avocado, feta & raisins

Showcase quinoa in this wonderful healthy salad featuring greens, avocado, feta and raisins. Rather than a grain, quinoa is a seed, and an excellent source of protein.

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5. Three-bean salad with mozzarella

Beans, carrots, red onion, cannellini beans, red kidney beans, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella in a bowl

This substantial salad features a delicious mix of cannellini, kidney and green beans, all of which are great sources of fibre. It's ideal for a summer picnic. Leftovers can be kept chilled for up to three days to be used as a side dish for other meals.

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6. Miso steak noodle salad

Steaks on a bed of noodles with broccoli and tomatoes

Looking for a quick, nutritious dish for busy days? Try our speedy, easy miso steak with a noodle and veg salad – it's healthy, low in calories, high in fibre and tastes great.

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7. Quinoa with roast asparagus, eggs & capers

Quinoa, asparagus and eggs with beans and beetroot

With quinoa, asparagus, eggs, beetroot, beans and courgettes, this filling veggie salad packs in all five of your five-a-day. It's low in calories and high in fibre, and can be chilled for up to two days – great for popping into packed lunches.

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8. Samphire & crab salad

Samphire on a platter with crab

Enjoy this salad as an excellent dinner for two or light lunch. Samphire sings when paired with crab and this zesty dressing. One way to elevate this salad is to make the sourdough croutons from scratch using our delicious white sourdough recipe.

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9. Build your own pesto pasta salad

Plate of bow pasta with pesto, pine nuts and tomatoes

This pesto pasta salad is simple to make in only two steps, and is bound to be a family favourite. Customise by adding your kids’ favourite vegetables.

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10. Spiced feta, pistachio & clementine salad

Feta balls covered in Za'atar with clementines, pomegranate seeds and leaves

This fresh and zingy feta, pistachio and clementine salad is perfect for the lead-up to Christmas. It is vegetarian and gluten-free, and can be whipped up in two steps.

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11. Roasted cod with zingy beetroot salad

Roasted cod on a bed of beetroot

Make the most of the colour and flavour of beetroot with our easy roasted cod served on a beetroot, new potato and carrot salad with a lovely, zingy dressing. The addition of cod means that the salad is high in protein while still being low in calories and fat.

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12. Duck & watermelon noodle salad

Noodles with duck, watermelon, chilli and coriander

Make a special dinner for two with this duck and watermelon noodle salad. Hot, cold, sweet, salty, soft, crunchy and sticky – this salad has it all.

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13. Vegan buddha bowl

Bowl of couscous, beans, radishes, cucumber, pickled red onion and dill

Whip up an easy vegan salad in 15 minutes with no cooking necessary. It has a bit of everything for everyone, with delicious crunchy radish, pickled cabbage, couscous and beans.

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14. BLT panzanella

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, croutons in a bowl

Combine the elements of a BLT – salty bacon, crisp lettuce and sweet tomatoes – with golden croutons and a vinegary dressing for a twist on a panzanella.

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15. Grilled nectarine & burrata salad

Burrata with greens and peppers

Showcase nectarines when they're at their best in this stunning salad. With crunchy candied pecans and creamy burrata, it's full of texture.

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