Pancake Day – some could argue it’s the best day of the year. Sitting down to a plate of sweet or savoury pancakes is a joyful occasion. But for those with a gluten or dairy intolerance, getting into the swing of Shrove Tuesday can be tricky.


This year, give our free-from recipes a go and you’ll be flipping your way to perfect pancakes that everyone can enjoy. Whether you like yours thin and crêpe-style, fluffy and stacked high or topped with savoury goodness, we have clever swaps to try.

You’ll find recipes using coconut, buckwheat and almond flour, as well as dairy-free alternatives to milk and egg-free pancakes made with bananas and even tofu.

Discover our healthy pancake recipes, egg-free pancake recipes, vegan pancakes and savoury pancakes. Then check out our list of the best flour substitutions and best egg substitutions.

1. Try using coconut flour

These fluffy pancakes are gluten-, wheat- and nut-free, as well as being low in carbs, thanks to the use of coconut flour. Serve with a speedy compote, made by microwaving berries for just a minute or two, and drizzled with maple syrup for a feel-good brunch.

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Coconut flour pancakes with fresh berries

2. Experiment with almond flour

Like coconut flour, almond flour is naturally gluten-free. Use it to make these satisfying pancakes and serve in a stack with berries and syrup or honey. If you can’t get hold of almond flour, blitzing ground almonds in a food processor until fine will work, too.

For more ways with almond flour and ground almonds, try our keto vanilla cake, gluten-free banana bread and flourless chocolate almond cake.

Almond flour pancakes in a stack with raspberries

3. Give gram flour a go

If you’re a fan of savoury pancakes, then you’ll love these easy socca pancakes with hummus and lemony onions. The batter is made with chickpea flour which delivers a crisp texture as well as plenty of plant-based protein, while being egg- and dairy-free. They’re so simple to make and you can change the toppings depending on what you have in the fridge – they’re even delicious with a just a sprinkle of good quality salt.

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Socca pancakes with hummus & lemony onions on a light blue plate

4. Try a vegan recipe for a naturally egg- and dairy-free pancake

You can’t go wrong with a stack of banana pancakes and these vegan pancakes are no exception. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, with a texture thats light and fluffy, you’d never know they’re dairy- and egg-free. To serve, drizzle generously with maple syrup and top with sliced bananas or berries.

Check out our vegan brunch recipes, including vegan waffles and French toast. Plus, have a look at our healthy banana recipes.

Vegan banana pancakes in a stack drizzled with honey

5. Switch regular flour for gluten-free

Pick up a bag of gluten-free flour to make these thin crêpe-style pancakes and safely cater for those on a gluten-free diet. Perfect for both sweet and savoury toppings, you can make one batch to use for everything from grated cheese, to sugar and lemon or chocolate spread.

For more ways with your free-from flour, check out our gluten-free baking recipes and gluten-free desserts. You’ll love our cupcakes, brownies, biscuits and muffins.

Gluten-free crepe pancakes with slices of banana

6. Try dairy-free milk in a classic recipe

Swap regular milk with coconut, hemp or any plant-based milk in these dairy-free pancakes suitable for people with a lactose intolerance. The results are impressive, just be sure to follow all the quantities in your original recipe. This handy swap should work with most pancake recipes, so give it a go next time you’re making a batch.

We have lots more dairy-free recipes for you to try, including dairy-free breakfasts, dinners and cakes.

Dairy-free crepe-style pancakes

7. Swap out flour for oats for a wholefood pancake

Versatile oats are a great addition to Pancake Day. First, make sure they’re certified gluten-free then blitz them up with the rest of the ingredients to make a nutritious batter, as we do in our banana oat pancakes. Or, whizz them in the food processor first to make oat flour. Either way, the results will be wholesome pancakes with a slightly more dense texture. Serve with coconut yogurt and fresh berries.

Alternatively, you could mix cold porridge through your pancake batter to make our low-waste leftover porridge pancakes.

Banana oat pancakes

8. Mix things up and use rice for your batter

Indian dosa are rice pancakes made from a fermented batter. They take a little effort, but are delicious served with aloo masala and other fillings. Once cooked, the flavoursome batter becomes a thin, crispy pancake that’s broken into shards and used to scoop up the spicy vegetables.

We have a wide selection of Indian recipes, including healthy Indian and vegetarian Indian dishes. Try our paneer pakora and fiery Bombay potatoes.


9. Invest in a bag of buckwheat flour

Silken tofu is the secret in these fluffy, vegan, American-style pancakes, and it’s the use of buckwheat flour which keeps them gluten-free, as well as adding a pleasantly nutty flavour. It might sound strange to use tofu in a sweet recipe but, once it’s been blended into a thick, smooth batter, you’ll hardly notice it.

Serve with toasted nuts, fruit and a good drizzle of syrup for a protein-packed Pancake Day.

Tofu pancakes with sliced bananas and fresh berries

10. Forgo the flour with an omelette pancake

Healthy, low-calorie and gluten-free, these herby egg ‘pancakes’ are a great savoury alternative to the real deal if you’re coeliac or follow a gluten-free diet.

For more ways with a box of eggs, check out our healthy egg recipes, including baked eggs and breakfast eggs wraps.

Omelette pancakes with tomato and pepper sauce

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