Making perfect pancakes requires a foolproof recipe, a touch of flipping flair and ideas for delicious fillings, plus the right tools. A good non-stick pan is an absolute essential, but true pancake aficionados may wish to go one better and invest in a specialist pancake pan.
Reasons to buy a pancake or crêpe pan include the shallow lip that aids flipping, the optimum non-stick surface, the thin, flat metal base for quick heat distribution and even cooking, plus the perfect surface area. The pan can multi-task and serve as a really good frying pan, too.


We put pancake pans to the test to bring you our favourite products. You may also want to check out our review of the best tools for Pancake Day to find whisks, moulds, spatulas and more, then take a look at the best shop-bought pancake toppings (from caramel sauce to fruity compotes). Plus, if you want to perfect your pancake flip, watch our video on how to flip a pancake.

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Best pancake pans at a glance

  • Best versatile pancake pan: Dexam Supreme non-stick pancake/ pizza griddle pan, £96
  • Best professional pancake pan: ProCook Professional anodised crepe pan, £37
  • Best mid range pancake pan: Lakeland forged aluminium non-stick crêpe pan 25cm, £27.99
  • Best frying pan for pancakes: Ninja Foodi Zerostick frying pan, £47.99
  • Best commercial quality pancake pan: Hexclad 30cm griddle pan, £145
  • Best cast iron pancake pan: Skeppshult Traditional 23cm pancake pan, £125
  • Best-value pancake pan: MasterClass ceramic non-stick crêpe pan 24cm, £12.60
  • Best budget frying pan: Stellar Rocktanium frying pan, £37.60
  • Best pancake pan for ease of use: GreenPan Essentials ceramic non-stick pancake pan, £42.60
  • Best frying pan for eco credentials: Kuhn Rikon New Life frying pan, £62.20
  • Best investment pancake pan: STAUB 28cm cast iron pancake pan, £99.95
  • Best pancake pan for fun design: Nordic Ware smiley face pancake pan, £35.39

The best pancake pans to buy 2024

Dexam Supreme non-stick pancake and pizza griddle pan

Dexam Supreme Pancake Pan

Best versatile pancake pan

More like this

• Two handled
• Versatility
• Dishwasher safe
• Easy to use straight from the box

• Cannot toss pancakes

Star rating: 5/5

We were very intrigued on unwrapping the Dexam pan from its sturdy, recyclable display box as it boasts that not only is it great for pancakes, but it is also for pizza and as a griddle for scones, frying eggs and other goodies. It is a generous 34cm diameter, so it will easily handle all the above, and we loved the sturdiness of the pan and how stable it felt on the hob – it also has a smooth stainless-steel base, which is very welcome on induction. Despite all this sturdiness, the Dexam pan weighs under two kilos.

The pan is ready to go straight from the box with a quick wash, and we find heating it super-quick. Though Dexam does not say that the two handles on the pan stay cool, we noticed they did not get hot, even after a long period on the stove; however, if the pan goes under the grill or into the oven – both of which it is capable of – you must use oven gloves as the handles get extremely hot.

Both styles of pancakes cooked rapidly and evenly, and though the design means there's no tossing the pancakes, they flipped back and forth impressively easily with just a flick of a silicone spatula. Cleaning the pan was effortless; even though it was dishwasher safe, it was unnecessary when making pancakes.

We were so impressed with this pan; it may not be the cheapest of the tests, but we felt that what it delivered in performance, its lifetime guarantee, and the quality certainly supports the price tag

Available from Dexam (£96) and Harts of Stur (£62.40)

ProCook Professional anodised crêpe pan

proCook Professional Adonised Crepe Pan

Best professional pancake pan

• Professional pan for a great price
• Superb, evenly cooked pancakes
• Easy to clean
• Use straight from the box


• None

Star rating: 5/5

ProCook calls this a professional crêpe (pancake) pan, and it certainly is. We were very excited about what we discovered lifting the pan from its fully recyclable cardboard sleeve. The pan is a lovely weight that will suit most; it is heavy enough to shout quality but does not require a bodybuilder to lift it. The pan also has a gently curved stay-cool handle riveted tightly to the pan of a great length to feel comfortable and safe to carry or lift.

The build of this pan is also excellent. Made from forged, anodised aluminium gives the pan strength and durability with outstanding heat distribution. Coupled with this is ProCook's five-star ultra plus triple-layered PFOA non-stick coating. All these attributes deliver superb thin, light, evenly cooked pancakes, with the American ones just as lovely and light and both cooked in moments.

The ProCook pan has a softly curved rim that is precisely the right height for those who like to flip their pancakes but not too high for those who don't and prefer to use a spatula. It is dishwasher safe, can go into the oven to 260ºC, and has a 25-year guarantee.
We loved this pan and the pancakes that came from it. At this price, you cannot go wrong.

Available from ProCook, £37

Lakeland Forged aluminium non-stick crêpe pan, 25cm

Lakeland Forged Aluminium 25cm Crêpe Pan high res with star buy badge

Best mid-range pancake pan


  • Soft-feel handle
  • Spacious
  • Three-year guarantee


  • Slightly larger to store than other pancake pans
  • Only oven-safe up to 170C

Star rating: 5/5

This is an easy to use, easy to clean pan which you can use on all types of hobs. It goes in the oven up to 170C and this is helpfully marked on the base of the pan, in case you forget after you’ve disposed of the packaging.

The speckled appearance gives it an eye-catching look and it scored very highly on performance, too. The shallow lip, double layer of non-stick and the light overall weight of its forged aluminium body combine to make flipping crêpes easy. The soft-feel handle is comfortable to hold and didn’t get hot during use. The pan is helpfully built up higher by the handle, giving extra protection as you flip.

At 25cm, this is slightly larger than most of the pans we tested, and spacious enough to easily cook four American pancakes at once. It heated up quickly and evenly.

This comes with a three-year guarantee and it can go in the dishwasher, though hand washing is recommended.

Available from Lakeland (£27.99)

Ninja Foodi Zerostick frying pan

black Ninja pan with silver handle

Best frying pan for pancakes


  • Oven-safe up to 260C
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Handle gets warm

Star rating: 5/5

Not only is the Ninja Foodi Zerostick frying pan an excellent piece of kit for everyday frying tasks, but it excelled in our pancake test.

It's equipped with a tough non-stick coating and long, thin handle ideal for deft pancake flips. This frying pan heats up quickly, and most importantly, evenly. It produced the smoothest and most even finish on our pancakes of all the frying pans tested.

Available in three different sizes: 20cm, 24cm and 28cm, we found all to be lightweight and easy to carry around. The frying pan also remained balanced on the hob.

This ultra-versatile pan is suitable for all hob types, is dishwasher safe and is oven safe up to 260C.

Read our full Ninja Foodi ZEROSTICK frying pan review

Available from Ninja (£44.99), and Amazon (£44.51)

Hexclad 30cm griddle pan

Hexclad pancake pan

Best commercial quality pancake pan


  • Commercial grade pan
  • Oven safe to 260C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stay cool handle
  • Serious non-stick


  • Price
  • It needs seasoning before use
  • Pancakes were thin in the centre

Star rating: 4.5/5

The Hexclad commercial-grade griddle pan is super-looking with an intriguing laser-etched hexagonal patterned surface of stainless-steel ridges and, in the valleys, a serious non-stick surface. This combination brings a robust feel to the pan and will withstand metal utensils, the dishwasher, and the oven, making this a very versatile pan, not just for pancakes.

We found the 30cm diameter of the pan helpful as we could cook three American-style pancakes simultaneously, and our regular pancakes were huge. The first three pancakes stuck relentlessly, and we realised we had not seasoned the pan; once we did, we had no more problems with sticking.

We found the regular pancakes tricky as the batter continuously spread to the edges, leaving the centre thin; even swishing the batter around again only helped a little. The American pancakes, however, were superb; they cooked quickly and evenly, rose beautifully, and slid effortlessly from the pan.

Despite the problem with the regular pancakes, the Hexclad pan has many attributes that make it a delightful pan to use. The pan is high-quality and versatile; it has a generous stay-cool handle and excellent conductivity, making the raising and lowering of the temperature quick and precise. Its stunning good looks and lifetime guarantee make this a lovely pan to have in the kitchen.

Available from Hexclad (£145.99) and Amazon (£145.99)

Skeppshult Traditional 23cm pancake pan

Skeppshult pancake pan

Best cast iron pancake pan


  • Beautiful looking, handmade pan
  • Incredible conductivity
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron
  • Easy to use straight from the box


  • Heavy
  • It takes a few goes to get the heat right

Star rating: 4.5/5

The Skeppshult cast iron pancake pan is handmade in Sweden and is a beautiful-looking pan with a smooth, stay-cool walnut handle, all far too lovely to put in a cupboard. At only 23 cm, it is small but heavy, which is no surprise as it is cast iron. The heaviness may not suit everyone, but for cooking, this has the best conductivity, heating up fast and keeping heat for a long time, and Skeppshult claims you can serve food directly from their pans.

The pan comes pre-seasoned, so a quick rinse under cold water and it is ready to go. We needed several goes to get the correct heat for our pancakes; the first few cooked so fast they stuck to the pan. Eventually, though, with lower heat and a little more oil than usual, we had the loveliest pancakes with a light golden colour. As the pan is small, for the American style, we made them one at a time and larger, and they were perfect. The colour was so pretty and almost speckled, we think, because of the slightly textured surface of the pan.

This pan should never go anywhere near a dishwasher; hand-washing with hot water is all that is needed, and they recommend drying on the stovetop.

The Skeppshult is a lovely pan, and with a little effort in getting used to it, it rewards with delicious, beautifully cooked pancakes. It is an investment piece that will deliver for a long time.

Available from Divertimenti (£119)

MasterClass ceramic non-stick crêpe pan 24cm

MasterClass Ceramic Non-Stick Crêpe Pan 24cm high res with highly recommended badge

Best-value pancake pan


  • 15-year guarantee
    Very effective non-stick coating


  • Slightly less ergonomic to hold than others we tested

Star rating: 4.5/5

If you’re put off buying a pancake pan because you think you will only use it a couple of times a year, this budget-friendly pan should assuage your guilt. It’s suitable for all hob types including induction, goes in the oven up to 150C (which we would say is quite restrictive for most cooking) and is chemical free. It even comes with a 15-year guarantee.

With an aluminium body and iron base, this pan is light with a shallow lip and a very effective non-stick surface.

Despite its below-average price tag, this scored highly on all the things you want in a pancake pan. Most importantly, it’s simple to use – our crêpe came away cleanly from the sides and flipped very easily. All of our pancakes were evenly cooked and none of them stuck.

Washing up afterwards was very quick, apart from a few scraps of pancake that got caught around the steel rivets inside. If we are being very pernickety, the handle wasn’t as comfortable to hold as some of the others.

Available from Amazon (£12.60)

Stellar Rocktanium frying pan

grey-black pan with silver handle and with gold badge

Best budget frying pan


  • Accessible price-point
  • Lightweight


  • Pancake was a little patchy

Star rating: 4.5/5

If you're not looking to break the bank, the Rocktanium frying pan from Stellar is a brilliant option.

It's has all the makings of a pan brilliantly engineered for pancakes: an effective non-stick surface, lightweight body and long comfortable handle.

This pan took around 2½ minutes to heat up, giving you enough time to whip up a delicious pancake batter. We were impressed with the results on our pancake test and enjoyed light, fluffy and evenly risen morsels. The Rocktanium pan is a fantastic all-rounder, too.

Read our full Stellar Rocktanium frying pan review

Available from Harts of Stur (£29.95) and Stellar (£45)

GreenPan Essentials ceramic non-stick pancake pan 24 cm

GreenPan Pancake Pan, Non Stick, Toxin Free Ceramic Frying Pan - Induction & Oven Safe Cookware - 28 cm high res with highly recommended badge

Best for ease of use


  • Oven-safe up to 260C
    Easy to wash


  • Slightly heavier than other pancake pans we tested

Star rating: 4.5/5

We could find very little wrong with this pan. Marketed as being suitable for ‘intense use’, you can use it on all types of hobs including induction. It’s oven safe up to 260C.

The non-stick is excellent and the pan comes with a ‘limited’ life-time guarantee. The coating is guaranteed PFAS free without any toxic chemicals. Unusually, you can even use metal utensils on it and it can go in the dishwasher, though we found it washed very easily by hand.

The pan is ceramic, so it is slightly heavier than others which may be a consideration if you toss your pancakes rather than flipping them over with a spatula. We found it heated up reasonably quickly and the handle grip was comfortable.

Performance is very good – both our crêpes and our American pancakes browned evenly. The crêpe tossed easily both because of the effective non-stick and the very shallow lip of the pan.

This feels good value for money especially given the guarantee.

Available from Harts of Stur (£29.60) GreenPan (£37) and Amazon (£34.60)

Kuhn Rikon New Life frying pan

Black frying pan with gold badge

Best frying pan for eco credentials


  • Made from recycled aluminium cans from Europe
  • Suitable for all hob types


  • Cooked a little unevenly

Star rating: 4.5/5

Sporting impressive eco credentials, the Kuhn Rikon New Life frying pan is made from recycled aluminium cans from Europe. This versatile pan is suitable for every hob type, is oven safe and dishwasher safe, too.

The handle is a little stubby, but comfortable nonetheless. The walls of the pan are gently curved, making the New Life pan a great choice for pancake-flipping masters!

This pan is quick to heat up, but we found our pancakes a little patchy, aesthetically. However, we couldn't fault them when it came to flavour and texture.

A fantastic option for pancakes, and more.

Read our full Kuhn Rikon New Life frying pan review

Available from Amazon (£79.95) or Kuhn Rikon (£79.95)

STAUB 28cm cast iron pancake pan

STAUB 28cm Cast Iron Pancake Pan HIGH RES with recommended badge

Best investment pan


  • Perfect for thin crêpes
  • Very even heat retention
  • Will last you a lifetime


  • Very heavy
  • Slower than average to heat up

Score: 4/5

This isn’t the pan for you if you think Pancake Day isn’t complete without an exciting and potentially risky flip of the pancake. Made of cast iron, it’s heavy – very heavy – so it stays firmly on the hob. Instead, pancakes you cook in it are designed to be turned over with a spatula. A wooden spatula – as well as a wooden spreader – is included in the box.

The pan, which can be used on all hob types, was slower than average to heat up and it needs a bit of practice to get right. But results are worth it once you do! It’s much bigger than others we tried, so you will get noticeably larger crêpes. The edge of the pan is so shallow you couldn’t make crêpes too thick if you tried, so it helps you get lacy results every time. Once you master the use of the spreader, you’ll be able to make pancakes with a real flourish so this is great for flamboyant cooks. Our pancakes were evenly cooked too.

Although the pan washes fairly easily, its weight does make it awkward to manoeuvre in the sink.

This is an investment pan, backed up by an incredibly lengthy 30-year guarantee. The almost flat design is pleasing on the eye and the wooden handle is an attractive feature.

Available from John Lewis & Partners (£99.95) and Zwilling (£99.95)

Nordic Ware smiley face pancake pan


Best pancake pan for fun designs


  • Perfect for characterful pancakes
  • Novelty


  • Not suitable for induction hobs
  • Takes a little trial and error

This pan is excellent quality and makes delicious American-style pancakes that will make you smile; there are seven cute, cheeky, funny faces on the pan to choose from and keep the whole family happy.
Unfortunately, the pan is made from cast aluminium so, is not suitable for induction hobs. It has a robust non-stick surface, so all that is needed for the pancake is the lightest brush of oil or butter; we found that a brush worked better for this job as it got nicely into the crevices of the faces.

We needed to cook several pancakes to get the amount of batter right – a good tablespoon; we finally settled at medium for the cooking heat as any hotter the little faces burned. Three minutes on each side gave a lovely, fluffy pancake with good colour.

The pan is only suitable for making this pancake style, so it is quite pricey, but it will provide hours of fun.

Available from Nordic Nest (£35.41) and Divertimenti (£65)

Also tried and tested

  • Premier Cookware Essentials pancake pan 24cm, £15.99
  • Nordic Ware silver dollar pancake pan, £65
  • Kuhn Rikon Cucina 22cm non-stick crêpe pan, £21.56
  • Le Creuset 24cm toughened non-stick crêpe pan, £115
  • Netherton spun iron crêpe pan 26cm, £77.50
  • Judge crêpe pan 22cm, £22.99
  • Circulon Infinite French skillet 25cm, £37.50

Pancake pan buyer’s advice

Why buy a specialist pancake pan?

A good, multipurpose non-stick frying pan will generally do the job when it comes to pancake making, however the non-stick element is really important.
The pancake pans that passed our test all have great non-stick credentials, but also have a flat, shallow design with a small lip to help flip the pancake.

The heat of the pan is very important when making pancakes – pancake pans are often thinner than regular frying pans so they conduct heat quickly and efficiently.

In a similar vein, handles are likely to get very hot during a batch cooking session, so rubberised or plastic handles are common to protect your hand. A tapered handle will also feel more comfortable in the hand.

A pancake pan can also double up as a general use fryer. They’re particularly good if you like to cook with minimal oil – some of them barely need any at all. Recipes like omelettes are ideal for pancake pans as the shallow sides will help them slide out easily onto the plate.

Blueberry pancakes

What to look for in a pancake pan

Consider how you’ll be using this pan. If you just want to use it to make crêpes and pancakes, you can go for a smaller size (around the 24cm mark). However, if you want this to double up as a fryer, go for a larger diameter.

If you’ll be using this pan frequently, opting for a material like reinforced cast metal should ensure longevity.

Looks for a warranty, ideally for two years or more.

The non-stick coating is of paramount importance. Among our sample were a number of heavy duty, cast iron, skillet-style pans that had no non-stick coating. While this ‘natural’ finish has its benefits in some ways, it’s a no-no when it comes to pancake making – we found ours just stuck to the bottom and had to be scraped off.

Most of the pans we tested were suitable for all hob types, including induction. However, the Nordic Ware skillet and some other pans had to be tested on gas. Do check before buying to ensure the pan is suitable for your cooker.

How we tested pancake pans

We reviewed a representative sample of pancake pans and scored them against the following criteria on our testing matrix. We used our foolproof easy pancake recipe to test the pans, plus our fluffy American pancake recipe.

  • Handle comfort

Pancake-making sessions can last a while, especially when you have a big batch of batter. We looked for a handle that was comfortable, didn’t get too hot and could be easily gripped – rubber or plastic handles work well on this front. We also liked handles that had a notch for hanging.

  • Heat distribution

We expect pancake pans to heat up quickly and evenly. If the finished pancake had darker spots or cooked quicker in certain parts of the pan, we marked the product down.

  • The non-stick surface

Arguably the most important criteria for pancake pans. We looked for a surface that allowed us to easily tease the pancake up to be turned or flipped. We looked for a PFOA-free coating and discounted any pans that omitted an unpleasant chemical smell, even after being washed several times.

  • Ease of flipping

We judged the pans on how easy the pancakes were to flip – both the handle comfort and shape and size of the lip are important here. A shallow, well-angled lip is ideal.

spinach pancakes with harissa yogurt poached eggs
  • Finished effect of the pancake

Golden, evenly cooked, nicely round pancakes were what we were after – any burnt spots were taken into account.

  • Ease of cleaning

We judged how well the pans could be cleaned with hot soapy water and a sponge.

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