Say goodbye to catastrophic crêpes and hello to perfect pancakes. We’ve picked our top tools for Pancake Day (and beyond), including the best pancake pan, hand whisk, lemon juicer and spatula, to ensure your Shrove Tuesday is flippin’ fantastic.


Whether you prefer sweet or savoury crêpes, fluffy American-style pancakes or something a little different, there’s a recipe for everyone on our ultimate Pancake Day hub.

For more unbiased expert buyer's guides, visit our reviews section to find over 400 round-ups of everything from pancake pans to hand mixers. Plus, if you want to perfect your pancake flip, watch our video on how to flip a pancake.

1. Non-stick pan


Prestige eco non-stick 24cm frying pan

Not only is this pan made with recyclable material (and able to be recycled again if you ever want to replace it), it makes excellent pancakes due to its non-stick base, curved sides and soft-grip handle. It is also dishwasher-safe allowing for quick clean-up. To find your ideal pan, check out our guide to the best pancake pans, or if your non-stick pans are due an upgrade, browse our guide to the best non-stick frying pans.

2. Whisk

OXO Good Grips balloon whisk


One thing guaranteed to ruin any pancake is lumpy batter. Ensure your mix is velvety smooth with a reliable whisk. We’ve tried plenty of manual whisks but this is our favourite – the shaped silicone handle is extremely comfortable to hold, the whisk head is sturdy, plus it’s good value.

Available from:

3. Weighing scales


Premier Housewares Zing kitchen scales

Using the wrong ingredient quantities can lead to less-than-perfect pancake results. Ensure precision with a set of modern digital weighing scales. These attractive scales from Zing are slimline, easy to store and have a capacity of up to 5kg (great for anyone making a big batch). They’re a safe option for students or those pressed for space. Our 11 best kitchen scales round-up has even more options.

4. Mixing bowl


Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus nesting bowl set

A year-round kitchen essential, this impressive set of mixing bowls will come in handy for all kinds of bakes. The large mixing bowl has a capacity of 4.5 litres (ideal for mixing large quantities of pancake batter) and the smaller mixing bowl is ideal for pancake toppings. Neatly stacked inside are a sieve (handy for ensuring there are no lumps in your flour), measuring cups and a strainer. The whole set is ultra-lightweight and easy to store.

5. Lemon juicer


OXO 2-in-1 citrus reamer/juicer, 350ml

Swap your old tough lemon squeezer for his two-in-one juicer that has a lid for small citrus fruits – great for serving traditional lemon juice with your pancakes – but also a large juicer for making orange juice.

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6. Spatula

Fish slice

MasterClass slotted turner

If you're not quite confident enough to fully toss your pancake, you need a good flexible spatula to help you flip pancakes with ease. A valuable kitchen tool all year round, this gentle silicone spatula will easily slip under the pancake, not scratch any non-stick pans and be wide enough to support the pancake without tearing.

Available from:
Amazon (£6.49)

7. Pancake moulds


Norpro heart moulds

Everybody knows that one of the best ways to show your love is through cooking – and with this bit of kit, there'll be no mistaking your feelings. Get creative with pancake moulds and build your own heart-shaped stack. The best part? You can also use them on Valentine's Day – you can make heart-shaped fried eggs with them, too.

8. Sugar duster


OXO Good Grips dusting wand

Give your pancakes the magic touch with this dusting wand. Icing sugar can be sprinkled for an even lemon-sugar combination or dust on top of berries and cream for a weekend brunch showstopper. Cinnamon works in this wand, too, as a little can go a long way.

9. Fancy plates


‘Are we having pancakes?’ side plate

Could there be a more ideal plate for Shrove Tuesday? This hand-drawn, pancake-loving badger design is the right size for pancakes at 23cm.

Available from:
Wolf & Badger (£23)

Bixel Ice-Cream-Scoops-final

Bixel ice cream scoop

Keep your pancakes the same size by using this handy scoop to measure out thicker American pancake batter. Plus, after a quick wash, you can use it to add some ice cream to your pancake stack.

11. Quick pancake maker


ProCook non-stick egg rings

Make a stack of pancakes in one go with these four rings that can help you to create symmetrical and well-sized pancakes. These ring structures, as the name suggests, are good for eggs and even forming burgers on another day.

Available from:
ProCook (£9)

12. Animal pancake maker for kids


Nrpfell pancake pan with animal images

Fun for kids, this griddle pan has animals engraved in each mould. Just add some mixture for edible cartoon-like treats. For the adults doing the cooking, there is a silicon handle that keeps cool on the hob. The circular moulds would also fit eggs well.

13. Jug

Pancake jug

Emma Bridgewater jug

Use this sturdy jug to mix up your pancake batter in and then pour straight into the pan. It even has a pancake recipe printed onto the bottom of the jug for a true one-stop pancake tool. Just remember to read the recipe before you start mixing…

14. Crêpe spreader

Crepe spreader

Beechwood crêpe spreader

Not a must have for every home, but if you're getting technical and want a large, lacy-thin crepe, a crêpe spreader is a fun addition to your pancake repertoire. It will make you feel like you're running your own street food stall as you smooth batter around a pan (best for large pans with low edges), and is also handy for evenly spreading jam or chocolate spread as they melt.

Available from:
Sous Chef (£1.75)

15. Squeezy bottles

Squeezy bottles

Vogue clear squeeze sauce bottle

For piping intricate lacy pancakes or carefully adding toppings and fillings, loading up squeezy bottles with ingredients and batters will make you feel straight out of a professional kitchen. They're perfect for getting an immaculate spiral in our cinnamon swirl pancakes recipe. Away from Pancake Day, they're also great for filling up with olive oil for easily adding when cooking.

Available from:
Nisbets (£1.78)

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