We all add and subtract from our own recipes as we cook, sometimes eyeballing ingredients and just ‘knowing’ when something looks or tastes right. But when it comes to following new recipes, a set of kitchen scales is a must for every cook.

Whether you’re an occasional cook or regular baker, a set of kitchen scales is an essential for achieving reliably good results every time. There are a wide variety of models on the market, from basic offerings that simply measure in grams and pounds, to more high-tech models with separate scales for tiny amounts (e.g. for yeast or agar-agar), multiple units of measurement and large capacities.

When looking for a pair of kitchen scales, the first thing to consider is storage. If they’re hardly ever going to be out of storage apart from occasional baking sessions, look for something that can easily be popped in a drawer out of the way. If you are going to be putting them to work regularly, something in stainless steel with a heavier casing may be in order, as the glass and plastic casings of some models may not last the pace.

Also consider the maximum weight you’re looking for in a pair of kitchen scales. If you’re only looking to use the scales for everyday cooking, a pair that can weigh up to three-five kilograms will suffice. But if you’re a regular baker, scales that weigh between 10-15 kilograms might be better.

Some of the digital kitchen scales we looked at here will measure dry ingredients only, but all come with the ability to go back to zero after a bowl or plate is placed on top. One by one, you can add ingredients, press ‘zero’ (some buttons show this as the ‘tare’ function) and then a new reading will appear for the additional element. This is handy to have and saves on washing-up when it’s a chaotic bake-off or complicated recipe.

We put a selection of scales through their paces in a busy kitchen, using a variety of bowls, containers and roasting tins to measure wet and dry ingredients.

All our chosen scales were consistent in their measurements and all had their plus points, be it ease of storage, simple cleaning or the precise measurement of tiny amounts.

Best kitchen scales at a glance

  • Best kitchen scales: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Scale, £46.05
  • Best kitchen scales for bread makers: Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales, £39.99
  • Best sustainable kitchen scales: Salter bamboo rechargeable scales, £34.97
  • Best kitchen scales for large loads: ProCook Premium Digital scales, £19
  • Best slim kitchen scales: Salter Arc Electronic scale, £9.99
  • Best budget kitchen scales: Salter Disc electronic scale, £12.99
  • Best battery-free kitchen scales: Lakeland wind-up digital scale, £19.99
  • Best kitchen scales for aesthetics: Typhoon Botanics Electronic Kitchen Scales, £17
  • Best kitchen scales for clever design: Joseph Joseph SwitchScale Kitchen Scales, £60
  • Best easy to clean scales: Salter 10kg glass electronic digital kitchen scales, £14.99
  • Best kitchen scales for clear display: Tower black electronic kitchen scale, £17.99

Best kitchen scales 2023

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Scale

Best kitchen scales

Star rating: 5/5


  • Batteries includes
  • Useful pull-out feature
  • Clear display screen
  • Stable on countertop


  • No liquid measurements

These sleek and attractive kitchen scales from OXO Good Grips look like a standard pair of scales. But they feature a unique pull-out display that’s brilliant for when you’re weighing something that is larger than the scales themselves.

These scales weigh in grams and pounds only, with a maximum capacity of 5kg/11lbs, though, when tested, these offer a little extra weight, too.

The screen is large and brightly lit. We liked the useful battery-like symbol that shows how close to the maximum weight you are. The scales are responsive and quick to register the weight. They’re also able to register a single gram weight, something that very few of the other models on this list were able to do.

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The one thing we felt these scales were missing was a liquid measurement setting, but, otherwise, we couldn’t fault this kit from OXO Good Grips.

Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales

Best kitchen scales for bread makers

Star rating: 4.5/5


  • Two sets of scales
  • Easy to use
  • Very precise
  • Batteries included
  • Well-placed screen
  • Small scale cover doubles as a bowl


  • Difficult to clean
  • Sometimes slow to register

From popular pizza oven brand Ooni, comes the Dual Platform digital scales. It’s no real surprise that Ooni would create its own kitchen scales, particularly as these ones are geared towards making dough. Uniquely, this pair of scales has two weighing platforms: one for large amounts, e.g. flour and water, with a maximum capacity of 10kg, and one smaller scale ideal for weighing yeast, up to 200g.

We liked the placement of the display screen which makes use of the space beneath the small scales. It also meant we were able to see the screen, even when a large pan or bowl was placed on the larger scale. We did, however, have two minor gripes with these scales. We found them a little slow to register the weight and the larger scale only began registering weight when two grams was placed on top.

But these offer real versatility you’re not going to find on any of the other models on this list. And the 10kg weighing capacity is a real plus, too.

Salter bamboo rechargeable scales

Best sustainable kitchen scales

Star rating: 4.5/5


  • Rechargeable – USB provided
  • Touch controls
  • Backlit display


  • Easy to touch the wrong controls

These bamboo rechargeable kitchen scales from Salter boast impressive eco credentials. Before we even got to using these scales we were impressed by the fully recyclable packaging. These scales are made from 86% bamboo and, rather than needing batteries, these are rechargeable, needing only a USB lead, which is provided.

We were glad to see the scales were fully charged on arrival, meaning we could use them straight away. These scales measure in grams, ounces, millilitres and fluid ounces, and have a maximum capacity of 5kg. The controls are touch-sensitive and sit on the right hand side of the scales. Unfortunately we found it easy to accidentally touch the wrong controls or even knock them unintentionally, which meant the scales got reset a few times during testing.

Like the scales above, these only registered two grams and no lower, so this is worth bearing in mind if you often bake with yeast or something similarly small-scale.

But we loved the slimline design that allows these scales to be easily stored away, as well as the wipe-clean body.

ProCook Premium Digital scales

Best kitchen scales for large loads

Star rating: 4.5/5


  • Displays time – useful
  • Wipe-clean surface
  • Useful hanging hook
  • Lightweight
  • Weighs up to 15kg


  • Dirt traps around the buttons

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming look of these scales, they can weigh up to 15kg. Featuring clear controls and a variety of different units of measurement, these scales are both easy to use and versatile.

Unique to these scales, they also include a useful clock. Although these scales are slim and small enough to be stored in a drawer, there’s also a small gap for a hook, should you want to hang it up.

We found these scales took a beat to actually register the weight, which some may find frustrating. They also struggle to register small amounts, too, only showing a weight at the three gram mark.

The screen is small, but well lit. Though be careful of the gap around the buttons as these easily trap dirt.

Available from:

Salter Arc Electronic scale

Best slim kitchen scales

Star rating: 4.5/5


  • Compact
  • Simple and uncomplicated


  • Slightly textured surface
  • Screen quite small

These cheap and cheerful kitchen scales from Salter boast a compact frame that will take up little space, even in the smallest of kitchens. They feel a little plastic-y, but this is to be expected given the price.

The small theme continues on as these scales can only weigh up to 3kg. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re just looking for scales for light cooking tasks. This model also passed our small amounts test with flying colours, managing to register a single gram.

These scales only measure in ounces and grams, but this comes as no surprise as they’re just a simple set. We did feel that the display screen may be a little difficult to see for those who struggle with their eyesight, particularly as it’s not backlit.

Salter Disc electronic scale

Best budget kitchen scales

Star rating: 4.5/5


  • Compact
  • Sturdy on the countertop
  • Lots of different measurement units
  • Good budget option


  • Display screen may be too small for some
  • Not backlit

Another simplistic pair from Salter, the Disc electronic scales are a brilliant budget-friendly offering, suitable even for regular bakers.

They’re easy to use, with well labelled and responsive buttons. Like the Salter set above, we felt the display screen was a little small and, again, they’re not backlit, which hinders them further.

But, these scales are quick to register different weights and even offer a little added weight on top of the 5kg maximum. Choose from grams, pounds, fluid ounces and millilitres, and cycle through them easily using the buttons.

The surface is simple to wipe clean, but be aware of the dirt traps around the buttons.

Lakeland wind up digital scale

Best battery-free kitchen scales

Star rating: 4/5


  • No need to buy batteries or charge it
  • One charge lasts three minutes
  • Large smooth surface
  • Chunky easy to use dial


  • Some dirt traps

One of the most unique pairs of kitchen scales on this list, this model from Lakeland features a wind-up battery, meaning there’s no need to buy batteries or to charge it up.

Protruding from the flat surface is a large dial, which, with just a few twists, fully charges the scales. Once charged, the scales remain on for around three minutes, which is useful if you’re only looking to weigh a couple of items, but if you’re prepping for a large bake, this may be frustrating.

These scales can weigh up to 5kg, but struggle with smaller quantities. It didn’t register the weight until we’d added three grams, so not ideal for ingredients such as yeast.

Typhoon Botanics Electronic Kitchen Scales

Best kitchen scales for aesthetics

Star rating: 4/5


  • Pretty design
  • Slimline
  • Wipe clean
  • Batteries included


  • Not backlit

Eschewing the traditional metallic or black kitchen scale design, these scales from Typhoon feature a delicate floral pattern on a pale blue background.

They’re slimline, so fit easily into a kitchen cupboard or drawer, and the surface is glass so simply needs to be wiped clean after use.

These scales weigh up to 5kg at a time, but offer some additional leeway should the items you’re measuring teeter over the 5kg mark. However, they struggled when weighing smaller amounts, only registering a weight when 3g was placed on the scale.

Measure in ounces, pounds and kilograms easily using the touchscreen controls at the bottom of the scales. The display screen is very small, which is worth noting if you struggle with your eyesight. We also felt these scales would have benefited from some backlighting.

Available from:

Joseph Joseph SwitchScale™ Kitchen Scales

Best kitchen scales for clever design

Star rating: 3.5/5


  • Comes with a bowl
  • Functional
  • Batteries included


  • Bulky to store
  • Bowl doesn’t sit snugly on the scales
  • Setting to zero isn’t reliable

We expect nothing less than innovative design when it comes to Joseph Joseph products, and this pair of kitchen scales doesn’t disappoint.

The SwitchScale features a removable bowl that either hugs the scale base, forming a flat platform to weigh onto, or can be inverted and used as a bowl to weigh ingredients directly into. We found this a nifty feature. However, the lid/bowl doesn’t fit snugly onto the scale, meaning that when it’s moved around it tends to fall off.

There are a number of different units of measurement to choose with this model. The maximum weight is 5kg, though like many of the other models on this list, this one offers some added leeway. Unfortunately, it didn’t register small amounts until the 3g mark.

We found the display screen a little too low down, and found we had to lean down to eye-level to be able to see it. This model was also slow to register zero and jumped around a little.

Salter 10kg glass electronic digital kitchen scales

Best easy to clean kitchen scales


  • Can weigh large amounts
  • Easy to use controls
  • Backlit


  • Small display

You’ve gone for the XL stand mixer, now for the set of scales you need to measure larger quantities.

These wipe-clean scales will accurately measure up to 10kg, so they also come into their own if you’re dividing up batches of dry ingredients for storage or tackling timings for a whopping Sunday joint.

Rather than having touch screen controls, like most digital scales we tried, these have a pair of sensitive push buttons on the near edge, meaning wet or doughy fingers are less likely to obscure the controls.

The red LED display is not the largest we tested but noticeably clear and bright.

We liked the way the controls for these scales were buttons that came out from the front edge of the machine, rather than being on the top of the platform. That way we could find them easily when things were being measured on the platform, rather than poking around for a touchscreen panel in the same space.

Tower black electronic kitchen scale

Best kitchen scales for clear display


  • Large display
  • Backlit
  • Consistent and reliable when weighing


  • Lightweight
  • Some dirt traps under the scale

At first unboxing, these scales seemed more lightweight than the rest, the plastic casing felt brittle in comparison to the heavier, tempered glass models we looked at.

But this set of scales more than made up for those shortcomings by offering accurate readings and a large, fantastically clear and bright LCD display that could be seen easily, even when larger bowls and baking trays were placed on top.

If your eyesight isn’t 20/20, you don’t want to have to fumble with your glasses when you have floury hands, so this is perfect. The round control panel was easy to navigate, with imperial and metric options for dry ingredients, as well as separate controls for measuring water and milk (which is denser and weighs more).

Up to 5kg and in 1g increments, we found these scales to be consistent and reliable in their measurements. A nifty set that cleaned up easily, with the stainless steel pad and surrounding plastic casing streak-free after a wipe down.

How we test kitchen scales

We reviewed a representative sample of kitchen scales and scored them against the following criteria. We tested using heavy ingredients in a roasting tin, plus flour to check precision.

  • Accuracy: the most important factor. We were looking for scales that weighed to finite degrees, ideally to the gram.
  • Maximum weight: scales can only bear a certain amount of load, so if you’re likely to be measuring large joints of meat or heavy ingredients like potatoes, be sure to check what the scales can handle.
  • Liquid measurements: ideally scales offer a variety of units, and millilitres come in really handy.
  • Reading panel: we looked for bright, large LED displays.
  • Sustainability: we asked what the scales were made from, looked at how they were packaged, and at their power method.
  • Ease of cleaning: scales should be easily cleaned with a quick wipe.

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