Whether it’s a showstopper bake saved for a special occasion, or something simple and delicious made with your family at the weekend, the result of your time and effort deserves to be enjoyed fresh and spongy whenever you eat it.


Airtight storage boxes with handles are practical contenders when it comes to transporting and prolonging the life of bakes, thanks to the silicone seals and side locks. They're suitable for the fridge, and you can also usually bung them in the dishwasher after use.

But if you’re after something more elegant, perhaps a decorative cake tin that can be filled with biscuits between bakes and left on the sideboard, we’ve got you covered.

This selection of decorative cake tins and storage boxes are our top picks for helping prolong the life of your bakes, balancing style with function and performance, so they look good and keep your cakes fresh.

For more advice on what to buy visit our reviews section with over 400 reviews. We test everything, including top kitchen appliances like fridge freezers to food processors, to help you make an informed choice about what to spend your money on.

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The best cake storage tins and boxes at glance

  • Best cake storage box: Lock & Lock square cake box, £26.25
  • Best cupcake carrier: Lakeland traybake cake caddy, £9.99
  • Best decorative tin with handle: M&S powder coated cake tin, £19.50
  • Best budget decorative cake tin set: Matalan green stackable cake tins, £12.50
  • Best rectangular decorative cake tin: Emma Bridgewater lovebirds tin, £11
  • Best cake tin duo: Argos floral 2-pack cake tins, £14
  • Best minimalist cake storage tin: Brompton cake tin, £26
  • Most versatile cake storage box: Sistema reversible cake box, £19.99
  • Best budget cake storage box: Wham Cook aluminium and clear deep round cake/cheese dome, £12
  • Best luxury decorative cake tins set: Orla Kiely set of three cake tins, £59.95

The best cake storage tins and boxes to buy 2023

Lock & Lock square cake box, 12.6 litres

Lock and Lock square cake box, Lakeland

Best cake storage box

This Lock & Lock edition is a firm favourite of the BBC Good Food team for a number of reasons. The four-lock system offers an airtight seal that’s perfect for keeping sponges soft and fillings fresh. Once unlocked, the lid lifts off easily, leaving the cake intact and accessible so you can avoid reaching down the high sides of a snug-fitting cake tin. A proper handle on the lid of the box makes transporting cakes upright so much easier. It's also freezer-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Lakeland traybake cake caddy

Lakeland cake carrier

Best cupcake carrier

This practical carrier is ideal for transporting a delicately iced batch of cupcakes (with capacity for 24) or a decorated traybake. The clear lid has a handle for easy transport, and two clip-locks on either end to keep the lid securely on. It's also a versatile option that could be used for sandwiches, big batches of picnic treats (such as sausage rolls) or storing leftovers in the fridge.

M&S powder-coated cake tin

M&S Powder Coated Cake Tin £17.50 copy

Best decorative tin with handle

If you have a minimalist kitchen and don't like having too much out on the counter, this discreet cake tin is the choice for you. The elegant but sturdy tin comes in smart grey with a subtle embossed 'cake' detail on the front. We particularly like this for its helpful handle, as many decorative cake tins have stiff lids that can be difficult to open.

Available from:
M&S (£19.50)

Matalan green stackable cake tins

Matalan Green Stackable Cake Tins £12.50 copy

Best budget decorative cake tin set

This smart trio of cake tins is a clever space-saver if you've frequently got lots of bakes on the go. With this set, you can store them all but still keep them separate, and make the most of often wasted vertical counter space rather than spreading tins out across your whole surface. It's great value for money for three tins – although one drawback is the two lower tins don't have their own separate lids, if you did want to take them with you on the go or store in different locations.

Available from:
Matalan (£12.50)

Emma Bridgewater lovebirds medium tin

Emma Bridgewater cake tin

Best rectangular decorative cake tin

Most cake tins are round, so this simple rectangular tin from Emma Bridgewater is great for packing squares of your favourite traybakes and making the most of the space. It's not the largest tin we've seen at 15 x 19cm, so it's best suited for smaller batches and leftovers. It makes a pretty statement on the countertop and there are lots of patterns to choose from, including blossom and daffodils.

Available from:
Emma Bridgewater (£11)

Argos Home floral cake tins

Argos cake tins

Best cake tin duo

This simple duo of decorative cake tins is a great budget pick. The steel tins have airtight seals to keep bakes fresh, and the larger tin has a particularly generous capacity for storing whole cakes. The lids are likely to be a little stiff at first, but will loosen slightly over time.

Brompton cake tin

Garden Trading Brompton Cake Tin 8 Inch, best decorative cake storage tins

Best minimalist cake storage tin

We love a two-in-one function. The flecked grey marble-look lid of this decorative cake storage tin doubles up as a serving plate. There’s naturally a heft behind this tin, which actually aids its silicone seal, helping keep cakes fresher for longer. Combined with a carbon-coloured steel finish, this is an impressive cake tin for storing and showcasing your cakes. This style is available in 8- and 10-inch sizes.

Available from:
Garden Trading (£26)

Sistema reversible cake box, 8.8 litres

Sistema Bakery Plastic Cake & Muffin Box 8.8L, best cake storage boxes, decorative storage tins

Most versatile cake storage box

As the name suggests, this box has a reversible inner tray, meaning either one large or 12 individual cakes can be easily stored. Like the Lock & Lock, the Sistema features a carry handle on its lid for transporting bakes easily and safely. There’s also a silicone seal. The main difference is it has a double-lock system, rather than four. It’s also dishwasher-safe.

Wham Cook aluminium and clear deep round cake/cheese dome

Wham 15cm Deep Round Cake, bets cake storage box and decorative cake tins

Best budget cake storage box

Wham Cook’s cake storage box interlocks with its base, and also features a carry handle. Unlike the others included, its plastic sides are frosted clear, which hides licks of icing quite well if any contents get knocked in transit. It's 15cm in height, so the lid would easily accommodate layers of stacked flapjacks or brownies, in addition to showstopper cakes. Total size is 30 x 30 x 15cm.

Available from:
Harts of Stur (£12)

Orla Kiely set of three cake tins

Orla Kiely OK692 Cake Tins, best decorative cake tins and storage boxes

Best luxury decorative cake tins set

Stackable cake tin sets are the Russian dolls of cake storage, and are usually cost-effective investments. Simply nest them together, and you only need to find space for storing one large cake tin in your cupboard. Designed by Orla Kiely, this statement set has tight-fitting lids, and offers a versatility that single cake storage boxes don’t. This set is hand-wash only, so avoid popping them in the dishwasher.

Available from:
Amazon (£59.95)

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