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The smell of baking wafting from the oven is enough to lead people of any age towards the kitchen. And if you’re looking to encourage your children’s curiosity about food, giving them their own baking accessories is a great way of getting them hands-on creating something delicious.

We’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite baking kits for kids and suggested some key tools for creating your own children’s baking set, suitable for toddler ages and up.

All products included are both durable and practical, with some sized a tad smaller to make them more manageable for little hands.

We chose lots of individual buys as well as kids baking sets designed specifically for little ones, since we like to build our own selection of tools rather than buy a pre-prepared collection.

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And when it comes to trying these tools out, we’ve got plenty of kids baking recipes to make with your budding bakers, including this red velvet cookie recipe, or savoury mini quiches.

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Everything you need for a kids’ baking kit

Lakeland Children's baking set of 5, kids baking set

Lakeland children’s baking gift set – 5 mini baking tools

This kids’ baking set contains a whisk, turner, spatula, ‘spoonula’ and basting brush made of light stainless steel, coated in soft-grip silicone for your child to be able to hold easily. They’re also heat resistant up to 220 degrees, so after use, simply throw them in the dishwasher. Suitable for ages 3+ years.

Buy from Lakeland (£11.99)

KitchenCraft Colourworks Measuring Spoons Set, Kids baking sets

KitchenCraft Colourworks measuring spoons set

Five brightly coloured plastic measuring spoons ranging from ¼ tsp to 1 tbsp in size, that slot into one another – a great option if you're looking for measures that are clear to read and likely to last.

Buy from Amazon (£3.95)

Meri Meri Dinky Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set, kids baking set

Meri Meri as a brand is great for making playful and creative cookie cutters – this particular stainless steel collection features two prehistoric plants and five little monsters to create a whole new world with. Suitable for a toddler baking set.

Buy from John Lewis (£12)

Monstrad oven baking mat from IKEA, kids baking kits

MÖNSTRAD oven/baking mat

A flexible and versatile piece of kit, these oven baking mats would be a great addition to any childrens baking set. They’re silicone-made, so you can bake directly onto them as a baking tray liner, as well as roll them up for easy storage.

Buy from Ikea (£4)

KitchenCraft Colourworks Silicone Mini Spoon Spatula, kids baking sets

KitchenCraft Colourworks silicone mini spoon spatula

A flexible silicone-edged spatula for scooping batter from bowl edges without scratching them, great for protecting non-stick pans and cake tins. Its smaller size makes this tool a useful addition to the drawer, particularly for scraping the dregs out of jars like jam or mustard.

Buy from Amazon (£4.25)

Joseph Joseph Nest 8, Food Preparation Set, kids baking essentials

Joseph Joseph Nest 8, food preparation set, 8-piece

This is the ultimate space-saving set, with each component stackable into the footprint of the largest 4.5-litre mixing bowl, which has a non-slip base. Although not specifically designed for kids, the components are versatile and robust enough for use by children and toddlers. Included is a 1.65-litre mixing bowl, 0.5-litre mixing bowl with imperial measurements on the inside, a 3-litre colander and four measuring cups.

Buy from Joseph Joseph (£40)

OXO Measuring Jug Angled sides, kids baking sets

OXO Good Grips angled measuring jug

The angled rim of this 1-litre measuring jug means its measurements are easily readable from above, making it a good measuring jug for kids to look down into. There are also measurements from the side, so if you’re all about the traditional, this one’s got it all covered.

Buy from Marks and Spencer (£9.50)

Bake-O-Glide 6-piece cake liner set, kids baking set

Bake O Glide multigrade 6 piece cake baker set

Reusable cake tin liners are a great thing to have in your cupboard. As effective as greaseproof paper, these fit the base of round cake tins from 6 to 15 ¼ inches, for stopping your sponges from sticking. Particularly satisfying is the job of peeling them off of the edges and base of your cooled cake; easily delegated to little chefs.

Buy from Harts of Stur (£10.50)

Ateco small spatula, kids baking set

Ateco 1385 offset spatula with 4.5-inch stainless steel blade

A small offset spatula is easier for kids to handle for icing. This one by Ateco is of professional quality, with an easy-to-hold wooden handle and a tapered stainless steel blade for even flexibility. It’s available in two sizes, but the 4.5-inch would be a great addition to any children’s baking set.

Buy from Amazon (£5.99)

non-stick jam tart mince pie tin, kids baking set

Dexam mince pie and jam tart tin

The individual holes of a mince pie tin are the perfect size for making kid-friendly jam tarts and small cakes. This non-stick tin has room enough for 12 little baking creations and is an easy-clean alternative to traditional baking trays that require paper cups.

Buy from Amazon (£7.25)

Lakeland kids 10-piece baking set, kids baking set

Lakeland Kids 10-piece baking set with bowl, whisk and spatula

The lure of a mixing bowl to curious fingers is sometimes irresistible. If you’re after more than simply tools, this children’s baking set features an additional plastic mixing bowl and six silicone muffin cases, along with a whisk, spatula and pastry brush –10 pieces in total. All are dishwasher safe.

Buy from Lakeland (£9.99)

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