Pancake Day

Flipping great tips and recipes for Shrove Tuesday

Celebrate Shrove Tuesday by turning out perfect pancakes. We have video guides to improve your technique, inspiration for sweet and savoury fillings and new ideas for batter.

How to make pancakes without eggs, flour or milk

Perfect pancakes without the 'key' ingredients.

How to make pancakes

A video guide to help hone your recipe technique.

Pancake recipes for kids

Get the little ones involved in creating flipping great pancakes.

Pancake recipes from around the world

Flip your way around the globe by trying out a new kind of pancake.

Top Tip

Hemp milk is a great dairy-free alternative. It's nutritious and has a slightly sweet flavour, so works better with fillings like syrup, sugar and fruit.

What do you put on your pancakes?

Sweet versus savoury - let the battle commence! We'd like to know your favourite pancake toppings and fillings.