There's nothing quite like a warm pancake stuffed with melty cheddar and ham, or a dosa filled with spicy masala. Whether you're celebrating Pancake Day or just looking for a flippin' good supper, our top 15 savoury pancakes are simple, adaptable and, most importantly, seriously tasty. Try our classic savoury pancake recipe for a speedy weekend brunch or experiment with our other favourites.

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1. Brie-stuffed pancakes with crispy bacon

Brie-stuffed pancakes with crispy bacon

Melted brie is the secret surprise in this utterly indulgent stack, served with crisp rashers of smoked bacon. Try it for Pancake Day, or make it for brunch this weekend. You could even top these cheesy brie-stuffed pancakes with a poached egg in addition to the bacon, and serve alongside some roasted cherry tomatoes, if you like.

2. Okonomiyaki

Vegetable okonomiyaki on a plate

Cabbage and bite-sized chunks of cooked pork belly make this okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake) a real winner, especially when covered in lashings of mayonnaise, shredded seaweed and bonito flakes. It could be your lunch the day after pork belly roast, ready in just 30 minutes. Looking for a meat-free version? Try our veggie okonomiyaki.

3. Savoury vegan pancakes

Two plates of vegan pancakes topped with mushrooms, tomatoes and creme

The secret to our fluffy savoury vegan pancakes? Plant milk and olive oil. They make just as good a batter as eggs and milk, promise! We like our stack topped with garlicky vegan soft cheese, baby portobello mushrooms, vine tomatoes and a sprinkling of thyme leaves.

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4. Eggs benedict pancakes

Eggs Benedict pancake stack with ham and spinach

Are you a fan of eggs benedict? We've taken this classic brunch dish to the next level by serving it in a stack of fluffy American-style pancakes. Topped with a runny egg and hollandaise sauce, this really is a breakfast of champions.

Make our eggs benedict pancakes for an impressive Pancake Day special or weekend treat.

5. Pancake cannelloni

Give your pancakes an Italian-style twist with our pancake cannelloni. This family supper is everything we want from a meal; warm, cheesy and satisfying in every way. Fill your pancakes with spinach, meatballs and ricotta, then bake until golden and bubbling. Plate up with a slab of cheesy garlic bread – we guarantee clean plates all round.

6. Potato pancakes

Potato pancakes with bacon and scrambled eggs

Potatoes may not be the first ingredient you think of when it comes to pancakes, but they really are a great way to use up leftover mash. Incorporate your superfluous spuds into the batter for a beautifully light and fluffy texture. Served with crispy bacon and scrambled eggs, our potato pancakes make for a super-satisfying savoury treat.

7. Crispy pancakes with creamy chicken & bacon

Your favourite 90s throwback meal just got an upgrade. These baked beauties are filled with chestnut mushrooms, bacon and creamy chicken. Our crispy pancakes are an true crowd-pleaser, perfect for Sunday afternoon comfort food. Kids and adults will love the rich sauce and crisp breadcrumb topping. Serve with a spoonful of baked beans for an extra dose of nostalgia.

8. Buckwheat crêpe madames

Buckwheat crepes with mushrooms

Looking for a gluten-free brunch option? These light and crispy buckwheat galettes offer an inventive take on the popular croque madame sandwich. Layers of thinly sliced ham and mustard cheese sauce are topped with a fried egg and enveloped in the folded crêpe.

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9. Sweet potato masala dosa with coconut raita

Our sweet potato masala dosas are savoury Indian pancakes, traditionally eaten for breakfast or as a tasty snack to keep you going until dinner. The spicy sweet potato filling is complemented by the cooling coconut yogurt, and don't be afraid to add some Indian chutneys or pickles for good measure. This vegetarian treat is well worth the effort, and puts fresh, colourful veg centre stage.

10. Spinach pancakes with harissa yogurt & poached eggs

Spinach pancakes topped with a poached egg and harissa sauce

Give your brunch a flavour twist with these gorgeous nutmeg-spiced spinach pancakes. Served with a punchy rose harissa yogurt and runny egg, this is a recipe worth getting out of bed for!

11. Sweetcorn pancakes with fried eggs & chorizo salsa

Craving something spicy and satisfying? Try our easy sweetcorn pancakes with fried eggs and chorizo. The warming salsa and runny yolk make this an unbeatable breakfast recipe for two. We love the combination of the rich red pepper sauce, chunky pancakes and velvety smooth yolk. Everything is better topped with a fried egg, and pancakes are no exception.

12. Smoked ham & cheese pancakes

This gooey pick-me-up meal is pure comfort food, and takes less than 20 minutes to make. Try our smoked ham & cheese pancakes for a light supper or as a brunch that's guaranteed to impress. If there's a better combination than melty gruyère and chunks of ham, we haven't found it yet.

13. Paneer-stuffed pancakes

Pancakes filled with paneer cheese mixture

These aromatic spiced paneer, chickpea and spinach pancakes offer a hearty veggie meal for two. A few spoonfuls of coconut yogurt and mango chutney in the filling act as a cooling balance for the hot curry paste.

14. Korean-style prawn & spring onion pancake

Need a speedy dinner for one? Make our Korean-style prawn & spring onion pancake with a soy and red chilli dipping sauce. Create this tasty pancake with just a handful of ingredients and serve in wedges, ready for munching. It also makes a great appetizer for hungry party guests, if you double the quantities.

15. Spinach & ricotta pancake bake

Ever made a whole dinner from pancakes? This clever spinach & ricotta pancake bake is the perfect Pancake Day dinner (save the sweet ones for pudding) and is simply made from layers of tomato sauce, nutmeg-spiked spinach, pancake triangles and melted mozzarella. Irresistible.

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