10 pancake flavours you need to try

Unusual pancake fillings and flavours

Pancakes are so versatile, why stick to sugar and lemon? There's a whole wonderful world of combinations out there, check out Good Food's favourites

Savoury or sweet, made in minutes or painstakingly prepared, there are so many adventurous options to pep up your pancakes. Step away from your comfort zone and try one of these stunning fillings you might not previously have thought of…


Beautiful baklava

Take inspiration from Turkey and channel the flavours from this traditional pastry into your pancakes. Chopped pistachios, a dash of rosewater, cinnamon and honey make this a syrupy sweet pan-klava treat and a change from the traditional.

Herbs and honey

Chunks of smashed Crunchie bars, mixed with a sprinkle of salt, honey and a pinch of rosemary. Trust us when we say this is not to be missed. This herb & honey pancake is the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. The salt offsets the chocolate and honeycomb while rosemary delicately flavours the honey drizzle.


It’s a fact that adding a dash of anything alcoholic to your pancakes is always a good idea! This blend of dessert wine and espresso coffee creates the moreish taste of tiramisu, a truly grown-up pancake flavour. Fill with double cream and dark chocolate for an indulgent sweet treat.

Glorious ginger

Who doesn’t wish they could have seasonal treats all year round? Well, we can confirm that gingerbread isn’t just for Christmas! These warming spiced gingerbread flavoured pancakes make a delicious brunch for a special occasion.

Terrific tofu

Why not combine silken tofu and summer berries to create these fluffy, American-style vegan pancakes? Ditch the dairy and eggs but keep that classic springy pancake texture.

Super squash

Try a savoury fritter-style pancake stuffed with butternut squash, creamy goat’s cheese and rosemary. These pancakes make a filling supper or casual dinner. Serve with peppery rocket salad, a sprinkling of crunchy pumpkin seeds and sweet onion chutney.

Versatile veg

A must-try veggie main course, these filling parsnip pancakes come with a honey & mustard dressing. Bursting with flavour, the crisp, well-spiced bites are ideal for sharing. Don’t be shy with the flavourings, turmeric, ginger and coriander really make it.

Pretty pumpkin

Moist, dense, fat and fluffy, these pumpkin pancakes are everything you could ask for from a breakfast. Pile them high with a drizzle of salted pecan butterscotch sauce, dig in and enjoy.

Brilliant blood orange

If you want to channel some of that ‘hygge’ spirit, try these mini Danish pancakes called ‘aebleskiver‘, buttermilk spheres full of citrus notes and spices.

Perfect paneer

Ready for a cheese feast? Try our paneer-stuffed pancakes for an Indian inspired vegetarian main meal. Pile on all the different elements: paneer, mango chutney, coconut yogurt; roll up and tuck in.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or savoury pancake supper, our ultimate pancake collection has got you covered.


What’s your favourite pancake combo? Let us know in the comments below…