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Top 10 pancake fillings - sweet and savoury

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Celebrate this Pancake Day with mouth-watering sweet and savoury recipes including chocolate chip, traditional crêpes Suzette and vegan tomato & mushroom.

We know you'll be piling 'em high on Shrove Tuesday, but on which side of the filling fence do you fall? Maybe you satisfy your sweet tooth with simple sugar and lemon, or perhaps you buck the trend and go for often overlooked savoury favourites like cheese and ham?


However you like to pack your pancakes, our serving suggestions will help you get creative this year and maybe even inspire you to shun the ever-popular sweet versions for supper-worthy savoury ideas.

1. Chocolate, peanut butter & banana

Choc chip, peanut butter and banana pancake

Perfect with a thinner base, this super sweet filling will pack out your pancakes, making them cost effective and great for sharing.

Try our choc chip, peanut butter & banana pancake recipe.

2. Squash, goat's cheese & rosemary

Squash, goat's cheese and rosemary pancakes

Proving your topping doesn't have to on top, these sophisticated fritters make a great brunch or even a starter if you're celebrating in the evening.

Try our squash, goat's cheese & rosemary pancake recipe.

3. Arnold Bennett soufflé

Souffle pancake Arnold Bennet

Give the classic omelette a modern makeover with Gordon Ramsay's posh pancake recipe which keeps the traditional haddock centre but transforms it into a stylish soufflé.

Try our soufflé pancakes Arnold Bennett recipe.

4. Crêpes Suzette

Crepe Suzette

Keep things light with a low-fat favourite – this simple zesty classic is a quick way to please everyone. You could also add your own tropical twist by using sliced mango, tropical juice and fat-free Greek yogurt instead of traditional orange, or maybe treat yourself to a boozy brunch version with a splash of Cointreau.

Try our crêpes Suzette recipe.

5. Vegan tomato & mushroom pancake

Vegan tomato and mushroom pancake

This vegan or veggie recipe makes for a satisfying brunch or starter. Or top with sliced banana, pecans and vegan ice cream for a dairy-free dessert.

Try our vegan tomato & mushroom pancake.

If you prefer a plain pancake, make our vegan pancake recipe.

6. American blueberry

American blueberry pancakes

The nation speaks; our most popular pancake recipe on the site is always a good choice for Pancake Day. Thicken them up with baking powder and self-raising flour and get liberal with the syrup. There's no need to stick to blueberries either – serve with a selection of fruits and let everyone help themselves.

Try our American blueberry pancake recipe.

7. Breakfast bacon & egg

Bacon and egg potato pancake

Thin and limp not your thing? Throw mashed potato into the mix for chunky pancakes – you'll still get all the fun of the traditional prep but they'll be much nicer with a breakfast topping of bacon and egg.

Try our potato pancakes recipe.

8. Buttermilk pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes with sticky bananas and Brazil nuts

Fast becoming a favourite of those who take their pancakes seriously – buttermilk is the secret ingredient in James Martin's indulgent recipe, which is more than worthy of its five-star rating.

Try our buttermilk pancakes with sticky bananas and Brazil nuts.

9. Spicy vegetable fajitas

Vegetable fajitas

Make a meal of your crêpes by setting out bowls of your favourite veggies, herbs and spices and getting everyone to wrap and roll – our spicy vegetable fajita recipe should give you some ideas to get you started.

Try our spicy vegetable fajitas recipe.

10. Rhubarb compote with vanilla crème fraîche & pancakes

Rhubarb compote with vanilla crème fraîche & pancakes

Served as a dessert, this recipe is sure to wow your pancake party guests.

Try our rhubarb compote with vanilla crème fraîche & pancakes.

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Do you have a flippin' fantastic topping you'd like to shout about? Leave a comment below...


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