We know you'll be piling 'em high on Shrove Tuesday, but on which side of the filling fence do you fall? Maybe you satisfy your sweet tooth with simple sugar and lemon, or perhaps you buck the trend and go for often overlooked savoury favourites like cheese and ham?


However you like to pack your pancakes, our serving suggestions will help you get creative this year and maybe even inspire you to shun the ever-popular sweet pancake recipes for supper-worthy savoury pancake recipes.

Embrace the diversity of dietary preferences without compromising on the joy of indulging in delicious pancakes! Whether you follow an alternative diet or not, our extensive selection ensures there's a pancake recipe for everyone. Explore egg-free options, savour gluten-free delights, relish dairy-free alternatives, or dive into the goodness of completely vegan pancake recipes. Don't let dietary choices limit your pancake experience – we've got you covered for all your Pancake Day needs.

Our top sweet and savoury pancakes

1. Jam doughnut pancakes

Plates of jam doughnut pancakes

Kick off your pancake day with a delightful twist on traditional jam doughnuts! These fluffy pancakes hold a sweet surprise – a luscious oozing of strawberry jam awaits as you cut into them. With just eight simple ingredients, whipping up these treats is a piece of cake.

2. Brie-stuffed pancakes with crispy bacon

Brie-stuffed with crispy bacon

How do you make savoury pancakes even better? Stuff them with cheese, of course! This fluffy stack comes with an oozing, irresistible brie centre and is delicious with crisp streaky bacon.

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3. Soufflé pancakes Arnold Bennett

Souffle pancakes Arnold Bennett

Give the classic omelette a modern makeover with Gordon Ramsay's posh pancake recipe, which keeps the traditional haddock centre but transforms it into a stylish soufflé.

Try our soufflé pancakes Arnold Bennett recipe.

4. Crêpes Suzette

Plate of crepes suzette

Keep things light with a low-fat favourite – this simple zesty classic is a quick way to please everyone. You could also add your own tropical twist by using sliced mango, tropical juice and fat-free Greek yogurt instead of traditional orange, or maybe treat yourself to a boozy brunch version with a splash of Cointreau.

5. Spicy kimchi pancake

Spicy kimchi pancake

Whip up a batch of Korean-style pancakes crafted with gut-friendly kimchi (fermented cabbage) and spicy gochujang (Korean red pepper paste). Not only do they burst with flavour, but these pancakes are also a nutritional powerhouse – high in fibre, low in sugar, and entirely vegan.

6. American blueberry pancakes

American blueberry pancakes

The nation speaks; our most popular pancake recipe on the site is always a good choice for Pancake Day. Thicken them up with baking powder and self-raising flour and get liberal with the syrup. There's no need to stick to blueberries either – serve with a selection of fruits and let everyone help themselves. Take a look at more of our American pancake recipes here.

7. Okonomiyaki

Japanese pancake topped with cabbage and pork belly

Try this Japanese savoury pancake, made with cabbage and chunks of pork belly. It's a great way to use up leftovers and is a speedy dinner for two as it can be on your table in only 30 minutes.

8. Chocolate-filled pancakes with caramelised banana

Chocolate filled pancakes with caramelised banana

This might just be our most indulgent stack of pancakes yet. Piled high and sandwiched together with sticky maple syrup, these fluffy pancakes have a hidden melted chocolate centre and golden caramelised banana coins on top.

9. Spicy vegetable fajitas

Pancakes filled with chickpeas, spinach, yogurt and tomato sauce

Make a meal of your crêpes by setting out bowls of your favourite veggies, herbs and spices and getting everyone to wrap and roll – our spicy vegetable fajita recipe should give you some ideas to get you started.

10. Schmarren with raisins

Torn pancake in a dish topped with icing sugar

Enjoy Diana Henry's take on the fluffy shredded German pancakes, schmarren. With added raisins and rum, it's utterly delicious served with cream.

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