stack of espresso martini pancakes

Best boozy pancake recipes

Make something special for Pancake Day, like one of our indulgent boozy recipes. These classy crêpes and fluffy stacks are perfect for a grown-up brunch.

Pushing the boat out this Pancake Day? That’s the spirit.


And speaking of spirits, these boozy pancake recipes are so good, you’ll be making them for brunch at any time of year. Try a light and refreshing G&T stack, or a rich tiramisu crêpe. And whatever your tipple of choice, you can make pancakes to match.

First, let us show you how to make crêpes and how to flip them with precision.

Gin & tonic pancakes

Gin lovers, rejoice! The G&T pancake has landed. With a dash of fizzy gin & tonic in your batter and a clever spirit-infused syrup, these zesty pancakes sparkle with the flavour of the beloved cocktail. The fluffy American-style pancakes are light and airy, too, so one is never enough.

Espresso martini pancakes

These espresso martini pancakes use a little coffee liqueur and a splash of vodka to recreate the popular tipple. Plus, they’re stacked with layers of mascarpone for contrasting creaminess.

Cointreau pancakes

If you’re a fan of classic crêpes Suzette, our easier version – Cointreau pancakes – should be right up your street. They’re bursting with orangey flavour, with a glug of Cointreau or Grand Marnier in the batter and a creamy, zesty sauce to top it off. Make the pancakes in advance and drizzle when needed, ready to impress your guests.

Dutch baby pancake with drunken cherries

There’s nothing childish about our Dutch baby pancake. This puffed up beauty is a sweet twist on the classic Yorkshire pudding, served with syrupy cherries and vanilla ice cream. Soaking the fruit in brandy or kirsch gives this indulgent pud a kick we can’t get enough of. Would you believe, this is normally eaten for breakfast in Germany.

Tiramisu crêpes

Our tiramisu crêpes are a hybrid pudding worth shouting about. Get your morning coffee in pancake form along with rich, dark chocolate and a dash of sweet dessert wine or sherry. Perfect for those with a serious sweet tooth, these Italian-inspired treats are a great dessert idea.

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