Stack of pancakes with blueberries and syrup on plate

Top 5 American pancakes

Try the ultimate breakfast or brunch treat – a stack of fluffy American pancakes. Our most indulgent recipes are perfect for feeding a crowd.

Light, fluffy and drenched in syrup, these pancakes are the ideal way to start the weekend, or perhaps to cook on Shrove Tuesday. With just a few humble storecupboard ingredients and easy yet creative fillings, you can make a mouth-watering masterpiece.


Stack ’em high and pile on the toppings, then serve up a feast. From classic blueberry to chocolate-stuffed creations, this is brunching at its best. But before you tackle these recipes, watch our video on how to make the best American pancake batter.

Chocolate-filled pancakes with caramelised banana

Learn how to make stuffed pancakes and consider one vital life skill checked off your to-do list. Load them with more flavour by making chocolate-filled pancakes with caramelised banana – the hidden chocolatey centre oozes out when you slice into the stack. Plus, they soak up syrup like a sponge.

Need a helping hand? Take a look at our next level stuffed pancakes video.

Red velvet

Take inspiration from the Big Apple and try these New York diner-style red velvet pancakes. This cake/pancake fusion served with maple cream cheese frosting, chocolate chips and fresh blueberries is a next level brunch if ever we saw one. Why limit yourself to plain pancakes?

Pineapple & banana

Get a taste of the tropical with our pineapple & banana pancakes. Serve them simply with a drizzle of maple syrup and a spoonful of Greek yogurt for freshness. You can also experiment with other fruity variations like chopped mango and lime zest, blueberries and chopped pear, bold sour cherries, or cranberries. For serious indulgence replace the yogurt with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Peanut butter & jam

Take the classic American sandwich filling and transform it into a killer plate of pancakes. Our easy American pancakes with the option of peanut butter and jam topping is perfect for a richly sticky, sweet and salty hit. A winning combination, this is sure to be an instant favourite with kids, adults and peanut butter addicts alike.

Banana & bacon

Another pancake recipe from across the pond, with the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, our banana pancakes with crispy bacon & syrup are moreish. The secret ingredient that gives these pancakes their soft texture is mashed banana that’s mixed into the batter. The idea of fruity sweetness married with salty bacon may sound strange, but it really works.

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