If you’re not fully au fait with American cuisine, chances are you’ve never heard of a s’more. This delicious gastronomic curio is a short stack of marshmallow and chocolate, sandwiched by two graham crackers (a honey-based cracker sold in the US). And the name? It’s short for ‘some more’.


As s’mores are traditionally toasted over an open fire, we started thinking of all the brilliant ways we could rework the blueprint for a good old-fashioned British Bonfire Night party – not to mention all those summertime camping trips. So, in the spirit of invention, we took to the kitchen to create the following 10 sweet and savoury stacks.

10 new ways to serve s’mores

Stack of chocolate chip cookies, marshmallow and chocolate sauce s'mores.

S'mores biscuits are a popular treat, loved by those who enjoy marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. This three-ingredient s’more is fairly close to the authentic American version, but in lieu of graham crackers, we used chocolate chip cookies. If you want to go all out and make your own biscuits, our simple vintage chocolate chip cookies are ready in half an hour. But in the world of the s’more, a convenient off-the-shelf biscuit is a more than acceptable alternative.Cookie base classic s’mores

Margherita s’mores

Stack of crackers, mozzarella, sundried tomato and basil s'mores

Welcome to the world of savoury smors, where marshmallows give way to pillows of molten cheese. This pizza-inspired stack works on its own, or served beside a bowl of steaming autumnal soup, or perhaps an Italian-style minestrone. La vita bella indeed…Margherita s’mores

Spicy salami s’mores

Stack of melba toasts, melted cheese, salami and olive s'mores

While we’re on the subject of all things Italo-American, our salami smore, with taleggio and olives, is another super-dippable sandwich of savoury flavours. Sturdy melba toasts make a good outer layer for s’mores thanks to their wide surface area, and if you want to eschew shop-bought, you can make your own using standard sliced bread.Spicy salami s’mores

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Cheese & bacon s’mores

Stack of crackers, camembert cheese and bacon s'mores

It’s back to the opposite side of the Atlantic for our bacon & camembert s’mores, made with Ritz crackers and extra-melty camembert cheese. We recommend them served with a generous dollop of cranberry sauce or fruity chutney on the side.Cheese & bacon s’mores

Melty Ploughman’s s’mores

Stack of crackers, melted cheese and pickle 'Ploughman's' smores

A classic British dish in s’mores form? All that’s left to add is a hunk of pork pie on the side. Cream crackers are another winning choice for s’mores, as they’re compact and can handle being subjected to the heat of a flaming bonfire.Melty Ploughman’s s’mores

Salted caramel & peanut butter s’mores

Stack of waffle, salted caramel and peanut butter s'mores

Could this be one of the greatest flavour combinations of all time? The waffle biscuits add an extra element of caramel goodness, plus we used all-American peanut butter cups for extra American flavour.Salted caramel & peanut butter s’mores

Banoffee s’mores

Stack of toffee, banana and marshmallow s'mores

Chocolate Hobnobs are used to sandwich the classic toffee and banana combo in this ultra-sweet dessert s’more, with a traditional marshmallow melty layer for good measure. Digestives or rich tea biscuits would work, too. Banoffee s’mores

Lemon meringue s’mores

Stack of shortbread, lemon curd and marshmallow s'mores

Proving the flexibility of s’mores, this citrus version uses shortbread rounds as the outer layer. Any jam or spread could be used in place of curd, or try a different flavour – our homemade passion fruit curd would turn things a touch tropical.Lemon meringue s’mores

Pumpkin pie s’mores

Stack of biscuit, marshmallow and pumpkin puree s'mores

Two classic American sweets become one in our autumnal pumpkin pie s’mores. Canned pumpkin purée is a great cheat’s ingredient, as it bypasses the need to deal with a whole, fresh gourd. You’ll find it in cans, usually imported from the US.

Pumpkin pie s’mores

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