Bonfire Night

Perfect tipples and treats to see you through Bonfire Night

Spending the night around a roaring fire this Bonfire Night? Try our twists on a toffee apple classic, check out our top mulling tips and bake the best tatties...

What to pack in a Bonfire Night picnic

The perfect make-ahead treats to enjoy outdoors on a chilly evening with the family.

10 toffee apple desserts

These cakes, crumbles and cookies are even better than the real thing, why not a doughnut or two?

Comfort food

Everyone loves a warming pie, a pasta bake or a toffee apple crumble to warm up a cold night.

Top 10 warming drinks

The perfect winter warmers to fill your flask and add some sparkle to Bonfire Night.

Top Tip

If you haven't far to go before the show, you can cook up a storm and hand out hot favourites on the way out the door. Hot dogs are a classic favourite and sealing them inside big flour tortillas will help keep in the heat for a little longer.