If you are heading out to watch the fireworks on 5 November, pack up anything from indulgent hot chocolate and steaming soups to brave and boozy punches. Not only will you bypass the cost and the queues, but you'll be able to nab yourself the best spot by the bonfire too. So fill up your flasks and prepare to sip while taking in the splendour of the night's display. If you're short of a vessel for your warming drink, read our review of the best flasks and thermal cups.


1. Slow cooker hot chocolate

Two mugs of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and chocolate shavings

Creamy hot chocolate and fluffy marshmallows are simply a match made in heaven and are sure to keep the kids happy while you wait for the fireworks to explode. But that's if you let them get a look-in of course, trust us, it's very hard to resist. Slow cooking this sensuous blend will not only intensify the flavour, but also fill your home with rich, chocolatey aromas – almost too alluring to brave stepping outside. Load up with cream, marshmallows and chocolate shavings, and why not add a dash of your favourite liqueur for the adults too.

Slow cooker hot chocolate

2. Mulled apple juice

Two glasses of mulled apple juice with cinnamon and star anise

Packing up the kids as well as a flask this Bonfire Night? Amidst the scarves, mittens and snow suits, remember some sweet and spicy mulled apple juice as a non-boozy alternative to mulled wine or cider, simply delicious.

Mulled apple juice

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3. Gluhwein


It's never too early to start feeling festive, and if the fruity fumes of this mulling concoction don't get your tastebuds going, then a warming mug in your hands is sure to. Kick off your evening with a spiced wine for a warm glow before you even get near the bonfire. Cloves, star anise, cinnamon and an extra kick of brandy or other tipple will make this a popular pass-around, so be sure to pack up a couple of flasks.


Or try our recipe for Glogg – a Swedish variety of spiced wine, flavoured with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, raisins and orange zest.

4. Turmeric tea

A glass pot and mug of yellow turmeric tea

Warm your mitts and awaken your senses with an invirgorating cup of aromatic turmeric tea. Reknowned for its health benefits, this vibrant orange spice is not just destined for curries and becoming a popular tonic too. So whether you are consuming it for its anti-inflammatory properties or distinctively potent taste, our Bonfire-coloured blend couldn't be easier to make. If you find the tea is too bitter, then sweeten with a little honey or agave to your liking.

Turmeric tea

5. Winter Pimm's punch

Winter Pimm's punch in a glass cup with sliced fruit and cinnamon stick

Dreaming of summer days gone by? There might be a chill in the air, but that doesn't mean that Pimm's doesn't get an invite to the party – especially if it's served warm with cinnamon, apples and brandy.

Winter Pimm's punch

6. Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup in a wide bowl topped with croutons

A pumpkin's not just for Halloween. Keep things seasonal with a silky, pumpkin soup and really impress the crowd by producing homemade croutons and seed toppings from your pocket, do it with a flourish and no one will even notice the fireworks.

Pumpkin soup

7. Irish coffee

Two glasses of irish coffee with lights in the background

If you are hosting a Bonfire Night party, guests will delight in this indulgent caffeine concoction. Combine whiskey with sugar, cream and a hint of nutmeg for a tempting tipple which everyone will want to siphon away in their flasks.

Irish coffee

8. Peppermint hot chocolate

Two glass mugs of hot chocolate with peppermint candy canes

Hot chocolate doesn't get more luxurious than double cream, broken down chocolate and peppermint candy canes – kids will fall in love. Remember the sparklers and you might be in for some kind of award.

Peppermint hot chocolate

9. Mulled pear and cranberry juice

Two glasses of mulled pear and cranberry juice with cinnamon sticks and ladle

Hot pear cider, fireworks and sloe gin, these are a few of our favourite things. Add a splash of apple and cranberry juice and you'll have made a winter cocktail to remember.

Mulled pear and cranberry punch

10. Hot toddy

Two glass mugs filled with Hot Toddy, cinnamon sticks and lemon slices

Strictly for adults only, this revitalising brew of whisky, honey, lemon, cinnamon and cloves will brighten your senses and equip you for a chilly night spent outdoors. As well as their punchy flavour, hot toddies are popularly used as a treatment for sore throats and colds, so all the more reason to fill your flask with this fortifying beverage!

See our collection of Bonfire Night drink recipes for more inspiration.

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