Wrapping your paws around a steaming mug of hot chocolate is as close to comfort drink nirvana as you’re going to get. Well, at least that’s what we thought before we discovered the wonderful world of alcoholic hot chocolate.


These cups of pure boozy decadence are perfect for cosying up on colder evenings, celebrating Bonfire Night, and generally lifting the spirits. From white chocolate coconut rum to refreshing crème de menthe hot chocolate, we've got a tipple to tantalise all tastebuds.

Try these boozy hot chocolates, then check out our collection of hot chocolate recipes for more inspiration.

Watch our video on how to make the ultimate boozy hot chocolate:

6 hot chocolates for Bonfire Night and beyond…

1. Coconut hot chocolate


This blend uses white chocolate as its base. If that sounds tooth-numbingly sweet, take note, a splash of coconut rum and a touch of dark chocolate with luscious whole milk make it perfectly balanced.

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Coconut hot chocolate

2. Hazelnut cream hot chocolate


If you have a penchant for nostalgic hot chocolate with a majestic turret of fluffy whipped cream, you’ll love this towering blend. It uses chocolate hazelnut spread mingled with double cream, nut liqueur and chopped milk chocolate. Did someone say 'sofa and box set session'?

Hazelnut cream hot chocolate

3. Midnight mint hot chocolate


There’s something festive about an old school chocolate-and-mint combo – it might be those boxes of Matchmakers we’d snaffle in one go on Christmas day. This boozy mix pays homage to the dreamy duo and contains crème de menthe and peppermint extract, combined with dark chocolate and icing sugar for a touch of sweetness.

Midnight mint hot chocolate

4. Choc-orange hot chocolate


This combination has a mean citrus tang from fresh orange zest and orange liqueur – you can use Grand Marnier or a splash of something similar. The fruit offsets the rich, double cream-based chocolate blend.

Choc-orange hot chocolate

5. Salted caramel rum hot chocolate


What list of sweet things is complete without a nod to everyone’s favourite – salted caramel? We chose dulce de leche, mixed with a dark rum, milk chocolate and a pinch of flaky sea salt, as little or large as your palate demands…

Salted caramel rum hot chocolate

6. Slow cooker hot chocolate


What better smell to have wafting through the house than slow cooker hot chocolate? This recipe doesn't have booze in it, which leaves it up to you to add your favourite – spiced rum, amaretto or Irish cream would all go down extremely well.

Slow cooker hot chocolate

Off the booze?


If you, quite literally, don't fancy getting into the spirit, our classic deluxe hot chocolate recipe was designed for non-drinkers and little ones. It contains only three heavenly ingredients – double cream, milk and chopped chocolate. Bring the trio to the boil, whisking until smooth, then serve with marshmallows, more cream and/or grated chocolate. The ultimate hug in a mug.

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