Caponata pasta in pan, garnished with basil and parmesan

Top 10 vegetarian storecupboard recipes

Discover our favourite meat-free meals using common storecupboard ingredients, including canned vegetables, dried pulses, grains and pasta.

Make a delicious dinner or filling lunch using ingredients from your kitchen cupboards. These storecupboard recipes make the most of canned, tinned and jarred foods including vegetables, pulses and sauces, as well as dry ingredients such as rice and pasta. Buy a bag of frozen chopped onions and try a jar of pre-chopped garlic or garlic paste, which will often last longer than fresh garlic. Bon appétit!


Coconut, chickpea & spinach curry

This flavour-packed vegan curry uses plenty of storecupboard spices, plus canned coconut milk, to create a delicious spiced sauce. Serve over basmati rice flavoured with cloves, cinnamon and turmeric for a truly comforting dish.

Get the recipe: Coconut, chickpea & spinach curry

Also watch how to make a comforting chickpea & cauliflower curry using storecupboard ingredients.

Moroccan chickpea soup

This healthy soup makes for a tasty, light lunch that’s also super satisfying. We’ve used a jar of roasted red peppers, cans of tomatoes and chickpeas, and wholewheat couscous, along with plenty of spice. It’s freezable too, so a great option to stock up the freezer for a quick meal.

Get the recipe: Moroccan chickpea soup

Mixed bean & wild rice salad

This colourful, fresh salad combines pulses and grains for a truly hearty dish. If you don’t have any fresh peppers on hand, jars of red peppers make a great swap.

Get the recipe: Mixed bean & wild rice salad

Storecupboard spaghetti puttanesca

Jars of capers and olives add plenty of punch to this classic tomato-based pasta dish. It’s a healthy option that the whole family will love, and takes a mere 15 minutes to prepare. Finish with a generous grating of vegetarian Italian-style hard cheese and enjoy.

Get the recipe: Storecupboard spaghetti puttanesca

Cheesy bean & chipotle quesadillas

If you have a packet of flour tortilla wraps in your kitchen cupboard (or freezer), mixed beans make a delicious filling. Add spicy chipotle sauce and a handful of grated red leicester, or any cheese you have to hand.

Get the recipe: Cheesy bean & chipotle quesadillas

Caponata pasta

Ready in just 20 minutes, this easy pasta pot boasts an impressive three of your 5-a-day in each portion. Look for jars of Mediterranean vegetables to bulk up the sauce – we used roasted peppers and aubergines, but you can use any jars of veg that you have on hand, such as artichokes or mushrooms. The secret ingredient? Raisins – just a small scattering adds a touch of sweetness to the dish.

Get the recipe: Caponata pasta

Microwave chilli

Ready, get set, microwave! This clever chilli recipe takes only 15 minutes and provides two portions of your 5-a-day. Ground cumin, chilli powder and paprika perk up canned tomatoes, and kidney beans add plenty of plant-based protein. Pair with rice for a satisfying, yet super speedy, supper.

Get the recipe: Microwave chilli

Pea & tarragon risotto

Use a good quality vegetable stock cube to add plenty of flavour to creamy risotto rice in this simple dish, bulked out with frozen peas. If you don’t have fresh tarragon, substitute for dried – basil and parsley work wonderfully, too.

Get the recipe: Pea & tarragon risotto

Oven-baked porcini & thyme risotto

Put a pack of dried porcini mushrooms to good use in this herby risotto. The best bit? Skip the slavish stirring at the kitchen stove and pop the whole pan into the oven to bake – you’ll end up with a comforting, creamy risotto with minimal effort.

Get the recipe: Oven-baked porcini & thyme risotto

Roasted red pepper & parsley pesto with penne

Try a different twist on pesto pasta with this quick and easy dinner option. Whizz up roasted red peppers from a jar, unsalted cashews, garlic and olive oil to make a tasty paste to stir through cooked pasta.

Get the recipe: Roasted red pepper & parsley pesto with penne

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