A cupboard filled with basic ingredients can be a lifesaver in the middle of a busy week, or when it’s difficult to get to the shops. Dried pasta, rice, noodles and lentils alongside canned ingredients such as tomatoes, beans, tuna and chickpeas can form the base for a variety of family meals. Our top 10 tinned tomato recipes are useful during the week when you've got a family to feed and not a lot of time to make a full on meal. For hearty meals, suitable for family dinners and meal prep, try these storecupboard one-pot dishes, which use cupboard and freezer ingredients for wholesome food; a bonus is using up what you have on a budget! If you're looking for more nutritious meals, head to our healthy storecupboard recipes which use up tinned tomatoes, pulses and grains like lentils and nuts. Fancy a sweet treat? Rustle up something from our storecupboard baking collection, which includes brownies, flapjacks and more.


Storecupboard recipes don’t have to be boring – try these inventive ideas next time you need an affordable, easy dinner.

1. Tuna & sundried tomato pasta bake


This tuna & sundried tomato pasta bake can be on the table in under 25 minutes and makes the most of canned ingredients you might have already, such as chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn, tuna and dried pasta. The sundried tomatoes and cheddar cheese give it a brilliant boost – we predict empty plates all round.

For more similar dishes, check out our pasta bake collection.

2. Easy paella

easy paella

Fresh-tasting and full of Spanish flavour, our easy paella is wonderfully simple to make. Stock cubes are another important must-have for your cupboard and are used here alongside frozen fish, which serves to keep the cost down, too.

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3. Slow cooker chilli con carne

slow cooker chilli con carne

Slow cook kidney beans and a can of chopped tomatoes to form a spicy sauce for a simple supper all ages can enjoy. Let the slow cooker do all the work with this chilli, saving you time, is cost effective and easy on energy bills. Try this delicious slow cooker chilli con carne for the perfect mid-week family meal.

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4. Lentil & tomato salad

lentil and tomato salad 2

Use lentils as a healthy base for this fresh and filling lentil and tomato salad. Mix in red onion, mango, chutney, coriander and green leaves like spinach for that ultimate feel-good salad.

We have more storecupboard salads for you to enjoy.

5. Quick beef & broccoli noodles

Everyday. Make it tonight. p20-25. Quick beef & broccoli noodles

Stir-fries are another time saving hero, and our quick beef & broccoli noodles are no exception. Be sure to keep dried egg noodles and stock cubes in the cupboard and you’ll only ever be moments away from a satisfying meal.

Also try our easy storecupboard stir-fried rice for a delicious veggie meal to serve one. We have more stir-fry recipes in our collection.

6. Chorizo & pea risotto


This chorizo & pea risotto is one of our top-rated midweek meals – it tastes luxurious while being blissfully easy to prepare. If you don’t have risotto rice on hand, you can easily use other types of rice, just adjust the cooking times accordingly.

Our other risotto recipes are equally as easy and delicious.

7. Curried spinach, eggs & chickpeas

curried spinach, eggs & chickpea

This veggie curry is wholesome and packs a punch! Perfectly spiced and nutrient filled, it is a great vegetarian dinner as a break from meat. Top this curried spinach eggs and chickpea dish with chilli and get ready for a taste explosion.

More wholesome curries can be found in our vegetarian curry collection.

8. Tuna, olive and spinach spaghetti

tuna olive and spinach spaghetti

This dish is store cupboard ingredient central and super easy to make! Our tuna, olive and spinach spaghetti is great for a summer dinner, with fresh herby flavours and nutritious ingredients, you can't really go wrong.

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9. Chicken tinga-style enchiladas

Chicken tinga-style enchiladas with guacamole on the side

In these chicken tinga-style enchiladas you have a healthy dinner for all and well-balanced. It uses up fridge and store cupboard ingredients, equally in a tasty and budget-friendly meal that everyone can enjoy. Serve up with guacamole, salsa, fresh coriander and pickled jalapeños.

You can choose any filling for your enchilada! Find out more in our enchilada recipe collection.

10. Quiche Lorraine frittata

quiche lorraine frittata

You can serve this quiche Lorraine frittata alongside a simple salad or peas for a protein-rich family meal that won’t break the bank. If you’re planning ahead, pack any leftovers into a lunchbox for the next day.

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