Give a classic afternoon tea a spooky makeover with our ghoulishly good recipes and snack ideas. Embrace the flavours of autumn with pumpkin spice infused dishes and drinks. Add scary touches to classic afternoon tea staples with candy, food colouring, icing and other decorations. Our afternoon tea recipes include everything from savoury sandwiches to fluffy scones and sweet bakes.


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Halloween drinks

Mocktails & punch

Halloween mocktail punch

Make a big punch bowl and fill with creepy decorations to serve a group. This creepy Halloween mocktail punch combines blueberry juice with cherry juice for a dark appearance. Fill disposable gloves with water, then freeze into ice to look like hands. Use lychees, cherries and raisins to mimic eyeballs.

Our grape, apple and grenadine mocktail is also a hit at parties as the frozen grapes keep the drink cold. Try decorating a mocktail with vibrant fruit that doubles as a snack, like this fruity mocktail.

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Tea and coffee

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Looking for a warming drink to accompany your afternoon tea? Nothing says autumn like a pumpkin spice latte, infused with pumpkin puree and spiced with ginger and nutmeg.

Nothings more comforting than a mug of this hot apple pie punch, spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Craving something more decadent? Treat yourself to a classic homemade hot chocolate.

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Halloween snacks

Savoury snacks

Halloween Deviled Eggs

Add some savoury nibbles to your afternoon tea spread with our easy ideas. Add a spooky twist to a classic dish with these Halloween devilled eggs. Hard boil your eggs then make gentle cracks in the shells with a spoon. Soak the eggs in bowls of food colouring for the colourful veined effect.

For something even easier, you can't go wrong with these pastry snakes, made from ready-made puff pastry and grated cheese plus seeds and peppercorns to decorate. Add a dip to your spread with a seasonal pumpkin hummus, served with sliced peppers, mini breadsticks and pitta chips.

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Eggless Mayo Sarnies

Afternoon tea wouldn't be complete without a selection of finger sandwiches. If you're catering to anyone with a dietary requirement, these egg-less mayo sandwiches are perfect as they're dairy-free. Use tofu as a clever substitute.

Looking for a more classic selection? Our afternoon tea sandwiches include goat's cheese & roasted pepper, lemony cucumber & prawn and creamy egg & cress.

For more filling ideas, see our complete sandwich recipe collection.

Halloween scones

Pumpkin scones

Scones are an essential component of any afternoon tea. Give them an autumn twist with these pumpkin spice scones, made with cooked pumpkin and fragrant spices. Serve with butter or cinnamon flavoured cream cheese.

If you'd prefer to go for a more traditional version, our classic scones are top-rated, served with lashing of jam and clotted cream. Or go savoury with our cheese scones.

Bake even more fluffy treats with our scone recipes.

Halloween cakes and bakes

Halloween cake

Black cat cake

Sweet treats are a necessity to any afternoon tea spread. Bake a fluffy cake with classic flavours then decorate with a Halloween twist. This adorable black cat cake is made with a rich chocolate sponge and creamy icing. Use long biscuit sticks to create whiskers, chocolate to create the ears and candy for the eyes and nose.

Looking for something scarier? This Halloween slash cake is truly chilling with a red velvet sponge and fake blood made from strawberry jam and food colouring. If you'd prefer smaller treats, try our monster inspired Halloween cupcakes.

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Halloween brownies

Halloween brownies

Who knew brownies could be so scary? Put a creepy spin on this classic bake with our Halloween brownies, decorated with sandwich cookies to look like eyeballs.

Accommodating some dietary restrictions? Why not try our top-rated dairy-free vegan brownies or our five-star gluten-free brownies? For a super simple recipe, try our peanut butter brownies, loaded with salty peanut butter and bold dark chocolate.

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Halloween cookies

Halloween Cookies

Add a few spooky biscuits to your afternoon tea set-up to give it the finishing touch. Biscuits are so easy to decorate to customise to any holiday or occasion. Kids and grown-ups alike will love these easy Halloween cookies, decorates with chocolates and sandwich cookies to mimic spiders and bats.

Up for more of a challenge? These Halloween cookies are filled with raspberry jam and decorated to look like skulls. Or take things to the next level with ghostly Halloween biscuits with a surprise centre filled with popping candy.

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