Get into the spirit of things this Halloween by letting the kids cause some creative chaos in the kitchen with flour, fondant icing and a colourful assortment of sweets. These fun, festive and easy-to-make recipes will give them plenty of frighteningly fabulous treats to nibble on. It’s sure to be a scream...


Halloween recipes to make with kids

1. Spider pizzas

These super spider pizzas will go down a storm and making them is a great activity to keep little fingers busy. There are various ways of making the spider designs, so get creative! We’ve used olives and salami to form the bodies, but you can make red and green versions by stamping circles out of peppers and cutting thin slices to form spidery legs. Alternatively, you can make two large pizzas with lots of spiders on each.

Try our healthy Halloween pizzas for a lighter alternative.

2. Ghoulish cupcakes

Let your little ones unleash their artistic creativity by decorating these seriously spooky ghoulish Halloween cupcakes. The vanilla sponge is simple to make and the smallest of hands can get involved with the decoration, using coloured pack fondant icing and pens to make pumpkin faces, skulls and green monsters.

Alternatively, kick off the trick-or-treat festivities by laying out some small bowls of sweets to top these scarily cute black cat & monster cupcakes.

We've got plenty more cute and creepy cakes to decorate...

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3. Spider biscuits

Halloween spider biscuits on a cooling rack

Create these cute peanut butter spider biscuits with kids as part of a Halloween party feast. Children will love making a thumbprint in each biscuit before it goes in the oven to bake, as well as adding the peanut butter cup body, chocolate spider legs and icing eyes.

For a spooky savoury bake, try our mini pumpkin and feta pies.

4. Black cat cake

This feline-themed showstopper is sure to create a stir and makes a purr-fect pudding to feed youngsters. The chocolate sponge can be frozen for up to two months in advance before covering in a fluffy frosting. Create some spooky cat expressions using black fondant icing and sweets, with Matchmakers or liquorice sticks for the whiskers.

Take your Halloween baking to the next level with our terrifying brownies topped with giant cookie eyeballs.

5. Slime bug cups

Slime bug cups with chewy sweets and jelly

Once you've made the layer of slime-like lime jelly which creates the base for these bug pots, get the kids to scatter over chocolate biscuit dirt, spooky sweets, spiders, snakes and gummy worms. You could even have a competition for the best creepy crawly creation.

For a healthier alternative, serve up our freakish fruit platter of mummy bananas, grape snakes and lychee eyeballs.

6. Chocolate-covered pretzels

Transform this popular salted snack into a tantalizingly sweet and salty nibble by slathering pretzels in melted chocolate. Kids can decide what type of chocolate to use or even mix them together to create a marbled effect. Add extra spook factor by attaching edible eyes to the pretzels. These will keep in an airtight container for up to a week, so they're the perfect make-ahead treat.

Want more like this? We have 30 more spooky Halloween snacks for you to try.

7. Pastry snakes

Celebrate Halloween with some spooktacular savoury snacks- these petrifying pastries won't disappoint. They are super simple to make, using a pack of ready-rolled puff pastry with a delicious coating of parmesan. Kids can help create the twisting snake shapes before you pop them in the oven, and they can also decorate with a sprinkling of seeds to finish.

For something a little more hands-on, wrap chipolatas in croissant dough to make our bandaged mummies.

8. Easy Halloween cookies

Easy Halloween cookies

Get the kids excited for Halloween with these spooky bat and spider cookies. Complete with 'squashed flies' made from chocolate chips, they'll be a big hit. Have them help you crack the eggs and whisk the mixture together to make the cookies then, once they've baked and cooled, give them free rein with the chocolate and biscuit toppings.

For another sweet treat that's worthy of spooky season, try our Halloween slash cake.

9. Halloween gingerbread

Halloween gingerbread on a wire rack

Make a batch of gingerbread for your biscuit tin this Halloween. Have the kids help you to pipe ghoulish ghosts and monstrous mummies for the icing topping for a suitably spooky theme.

Keep baking and give our kiwi and green 'slime' custard tarts a go.

10. Frozen banana ghosts

You could be tricked into thinking these ghostly bananas taste just like ice cream when frozen in ethereal robes of white chocolate and coated in coconut sprinkles. Complete the spooky look by using chocolate drops to give your ghouls suitably haunting facial expressions. With only four ingredients, they're quick and easy to make – we dare your little ones not to be impressed.

We love using fruit to make Halloween treats, like this mummified apple and strawberry pie.

11. Pumpkin spice scones

Celebrate the season's favourite vegetable by baking our mouthwatering pumpkin spice scones. Little witches and wizards can help concoct the magic spice mix and stamp out the dough shapes using cookie cutters. Serve them warm with a generous slathering of butter or cream cheese.

Alternatively, you could make a delightful pumpkin cheesecake or pumpkin and caramel cake.

12. Chocolate apples

Chocolate apples coated with different toppings on a marble table

All you need to do to make these easy chocolate apples is skewer and coat in melted chocolate, then let the kids do the rest. Put out bowls of chopped nuts, sprinkles and honeycomb pieces and let them come up with their own creation.

Want another freaky fruity treat? Try zombie fingers made with dates, peanut butter and oats.

13. Chocolate spider cookies

Spider biscuits with liquorice legs

Create some magic in the kitchen with these spooky chocolate spiders. Once you've prepped all the ingredients, including melting the chocolate, you can get the kids involved in sandwiching the biscuits together and sticking the legs and eyes on.

If your little ones prefer cake to biscuits, try our hooting owl cupcakes.

14. Eyeball snot-tail

Our eyeball snot-tail recipe makes for a glorious, hands-on experience for kids, from whisking up small chunks of green jelly to skewering lychees with cocktail sticks to make gruesome eyeballs. Once you're done, raise a glass to your cocktail snot-tail creations, sit back and enjoy.

Try making another wickedly wobbly scary Halloween jelly.

15. Maggoty apples

These easy, no-cook 'maggoty' apples will have kids grinning with glee. You’ll want to keep small chefs away from the pan of simmering water, but there is still plenty of fun to be had stuffing the apples with white chocolate and puffed rice for gross-out effect. To make this frighteningly fruity recipe even more gruesome, add a few wriggly jelly worms too.

Make sure you have savoury dishes this Halloween, too. Make our spooktacular stuffed peppers.

16. Halloween cake pops

Halloween eyeball cake pops

These eerie eyeball chocolate cake pops will be a hit with all the kids at your Halloween party. Little ones can help to break up the Maderia cake and cookies before carefully mixing together with melted chocolate. They'll love decorating them, too. Serve in a mini pumpkin for extra Halloween points.

We also have a brilliant haunted graveyard cake to serve as your spooky centrepiece.

17. Bloodcurdling biscuits

These ghost-shaped piñata biscuits have a surprise centre filled with candy. Although the middle is slightly fiddly to make, your little ghouls will be delighted when cracking them open, and they can help out with some gorgeously thick and ghostly icing. Finish off your spooky masterpieces with sugar paste and icing pens, then leave to set. The resulting biscuits are soft and very moreish, so be warned, their edible art may not last too long…

Give your Halloween bakes some eight-legged scare factor by rustling up a batch of our peanut-butter spider biscuits. Kids will love decorating these cookies with spidery designs, using chocolates such as Maltesers or Rolos for the body and melted chocolate for the legs.

If you like these, you may want to try our chocolate bat biscuits or funny face cookies.

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