If it seems like Christmas has hardly started but you're already feeling burnt out, take a breath and read through our 12 easy food solutions to reduce stress, boost your energy levels and stay healthy over the festive period.


1. The problem: there are a million things to do and you're already feeling exhausted

Food solution: Tiredness can exacerbate stress, so eat a power-packed breakfast to ensure energy is released slowly throughout the day. Wholemeal toast, overnight oats or porridge are ideal.

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2. The problem: you've got a long day of Christmas shopping in town

Apple crumble energy balls on a baking tray, next to a sieve

Food solution: Pop a few energy-boosting snacks in your bag, such as flapjacks, fresh fruit, some banana loaf or a slice of wholemeal bread with peanut butter. These easy, no-cook apple crumble energy balls are a perfect on-the-go snack. Before you head out, eat a fortified breakfast cereal to get your daily dose of B vitamins and folic acid.

3. The problem: it's the children's school play and they're over-excited

Food solution: Avoid giving them fizzy drinks and sweets on the day. This way, they won't consume as many artificial sweeteners, which have been associated with hyperactivity. Instead, put fun, healthy treats in their lunchbox, such as fruit & veg wedges with spiced nut butter, chocolate-dipped tangerine segments, cheese & pesto star sarnies or a fruity yogurt sundae.

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4. The problem: with so much to do, you can't sleep

Salmon and pea pasta in three bowls

Food solution: Base your evening meals around carbs such as pasta (like this easy pasta with salmon & peas) and potatoes, and try not to eat too late in the evening. Tryptophan-rich foods, such as salmon, chicken, turkey, cauliflower, milk and soya products, will also help combat insomnia.

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5. The problem: even when you get half an hour to yourself, it's difficult to unwind

Food solution: Don't wait until Christmas Day to eat turkey! It contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is converted into serotonin, a chemical that controls good moods. Zinc also influences serotonin, so a handful of pumpkin seeds could do the trick too.

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6. The problem: it's time to head to the supermarket for the big Christmas food shop

Selection of fruit, veg, nuts, potatoes and eggs

Food solution: Combat fatigue by eating foods rich in magnesium, iron, zinc and B vitamins, including bananas, broccoli, dark green leafy veg such as spinach, eggs, nuts, oily fish, oranges, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts and wholemeal pasta. Keep your fluid intake up, too.

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7. The problem: with all those festive lunches and parties, you somehow never get to eat properly

Food solution: Keep a stash of filling snacks in your bag. Go for dried apricots or mangoes, flapjacks, packets of mixed nuts, oatcakes, raisins, rice cakes, rice crackers or mixed seeds, such as sunflower and sesame.

8. The problem: you're going to a party and you feel like a hangover is inevitable

Toasted Camembert sandwich with cheese dripping out

Food solution: Eat a combination of carbs and fat, like a toasted cheese sandwich, an hour before you leave. Fat is digested slowly, so it can help slow down the absorption of alcohol. Be aware of the size of the glass you're drinking from at the party, too. A high-alcohol wine in a large glass could add up to a whopping three to four units of alcohol!

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9. The problem: you're almost there – the gifts are wrapped, the fridge is full, but now you want to look your best for the festivities

Food solution: Give yourself a last-minute detox with superfoods such as apples, broccoli, carrots, lemons, linseeds, papaya and quinoa. Treat yourself to a vitamin-booster smoothie to kick-start your immune system and relieve fluid retention.

10. The problem: despite your best efforts, you've overindulged

Water being poured into a glass

Food solution: A few large glasses of water before you go to bed (plus a few more when you get up) will help to ward off alcohol-induced sluggishness and headaches. A can of sports drink can also help with rehydration and replacing lost minerals.

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11. The problem: with the prospect of so many meals over the next few days, you'd rather eat light at cocktail parties

Food solution: Choose healthier dips and nibbles like dolmades, guacamole, hummus, olives, pitta bread, rice, bean or lentil salads, smoked salmon and tzatziki. Avoid bowls of nuts – they're low in saturated fat, but they're still high in calories.

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12. The problem: it's Christmas Day and you need to keep going until everyone is fed

Super berry smoothie in two glasses with a pot of berries

Food solution: Start the day with a vitality-boosting super berry smoothie that's full of vitamin C. Stock the freezer with frozen summer berries, ready to whizz in the blender. Or, opt for a breakfast of natural yogurt topped with sliced peaches, dried apricots, and nutty granola for all the nutrients you need and just the right amount of sugar to get you through the day.

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