Our microwave recipe collection is a popular destination on BBC Good Food. It’s incredible what you can rustle up at the touch of a button. From chocolate cake to butternut squash risotto, microwaves can add an extra dimension to your cooking, while saving valuable time and electricity costs. They’re more energy-efficient than turning on the oven – a jacket potato can be ready in just 10 minutes if you use the microwave rather than baking it in the oven for an hour. They are the workhorse of a busy kitchen, and it’s no surprise that 93% of households own one.


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Which setting to use?

All cooking times are based on a 900W microwave. Adjust times accordingly for other wattages. The recipes are cooked on full power unless stated otherwise.

Our CookSmart microwave recipes...

Garam masala vegetable curry

garam masala vegetable curry

Unbelievably, this vibrant curry can be on your table in less than 20 minutes. The curry is rich with nourishing spices, spinach, coriander, chickpeas and coconut in thick tomato sauce, then finished with lime juice for extra zing. All you need is steamed basmati rice or a couple of naan breads to go alongside.

Mug omelette

microwave mug omelette

Be it breakfast, lunch or supper, when you’re feeling hungry or need to rustle something up quickly for someone else, you can’t go far wrong with a microwave mug omelette. This is the ultimate fast snack, with just a few minutes to prep and even less to cook. For success, less is more with the cooking. Do not try to cook the omelette in one go – it needs 20-second bursts, followed by a light stir until the egg starts to firm up. For variations on the recipe, try changing the vegetables, herbs, and even the cheese.

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Three-cheese macaroni

three-cheese macaroni

When you want a comforting macaroni cheese quickly, without too many pots and pans to wash up afterwards, look to your microwave. This recipe delivers piping hot macaroni in thick, cheesy sauce cooked in less than 15 minutes. The cheeses used here are pretty robust and strongly flavoured, but switch them out for milder ones if you prefer something more subtle.

Jacket potatoes with Swedish prawn salad

jacket potato with swedish prawn salad

Microwave jacket potatoes make for a quick, easy and versatile dinner. We’ve filled ours with a classic Swedish skagenröra – a mix of chunky prawns, fresh dill and mayonnaise – it marries so well with the hot, buttery potato.

Easy brownies

easy microwave brownies

There’s no need to heat up the oven with these easy-to-make, fudgy microwave brownies. Made and cooked in under 15 minutes, what could be simpler? Unfortunately, you will have to wait for them to cool down before you can eat them.

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