Achieving jacket potato perfection in the oven can take up to 90 minutes, but using the microwave you can do it in less than half the time. Read our guide on how to cook the perfect microwaved jacket potatoes.


The only downside to cooking jacket potatoes in the microwave is that you won’t get that crisp skin you’d get from long oven baking. But you can either halve them and turn them into loaded potato skins and grill them, or bake the jackets in the oven for a few mins to crisp up.

Microwaving potatoes whole is also a really good way to maximise the flavour of mashed potato. Once they're cooked, leave them to cool then peel away the skin. Mash the flesh with butter, milk and a little grated cheese if you like, then microwave to heat through.

For more ideas of what to serve with jacket potatoes, see our guide on how to make the ultimate baked potato.

The important thing to remember is always to prick the potatoes with a fork before cooking – this allows the steam to escape and will stop them from exploding.

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Basic microwaved jacket potato recipe

Serves 2

  • 2 large baking potatoes
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • pinch of salt
  • butter

You will also need:

  • 2 sheets of kitchen roll
  • 1 microwave-safe plate
  1. Wash the baking potatoes and prick the skins all over with a fork, creating lots of little holes for steam to escape from.
  2. Lay a piece of kitchen roll on a microwave-safe plate, put the potatoes on it and pop another sheet of kitchen roll on top. Microwave for 4 mins, then take them out and turn the potatoes over – careful, they will be hot. Re-cover with the kitchen roll and cook for another 4 mins, then turn again. Keep cooking in 1-2 min bursts until they feel soft all the way through and the skins are wrinkled. Take them out and leave them to cool.
  3. Heat oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. When the potatoes are cool enough to handle, rub the skins all over with the olive oil and sprinkle with the sea salt. Put them in the oven for 10-15 mins or until the skins are starting to crisp. Split the potatoes open and add the butter. Serve with your favourite toppings or alongside a stew or casserole.

Top 5 jacket potato recipes

For best results, we recommend cooking your jacket potatoes in the oven, but you can easily speed up the process by starting them off in the microwave as detailed above.

Potato skin tacos


Load up these spicy, cheesy potatoes with avocado and onion salad for a quick and easy veggie dish.

Potato skin tacos

Mushroom jacket potatoes


Take just a few ingredients and rustle up these tasty jacket potatoes with mushrooms. They're healthy, low-calorie, gluten-free and ideal for a filling lunch or supper.

Mushroom jacket potatoes

Jacket potato with whipped feta & sumac


The fragrant, zesty flavour of sumac is a refreshing contrast to the creamy whipped feta.

Jacket potato with whipped feta & sumac

Baked potatoes with spicy dhal


Cook red lentils and chickpeas with cumin, mustard seeds and turmeric, and serve with a fluffy jacket potato and chutney.

Baked potatoes with spicy dhal

Pommes braytoises


These cheese-stuffed baked potatoes from Normandy make a great supper, especially with a glass of cider.

Pommes braytoises

See our baked potato collection for more recipe inspiration.

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