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Hummus with pittas and vegetables

Top 10 easy vegan snacks


Power up with these satisfying easy vegan snacks like dips, canapés and sausage rolls. Make them for a packed lunch or serve them as party snacks.

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Beat midday hunger pangs with these satisfying vegan snacks. Our top plant-based nibbles are full of protein and are sure to fill you up.

Skipping meat and dairy doesn't have to mean skipping on flavour. Our sausage rolls and vegetable samosas are loaded with savoury seasoning. Try our sweet snacks like fruity flapjacks and spiced stuffed dates.

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1) Vegan sausage rolls

Pack these classic vegan sausage rolls for an afternoon picnic or packed lunch. The hearty filling is made from mushrooms, chestnuts, leeks and fresh white breadcrumbs. They're made extra savoury with the addition of brown rice miso. Roll the filling in vegan puff pastry and glaze with non-dairy milk. Bake for 25 minutes or until deep, golden brown.

Try cutting into mini rolls and serving as a party canapé. For more canapé ideas, see our vegan party collection.

2) Best ever chunky guacamole

Our best ever chunky guacamole is a classic dip full of fresh ingredients. Start by pulverising a ripe tomato and scooping the flesh out of three avocados. Then simply mash the mixture together with lime juice, chopped coriander and a red or green chilli. Serve with crunchy tortilla chips for a sharing dip.

This guac goes well with other Mexican-inspired dips like tomatillo salsa and chunky corn & black bean salsa.

3) Vegan flapjacks

For a sweet snack, try our five-star vegan flapjacks. They're super filling and packed with rolled oats, chopped nuts and dried fruits such as raisins, dried cranberries and chopped apricots. The flapjacks are delicately sweetened with light brown sugar and golden syrup. Feel free to customise the ingredients to your own preference and get creative with the fruits and nuts.

For more sweet treats, see our vegan baking collection.

4) Tomato bruschetta

Assemble this easy tomato bruschetta, which is loaded with timeless Italian-inspired flavours. Mix coarsely chopped tomatoes with red onions, crushed garlic, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Leave the mixture to chill for an hour to allow the flavours to soak and blend together. When ready to serve, slice a crusty baguette and toast until light brown on both sides. Finish by topping with the tomato mixture.

For other small bites try these carrot & caraway crackers or our aubergine & chickpea bites.

5) Hummus

Creamy hummus is a staple snack food that never gets old. Simply blitz crushed chickpeas with extra virgin olive oil, garlic cloves, lemon juice and tahini in a food processor until smooth and silky. Finish by swirling the top of the hummus with the back of a tablespoon and drizzling over the remaining oil.

Serve with homemade pitta bread and a selection of crudités.

6) Date & walnut cinnamon bites

Make these easy date & walnut cinnamon bites with just three ingredients. All you need for this sweet snack is pitted medjool dates, halved walnuts and ground cinnamon. Simply cut the dates and stuff with sliced walnuts, then sprinkle the cinnamon on top for a touch of warming spice.

Serve at a party with any of our vegan canapés.

7) Curried cashew dip

Simply combine four ingredients in a food processor to make this easy curried cashew dip. Blitz cashew nuts, lime juice, coconut cream and korma curry paste until smooth. Top with Bombay mix for a bit of crunchy texture. This creamy dip is super rich and perfectly spiced.

Try serving with carrot sticks or these vegan-friendly seeded flatbreads.

8) Almond, raisin & popcorn trail mix

Trail mix is a fail-safe snack to nibble on when hunger strikes. Our easy almond, raisin & popcorn trail mix takes less than 10 minutes to assemble. Pop the popcorn in rapeseed oil in a hot pan, then combine with puffed wheat, raisins and whole almonds.

For more plant-based nibbles, try our chickpea Bombay mix or this curry leaf popcorn.

9) Vegetable samosas

Crispy vegetable samosas are a great starter on a curry night but they also make a delicious snack served hot or cold. Pack these veggie-filled parcels for lunch or an afternoon picnic. Fry onion, garlic, potato, carrot and frozen peas, then simmer in vegetable stock for 30 minutes. Make a vegan pastry with just flour, salt and vegetable oil. Fill your pastry and fold into triangle shapes. Finally, fry in batches for 8-10 mins until crisp and brown.

Remember to read our frying safety guide to avoid kitchen accidents.

10) Red lentil & sweet potato pâté

Add this top-rated red lentil & sweet potato pâté to your lunchbox or picnic spread. Simmer sweet potato, lentils, thyme and stock with fried onions and paprika until the vegetables are tender, add a teaspoon of red wine vinegar and season, then mash together and serve with pitta bread and vegetable sticks.

For more simple, plant-based recipes, see our easy vegan collection.

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