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Teriyaki salmon and green beans in a tray

Salmon recipes for kids


Kids will love these easy salmon recipes – try ideas for one-pots, traybakes and homemade fish fingers for a nourishing family meal packed with omega-3.

In many cases, salmon is the natural choice for parents wanting to add more oily fish to their children’s diet. It’s a good source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids – which aid the development and function of a child’s brain and nervous system – but has a more delicate flavour than alternatives like mackerel, trout or sardines.


We’ve collected the best kid-friendly salmon recipes, using simple flavours that everyone will enjoy. They’re all easy to make, and most are blissfully quick to prepare.

1. Pasta with salmon & peas

Kids salmon pasta with peas

This speedy supper can be on the table in under 20 minutes, perfect for a busy school night. Pasta with salmon & peas uses wholewheat fusilli for added fibre, and tastes great with any veg you have in the freezer, such as sweetcorn, broad beans or edamame.

2. Salmon tacos with lime dressing

Salmon tacos with lime dressing

Fresh and colourful, these salmon tacos with lime dressing will have the kids reaching for more! Let the little ones assemble their own corn tacos piled high with salmon fillets, creamy avocado, cherry tomatoes and a zesty lime and yogurt dressing.

3. Teriyaki salmon & green beans

Teriyaki salmon and green beans in a tray

Choose teriyaki salmon & green beans if you need a nutritious fish supper that’s super easy to make. Kids will love the sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce – simply serve this traybake alongside some plain rice or noodles for a balanced meal.

4. Salmon egg-fried rice

Salmon egg-fried rice in two bowls

Staying with Asian-inspired flavours, how about salmon egg-fried rice? This simple supper is packed full of veggies – we used carrot, baby corn and mangetout, but you could easily use a pack of pre-prepared stir-fry veg if you’re short on time. Best of all, it only takes 10 minutes to cook, all in one pan!

5. Salmon fish fingers with chunky chips

Salmon fish fingers with chunky chips on a colourful plate

Most kids can’t resist fish fingers – tempt them with this healthier version, rich in omega-3. Salmon fish fingers with chunky chips is a recipe designed for toddlers and younger children, you can make them ahead of time and freeze, too.

6. Salmon with greens and crème fraîche

Salmon with greens and creme fraiche

Don’t tell the other salmon recipes, but this is one of our all-time favourites! Top-rated salmon with greens and crème fraîche is popular for a reason – it’s quick to make, packed with nutritious ingredients and has comforting but simple flavours to keep the whole family happy. Serve with a dollop of mash.

7. Salmon & spinach tart

Salmon and spinach tart

Feeling posh? This salmon & spinach tart looks great as a centrepiece for a casual family gathering, but is surprisingly low effort to make. Using a sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry is the key – serve alongside plenty of seasonal vegetables such as baby carrots or purple sprouting broccoli.

8. Salmon pesto traybake with baby roast potatoes

Salmon pesto traybake with baby roast potatoes

A healthy all-in-one option, try our salmon pesto traybake with baby roast potatoes. This recipe has been portioned to serve two adults and two children, so it’s a great low-waste option, too.

9. Salmon & spaghetti supper in a parcel

Salmon and spaghetti supper in a parcel

One of the easiest ways to cook salmon fillets is en papillote, which means cooking food inside a sealed parcel made from baking parchment or foil. It’s a great way to retain all the juices from the fish and lets the flavours mingle happily in the oven. Try it out with our salmon & spaghetti supper in a parcel.

10. Smoked salmon avocado sushi

Smoked salmon avocado sushi

If your kids love sushi, they’ll really enjoy these bite-sized versions as a quick snack or light lunch. It’s easier than you might think to make your own smoked salmon & avocado sushi at home – if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even invite the kids to help you make them!

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How do you like to cook salmon for kids? Let us know your tips in the comments below…

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