Special diets

Discover our top recipes for special diets, including delicious gluten-free dinners, dairy-free desserts, egg-free recipes and sugar-free baking ideas.

Dishes to help promote a healthy cholesterol balance.

Gorgeous recipes without any dairy ingredients.


Rise and shine- try a milk-free start to the day.

Soups, sandwiches and snacks that are easy on the tum.

Cut the heavy dairy out of your evening meal.

Take a break with something light and milk-free.

If you're following a dairy-free diet but have a sweet tooth, look no further than these dreamy dessert recipes. We have plenty of treats for vegans, too. 

If you're lactose intolerant then you'll love our bakes without butter, cream or milk. Try vegan chocolate cake or our popular yummy scrummy carrot cake.

Need to cater for a dairy-free child? Try these family-friendly recipes, including dinners, healthy snacks and sweet treats. They're all free from dairy, but always check your ingredient labels.

Followers of a dairy-free diet can still enjoy pancakes. These easy recipes substitute regular milk for a plant-based alternative such as coconut or hemp milk.  

Recipes chosen by Diabetes UK that encompass all the principles of eating well for diabetes.

Delicous tarts, cakes and risottos made without eggs.

If you're following a free-from diet then you can still have your cake and eat it. Bake coconut cream cake, vegan Victoria sponge, chocolate cake and more.

On a gluten-free diet? Our recipes mean you needn't miss out on variety, whether it's classic carrot cake or beef cobbler you're after.

Set yourself up for the day with something hearty.

Specially selected midday treats for a no-gluten diet.

Suppertime menu options that skip grains and wheat.

Bloat-free nibbles and bites to ward off hunger pangs.

Having a gluten intolerance no longer means missing out on light, fluffy bakes.

If you're following a plant-based and gluten-free diet, try our selection of sweet and savoury dishes, from chickpea curry and pulled jackfruit to millionaire's bars and chocolate cake

Special diet recipes containing no gluten. Try breads, savoury bakes, biscuits and more...

A gluten-free diet doesn’t mean life without pudding. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our wheat-free desserts – we have a recipe for every occasion.

If you're following a vegan diet, or have an intolerance to gluten or dairy, then try our free-from desserts, including chocolate cakes, sorbets, cheesecake and more.

Discover nutritious, gluten-free recipes to serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our feel-good recipes include stews, curries, salads, soups, desserts and more.