Probably the first red wine that you drank in an Italian restaurant, Barbera goes well with tomato-based dishes and those from the North of Italy.


Fresh lasagne with pesto
Chicken casserole with red wine, ham & peppers
So-simple spaghetti Bolognese

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Cabernet Sauvignon

A global classic, Cabernet Sauvignon tends to be medium or full bodied, and is a great match to hearty dishes such as roast lamb and beef, and more complex dishes such as coq au vin.

Slow-roast lamb with cinnamon, fennel & citrus
Beef fillet with beetroot & horseradish
Coq au vin with plump prunes

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Going to a barbie? Take along a bottle of Gamay. It's ideal served alongside griddled veg, barbecued sardines or spicy sausages. Pop in the fridge for an hour before opening, and serve lightly chilled.

Sizzling sausage salad
Sizzling spare ribs with BBQ sauce
Griddled aubergines with yogurt & mint

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The perfect partner to hearty and rustic dishes, game and cassoulet. Charter a couple of labradors, stalk across some windblown countryside, then come home to roast venison...

Succulent braised venison
Two-part pheasant
Raymond Blanc's cassoulet

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The Argentinian favourite - Malbec is at its best as a match to grilled steak.

Steak with chunky chips & horseradish cream
A good steak & kidney pie
Steak supper for two or more

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Pair Merlot with your Christmas turkey or Sunday lunch of roast chicken. It also pairs well with roast duck and wintry casseroles.

Roast duck legs with red wine sauce
Roast chicken & sticky carrots

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A young 'Barbaresco' will go well with a platter of cold meats, while 'Barolo' is best with richer dishes, such as braised beef.

Easy mezze plate
Meat platter
Thane Prince's gluten-free beef cobbler

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Right from the Southern heel of Italy, Negroamaro (literally 'bitter black') is a good match for pasta bakes and spicy sausage dishes.

Sizzled sausage pasta
Rigatoni sausage bake
Mild chilli & bean pasta bake

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Pinot Noir

Medium bodied Pinot Noir will happily grace any Christmas dinner table - it's ideal with roast turkey and roast lamb. It's also works well with creamy, mild soft cheeses - try the cheese with rough oat cakes.

Goat's cheese & cranberry tartlets
Seven-hour lamb
Lamb en croûte with redcurrant sauce

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Red Pinotage is a natural with barbecued steak and sausages - think beach parties and Southern African 'braai'.

Seared steak with rocket & wheat salad
Sizzling spare ribs with BBQ sauce
Lamb skewers on the grill

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This largely Italian red grape partners well with rich meat sauces on pasta - or try it with a pepperoni pizza, at home or in a restaurant.

Pappardelle with sausage & fennel seed bolognese
Roasted pepper sauce for pasta or chicken

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Syrah / Shiraz

This grape produces full bodied wines that go particularly well with grilled steaks and roasted vegetables. A winter warmer.

Steak with mushroom puff tartlets
Roasted autumn vegetables with Lancashire cheese
Herbed pork fillet with roast vegetables

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The bright red juicy wines from the Tempranillo grape are a perfect match to roast lamb, roasted vegetables and mushrooms, especially vegetarian main courses.

Slow-cooked lamb with onions & thyme
Herby mushroom pasta
Crispy thyme chicken with mushroom sauce

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A medium to full bodied wine, Zin goes well with sautéed field mushrooms or heartier dishes such as roast venison.

Cream of cauliflower soup with sautéed wild mushrooms
Devilled mushrooms
Succulent braised venison

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White wine is more your thing? Check our guide on matching white wine with food.

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